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Hello Everyone!

The Pokémod FANART series is for anyone and everyone to submit artwork based on the cards featured in the Pokémod and Pokémod EX Formats. (Read more in the Main Menu, you’ll find links at the top and bottom of this page).


  • Please submit your cards by posting them in the comment section below or by sending the images to myself @ZF_Goku via direct message on this forum.
  • All images dimensions must be 450x635 in PNG Format with a Blank background.
  • Any card submitted must display exactly the same attributes as the original Pokémod card it is based on holds. (HP, Stage, Evolution info, Pokemon Power/ Body, Attack(s) and Energy Cost(s), Weakness/ Resistance/ Retreat Cost and Pokémod Tab colour etc etc)

Please follow the link below to access your FANART Resources!

Resources: [Pokémod - FANART Resources]

I look forward to viewing your submissions!

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Please follow the link below to access your FANART Resources!

Resources: [Pokémod - FANART Resources]

[Pokémod - Main Menu]

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There’s no Fairy type symbols.
Also I really like this concept as I have some very old fan made card designs of my own that i made when i was like 15. there where no pictures, but i gave the cards abilities, attacks, hp, weakness, resistance, retreat cost etc…

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Hey bro! I will remove them from the sheet when I get time :slight_smile:

Uploaded my art from the discord to save me having to scroll through all that text again, to find it.
(Though I probably could just post them again.)
Sorry if the images are a bit big. I wasn’t expect them to be so big!



Please bare in mind that these were drawn when I was like 10 years old.
I have other old pokemon pictures, which could be used, like these but they where never coloured.

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Throwing this boy into the mix

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Great job! Love the artwork @Kavross :slight_smile:

@Kavross Great job mate. i’m still struggling to even get a template.

DK I’ll send over Natu soon and hopefully Jappa has the blanks ready soon.

Removed the rarity symbol from Bulbasaur and Alakazam. Also, Cleffa as an example for Baby Pokémon

Thank you very much Goku :smiley:

Cleffa is flip, if heads draw 5 cards

I am curious is there a website similar to Yugioh Card Maker but for Pokemon Cards or does it have to look homemade looking?

Do you have any photo editing software like Photoshop etc?

Yup I do but I figured I asked incase someone does not have that or something similar to it.

@JappaWakka please could you amend the attack description of your Cleffa to “flip a coin. If heads shuffle your hand into your deck, then draw 5 cards.” The card number will need changing to #7 too


Thoughts on this? Note I am very new to adobe illustrator lol.


Love it!! #007 will be the card number ? :slight_smile:

Retreat Cost needs to be [C][C]

Fixed it Mewtwo%20Promo%20(Mecha)

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Hey man, this looks really good, i’ll add it to the Fan Art expansion :slight_smile: Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner, I’ve been away.

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