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Retro players! Welcome to Pokémod! Free to play modified formats from Base Set to Skyridge! Coming soon to Quickplay and Career modes on TCGONE.

There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia! Join a community of players who enjoy playing the classic Wizards expansions with a modern twist!

The gameplay is full of excitement and creativity, while maintaining a competitive metagame with a fun factor that is totally amped!

View all Pokémod expansions: https://tcgone.net/sets

View all Pokémod expansions: https://tcgone.net/sets

Metagame discussion

[Pokémod Meta Focus #1 - G-SPEC Cards]

Career mode pack contents:-

Pack 1: [Base Set - Jungle - Fossil - Team Rocket - WBSP#0-28 (+61)]

Pack 2: [Base Set 2 - Gym Heroes - Gym Challenge - Best of Game - Vending Machine]

Pack 3: [Neo Genesis - Neo Discovery - Neo Revelation - Neo Destiny - WBSP#29-49]

Pack 4: [Expedition - Aquapolis - Skyridge - WBSP#50-60]

Pack 5: [Imperium]

Pack 6: [Sequentia]

Pack 7: [Pixel]

Pack 8: [Aschefield]

Special thanks to @admin @JappaWakka @DKQuagmire @TheAquaPiplup @Itresad @Tapu Lele @Lithogen, @flagrama, @scoot404, @Mt.gufo, @starg09, @aschefield @darkmaster1415, @dakingotu, @Heropon_Riki, @PhanTomato, @Shikaternia, @chacham, @srsrox, DanteCyberMan, Gavin “SoupAndButter” Mackey, Joshua Dunlop, Marika “MrRedButcher” Khammanivong, R.J. “Arvalis” Palmer, Ross “RtRadke” Radke, Sushan Yue and Vince “VincenzoNova” Marcellino.

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@ZF_Goku this made my day that 2 years later your dream/idea is a reality and the dev teams followed through with it!

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Hey PhanTomato! Thanks man that means a lot :pray::pray::pray: I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with it :smiley::raised_hands:

Mr. G get back to coding!

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