Contribution Guide

Hello everyone,

TCG ONE is a community-supported project where we accept contributions in different forms. This post aims to enlighten the modules of the project and how to help out.

Contribution pipelines

  1. Contribute to tcgone-engine-contrib repository, which holds card implementations. By doing so, you may help releasing missing expansions and fix the bugs on existing cards. You’ll need some programming skills.
  2. We always need high quality card scans and someone to manage them, for either new sets or to improving old sets. See Scans Server topic for more information and reach me out if you want to help.
  3. Contribute to carddb, the new card database module. It aims to bring card information to the front facing web site and integrate with the simulator in the future. This project also aims to be a general purpose Pokemon TCG Card Database. Currently we’re defining cards in YAML format. The format is still evolving and we need you to improve or update the database and its format. These cards are served through

Current Tasks and TODO Lists

Tasks are managed through a Trello Board.


Systems Overview

Modules v1: Current state of modules

Modules v2: Shows next gen state of modules, it basically involves implementing an external deck service and the extended usage of carddb-api for all matters. The changes from v1 are shown in red.

There will be more versions in the future. v3 will basically improve front with game server functionalities.

Please reply if you’re interested in building them! I’ll give you access to those repositories.



Hello @developers ,

I have just updated the backend and CI/CD configuration of It is now 50% faster to build and restart after every push! Feel free to check it our by pushing to master.

EDIT: I am trying it and each push takes only ~20 seconds to be deployed! The app itself is also a lot faster due to improved runtime conditions.



Moved ourcard contributions repository to Github, please access it via the new link and only commit to this repository from now on:

Moved the technical explanations about the game engine from this topic to the wiki tab of the repository, which is a more suitable location for it, and the contributors can also edit them as well.

Moved guidelines for implementing Pokémod expansion to pokemod/README.

Updated the text of the contribution guide to clearly reflect the current ways we accept contributions in a concise manner.

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  • Added sections to the main guide, updated repository links
  • Added Trello Board link
  • Added Modules Overview