Help out TCG One By Testing New Cards and Bug Fixes

Hey everyone!

In an effort to improve the time between expansions being released and them being added to TCG One, and in an attempt to help reduce the number of bugs in these sets we’ve decided to push hard to get people helping out with testing. On the Discord server we have created the #testing channel alongside the other development channels. Here we will try to keep testing organized so we can know what is working and what is not. I hope that this will be a useful and welcoming channel where we can all work together to make TCG One even better.

Everyone is welcome to come in and help out. More people testing means more bugs get caught early, which means fewer games ruined by a bug suddenly appearing while you’re trying to have fun playing the TCG. Even if you can only test one or two cards every once in a while, every little bit helps.

You can check out the pinned messages in the Discord #testing channel to find out how to start testing, and if you need any help feel free to ask any questions you have in the testing channel. Those of us who are used to testing on the development server will be happy to help!

As you all know, Vivid Voltage is due to release in just a couple of weeks. We need your help to start working on testing these cards right now! We’re also going to start implementing Japanese expansions for testing purposes since the vast majority of English expansion cards are from existing Japanese expansions and these Japanese sets release months before the English sets. We won’t add these sets to TCG One itself, so you won’t be able to play full games with them prior to their release, but getting to use and test them in the dev server will let you do some limited game testing as well. We hope these changes will help encourage people to try testing some cards, and to improve TCG One overall.

Have fun, and happy testing!

All of Legendary Heartbeat and part of Amazing Volt Tackle are now ready for testing. Please join us on the Discord and help with testing these cards so that we are ready to release Vivid Voltage as soon as possible!

I will be coming on then, i’ll try to find the link