How to Report (and Resolve) Bugs

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This topic has extensive information on reporting, validating and resolving bug reports in TCG ONE. Bugs are simply either gameplay issues (cards, interactions, effects), general platform issues or ruling discussions. You can either use in-game button or post directly.

How to Report Gameplay Bugs [in-game bug reporter tool]

For gameplay related bugs (cards, interactions, effects), please use the in-game bug reporting tool, whenever possible. That way, the game log is auto-attached to the report so we can diagnose problems and validate the error by looking at the log.

If you don’t, then your report might be ignored.

How to Report Other Issues

  • You are also welcome to create new topics here; for things like,
    • General platform issues (visual, browser, decks, formats, game screen, etc): please post a screenshot for such issues like an unexpected error messages, misaligned views, wrong text, etc.
    • Ruling discussions of certain cards or formats (including grey area rulings and/or erratas).
    • Reporting misbehaving players.

How to Validate Bugs

Some bug reports are outdated, make wrong assumptions about rulings and/or need to be re-validated. We need your help to validate the bug reports by testing the mentioned interaction on the DEV Server.. This is a special UI that allows to add ANY card into the battlefield to test.

Resolving a Bug Report: Mark as ‘Solved’

We use solved forum plugin to mark a reply as ‘the solution’ to the report. All resolved bugs should be marked as resolved. Mark solutions via this button near a reply: image

Then the solution is shown in the first post as well, like this:

This board has an automatic leveling mechanism that rank users according to how much interaction they perform in the forum. Each topic visit, reply, like, time spent, etc likely increases your rank. In order to avoid spam, we only allow users to mark solutions who reach the next rank. If you don’t see this button, that means you didn’t reach it. Keep working on your engagement and in the meantime, if you wish to mark a solution, please ping or PM @developers then we’ll help you.

When will my bug get fixed?

Please note that it takes some time to validate, debug, fix bug reports, after which a rollout is needed for a fix to be finally effective in production.

One of TCG ONE’s objectives is to reach a bug-zero state but that is a tough goal. and we don’t have enough manpower to handle them quickly. That’s why we have to treat bug reports with different severities differently at the moment. That means, a rare interaction bug of two or more cards might have a less priority than a bug that crashes the game for a staple card. If you think a bug is super important to be fixed for a particular format or play style, you may reply and ping us in that bug report, then we may try to prioritize it.

If you are a software developer, you may be able to fix some bugs yourself and send us PRs to validate. Please check out the Contribution Guide for more information.