Current Objectives of TCG ONE

Current Objectives & Key Results of TCG ONE:

  1. Resolve about 90% of bug reports in the forum: Ticket

Nobody likes playing a game with bugs. Maybe it was the last attack that you have been preparing for many turns that didn’t work out as expected, which could ruin your game. Fixing these reports are detrimental to ensure a high-quality & error-free game engine. Some bugs reveal deeper issues in the engine and resolving them increases stability for ALL players.

Progress (March 6th): 1600+ open bug reports reduced to 1000!
Progress (March 29th): Open bug reports reduced to 700!

  1. Improve user experience aspects of the platform.

This goal aims to improve UX aspects of the website & simulator, like improved visual indicators, improved timers, easier way to build decks, lobby chat improvements, better matchmaking, etc.

  1. Complete the rest of GEN4 cards and release following formats: Board
  • 2009 (Diamond & Pearl - Rising Rivals)
  • 2010 (Diamond & Pearl - Unleashed)
  • Diamond & Pearl/Platinum

Main Trello Board: Trello

This post will be kept up-to-date with our objectives.