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Retro players! Welcome to Pokémod! Free to play modified formats from Base Set to Skyridge! Coming soon to Quickplay and Career modes on TCGONE.

There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia! Join a small community of players who enjoy playing the classic Wizards expansions with a modern twist!

The pkmd & pkmd-ex are the two formats within Pokémod. Both include all Wizards expansions from Base Set to Skyridge and feature many new and modified cards within each expansion. The pkmd format has exclusive access to cards with Green Pokémod Tabs whilst the pkmd-ex format has exclusive access to cards with Blue Pokémod Tabs.

The gameplay is creative, fast and well balanced with a fun factor that is totally amped!

Listed below is a database of all cards and expansions. Simply follow the links to view each expansion.

Gold Pokémod Tab = Original card
Silver Pokémod Tab = Modified card
Bronze Pokémod Tab = New card
Green Pokémod Tab = pkmd format exclusive
Blue Pokémod Tab = pkmd-ex format exclusive
Red Pokémod Tab = Trainers, Energy cards or Pokémon-Powers blocked from functioning with Pokémon-ex

[Pokémod - Base Set]
[Pokémod - Jungle]
[Pokémod - Fossil]
[Pokémod - Team Rocket]
[Pokémod - Base Set 2]
[Pokémod - Gym Heroes]
[Pokémod - Gym Challenge]
[Pokémod - Neo Genesis]
[Pokémod - Neo Discovery]
[Pokémod - Neo Revelation]
[Pokémod - Neo Destiny]
[Pokémod - Expedition]
[Pokémod - Aquapolis]
[Pokémod - Skyridge]
[Pokémod - Vending Machine]
[Pokémod - WBSP // Best of Game]
[Pokémod - Aschefield] (Work In Progress)
[Pokémod - Card Backs]
[Pokémod - FANART]
[Pokémod - Reprints]
Pokémod - Imperium: https://mega.nz/#F!QJRD0ABa!xBf4g-phqT9G6mjopQEYLA

Yep, Pokémod has Full Art cards, you can now explode with excitement if you’d like…

Pokémod career mode pack contents (Coming soon in the stages listed below)

Pack 1: (implementation stage 1)
[Base Set - Jungle - Fossil - Team Rocket - WBSP#0-28]

Pack 2: (implementation stage 2)
[Base Set 2 - Gym Heroes - Gym Challenge - Best of Game - Vending Machine]

Pack 3: (implementation stage 3)
[Neo Genesis - Neo Discovery - Neo Revelation - Neo Destiny - WBSP#29-49]

Pack 4: (implementation stage 4)
[Expedition - Aquapolis - Skyridge - Aschefield - WBSP#50-60]

Pack 5:

Pack 6:

Special thanks to @admin @JasperSpeelman @DKQuagmire @Itresad @Tapu Lele @aschefield @darkmaster1415,@dakingotu, @Heropon_Riki, @Shikaternia, @chacham and @srsrox.



Pokémon and its trademarks are ©1995-2019 Nintendo, Creatures, and GAMEFREAK. English and Japanese card images appearing in Pokémod are the property of The Pokémon Company International, Inc.
Pokémod is a fan made non-profit experience. It is not official in any shape or form, nor affiliated, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK, or TPCi. Pokémod is purely a celebration of the Wizards era of PTCG, created by really big Pokémon fans!

Pokémod - Imperium
Pokémod - FANART
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