V61 Update: Celebrating TCG ONE’s 10 Year Anniversary!

v61 Update: Celebrating TCG ONE’s 10 Year Anniversary!

10 years ago, TCG ONE went live with the first four expansions of Pokemon TCG. So far, more than 2.85 million games have been played on TCG ONE while we have expanded the capabilities of the platform to 16k+ playable cards across 25+ formats. Recently, we have also done many critical internal upgrades to make the platform ready for new features, formats and cards. We still have a long path before us. Many thanks to all players, staff and our patrons!


  • Added a new AFK check at the beginning of the game. We had received some reports of many AFK situations and with this update, before starting a game, the engine requires to click “Continue”, if either player fails to do so, the game ends instantly.
  • Refactoring done to improve internal performance related to card and deck management; eliminating the extremely long delays while opening “Quickplay Decks” and “Inventory” views.
  • Increased online user limit to 200 (from 140). With the recent performance improvements, there is room for more players.
  • Game log will now show type icons directly, making it easy to track energy attachments and certain modifier effects.
  • Revamped logging logic and added debug level logging (for energy attachments and board state) which will be visible in bug reports. Also removed some of the repetitive logging of energy attachments.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Celebi Star: Prior to this update Celebi star was placed at bottom of opponent’s deck, then magically appeared on the owner’s bench for some reason. This code copies Aipom’s Snappy Move PokePower and should function properly.
  • fix: Misty’s Wish G2 108.
  • fix: Rocket’s Sneak Attack will not double prompt anymore.
  • fix: Sticky Goo will not spam the log anymore.
  • fix: Weezing VM 21 Gas Explosion will not create an error at the end of the game.
  • fix: Update priority of DRE’s damage reduction.
  • fix: Quilava N1 47 multiple Char counters will now work correctly.
  • fix: Major fixes applied to Ditto VM 97.
  • fix: Voltorb VM 53 Spark Together will count any Voltorb.
  • fix: Voltorb VM 53 type.
  • fix: Pachirisu GE 5 targeting of Smart Short.
  • fix: Mawile CG 9 Mining has a prompt for attachment.
  • fix: Eeeeeeek will not reveal card names in the log.



It won’t let me play Movie Promo Mew or Mewtwo now in Base-fossil

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also the engine won’t even let me start a base-fossil game. just shows a blank screen…

v61.1 Hotfix: fixed issues with matchmaking & WBSP decks

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not really…now when you join a game it locks you into a blank screen

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v61.2 Hotfix: fixed game start issues

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PS: if you wish to check out the patch notes since 2013, you may do so here.


v61.3 Update: It’s bug fixing time!

Credits to @starg09 for all these fixes!

  • Fix Jynx (Unified Minds 76): Should now properly exclude the source pokemon from the list of options to move the removed counter to. Should also apply the moved damaged in a way where it can be blocked now.
  • Fix Gengar (Sword Shield 85)
  • Applied a similar fix to Jynx (UNM)
  • Fix attempt at Celebi Star (Crystal Guardians 100): Should now properly do everything intended prior to preventing the knockout.
  • Rework “Hyper Whirlpool” in Vaporeon (Majestic Dawn 34): Should now always flip coins (for trainers like Blunder Policy), and also not trigger if there’s no energy cards attached to the defending pokemon (or if there are less than the amount of heads flipped). Also will discard all energy cards if the heads are equal or more than said cards’ amount.
  • Hide the card obtained via Jirachi (Rising Rivals 7)
  • Fix “Bench Manipulation” damage in Grumpig (RR 23)
  • Fix “Psychic Lock” in Grumpig (TR 23): Should now only work starting on the next turn, not during its own attack (and potential KO, see Ho-Oh SW 10)
  • Implement logic for Level Max (Platinum 107)
  • Fix Darkrai (DP Promo DP52): Should only increase its own attack damage, and it shouldn’t be ignored by shred attacks.
  • Fix Arceus (DP Promo DP50): Judgement should do 80 damage, and the bench damage should be regular and not damage counters.
  • Fix Dialga (DP Promo DP49): Time Call shouldn’t do a coinflip.
  • Fix Magnezone (DP Promo DP44): Weakness should be +30, not x2.
  • Fix Carnivine G (DP Promo DP42): Attack Cost for “Grass Knot” should be GC, not GCC.
  • Fix Magnezone (DP Promo DP32): Weakness is now +30, and Magnet Slash’s cost is now LMCC instead of LMCCL.
  • Fix Dusknoir (DP Promo DP33): Dark Hide no longer shuffles the card put in the bottom of the opponent’s deck. Reaper Pulse should properly move up to 2 counters now.
  • Fix Pikachu (HGSS Promo HGSS03): Fixed energy cost for Recharge from CL to C.
  • Fix CardType for Beginning Door (DP Promo DP54): Should no longer throw an error due to being marked as an stadium (it’s now an item, like the card in Arceus)
  • Fix Slugma (Undaunted 67): Active Volcano should now only attach to Slugma itself.
  • Fix Burned Tower (Undaunted 71): Now will do a coinflip to decide if the player can recover a basic energy from the discard pile. Also fixed the card name in the bc message.
  • Fix Sage’s Training (Undaunted 77): Selected cards should now be moved to the hand.
  • Fix Houndoom G (Platinum 50): Corrected its weakness to x2, and attempted to rework Black Cry as to have it be removeable by benching or evolving the defending pokémon.
  • Fix Celebi (Triumphant 3): Should now properly arrange each player’s deck.
  • Fix Spiritomb (Triumphant 10): Shouldn’t show the shuffled cards in the game log.
  • Fix Electabuzz (Triumphant 33): Shock Bolt should discard all energies after the damage.
  • Fix Machoke (Triumphant 30): Knuckle Down should be Shred-like, not Swift-like
  • Fix Porygon2 (Triumphant 49): Should have a retreat cost of 1, not 2.
  • Remove CheckAbilities execution on Houndoom G (Platinum 50): Should no longer be necessary
  • Fix multiple scoop up effects not to crash when called: Affects Crawdaunt ex (HP 99), Shiftry (LM 12), Toxicroak G (DP Promo DP41), Umbreon (UD 86), Aegislash (UNM 95) and Corviknight (DAA 156)
  • Fix multiple scoop up effects not to crash when called: Affects Gengar (VM 111), Jumpluff (DEX 3) and Lopunny (FLF 85)
  • Further fix Skarmory (Delta Species 55): Check if it’s a pokemon card first.
  • Fix Rocket’s Sneak Attack (RO 72): Should no longer crash if no trainers are found. Will just show the opponent’s hand and finish.
  • Fix Jynx (UNM 76): Ominous Posture should not be useable when there’s no bench (so no two pokemon to move counters into.
  • Fix Retreat cost of Vaporeon (Majestic Dawn 34): Reduced from 2 to 1, as it’s meant to be.
  • Fix Phione (Majestic Dawn 12): Should not take damage from using its first attack.
  • Fix Mawile (Crystal Guardians 9): Should now check for the selected trainer being a tool before offering to attach it.
  • Fix attempt for Skarmory (Delta Species 55): Cry For Help should now properly filter in the selection popup. Also fixed a typo.
  • Fix Milo (Rebel Clash 161): The discard is a cost, not an effect. Thus, you need to have both cards in your deck and at least one card in hand to discard for Milo.
  • Fix Dunsparce (Darkness Ablaze 137): Should now properly check for the opponent’s deck.
  • Add new validation to Umbreon (Aquapolis 41): Should now prevent use of its pokepower if the opponent has no hand, preventing an exception.
  • Fix Professor Elm (Neo Genesis 96): Should now hide the cards being shuffled into the deck.
  • Fix: DeveloperPanel card selector now works again

Stay tuned!


v61.4 Update: A huge set of Gen4 fixes!


  • @starg09 for implementing the fixes
  • @Tegull for testing and validating them


  • In-game bug reporting can now be retried when failed.
  • Improved internal memory efficiency.

Bug Fixes:

  • Update Energy Removal, SER, Super Potion, Brock’s Protection, Legendary Body implementations to work together in a generic way.
  • Added missing body of moveSelfEnergyAfterDamage, fixes all usages.
  • Further fix Machamp Lv.X (Stormfront 98): Should only increase damage taken when it’s in the active spot, and not benched.
  • Rework confusion boost for Aromatisse (BKT 106) and Grumpig (LA 56): Now it should use the same override for confusion damage in both attacks, as only one would apply (since it’s an override, 6 instead of 3).
  • Implement “Mend” on Lairon (Mysterious Treasures 53): Added some logic for making the heal conditional.
  • Further fix Lairon (Mysterious Treasures 53): Should now heal 2 damage counters instead of only 1.
  • Partial Fix for Porygon-Z (DP Promo DP35) and Fix for Level Max (PL 107): “Learning” and “Level Max” should no longer allow leveling up a Leveled-Up Pokémon.

Known Bug: These two currently cause an Engine Error if picking up a Level-Up card without a valid target on the field to use it on.

  • Fix Defender (Undaunted 72): Should now be applied after W&R, not before.
  • Fix Expert Belt (Arceus 87): Should increase prizes taken before “reduce to zero” effects kick in (such as Weezing from Rising Rivals)
  • Fix attempt at Metagross (Supreme Victors 7): Should fix a crash, and stop doing extra damage when using "Geo Impact with a stadium in play.
  • Fix a typo in Regigigas FB (Supreme Victors 9): Should make Drain Punch work correctly.
  • Fix attempt for Venusaur (Supreme Victors 13): Should solve both Green Aroma, and a potentially related issue caused by it when attacking with Desperate Pollen.
  • Fix Butterfree FB (Supreme Victors 17): “Compound Eyes” should boost damage when the opponent’s active has a Poké-Body, not a Poké-Power.
  • Fix Camerupt (Supreme Victors 18): Volcanic Crash should now discard energies on each tails flipped, not each heads.
  • Fix Empoleon FB (Supreme Victors 27): Should now move the energy after damage is dealt.
  • Fix attempt at Lickylicky C (Supreme Victors 30): Should now allow the player to select basic energy cards only.
  • Fix attempt at Lunatone (Supreme Victors 32): Should now properly protect your Solrock and Lunatone, not just this one Lunatone.

Known Bug: Attacking lunatone currntly causes an Engine Error.

  • Fix Mr. Mime (Supreme Victors 37): Focus Wall should no longer cause an Engine Error.

  • Fix Parasect (Supreme Victors 38): Hibernation Spore shouldn’t KO the opponent’s pokemon on double tails (copied from Darkrai Lv.X’s variant of the attack)

  • Fix Roserade C (Supreme Victors 40): Magical Leaf should now do 60 on heads, not 80.

  • Fix Wailord (Supreme Victors 47): Rest now heals 4 damage counters, not 5.

  • Fix Chatot G (Supreme Victors 54): Disrupting Spy should now properly rearrange the opponent’s deck.

  • Fix Ivysaur (Supreme Victors 62): Typo in the pre-evolution name.

  • Fix Marshtomp (Supreme Victors 67): Plunge should no longer cause an Engine Error.

  • Fix Minun (Supreme Victors 71): Call for Family should now properly fetch only Lightning Basic Pokémon.

  • Fix Murkrow (Supreme Victors 72): Should no longer crash.

  • Fix Mr. Mime (Mysterious Treasures 30): Should now properly show the opponent the second Heads/Tails call.

  • Fix Rotom (Supreme Victors 82): Should now do 10 damage to each of the opponent’s Pokémon, not 10 times the amount of them to the active.

  • Fix Cynthia’s Guidance (Supreme Victors 136): Should not display the chosen card in the game log.

  • Fix Cyrus’ Initiative (Supreme Victors 137): Should no longer throw an Engine Error. Should also be clearer to the opponent in the cards being put in the bottom of the deck, in the shown order.

  • Fix Palmer’s Contribution (Supreme Victors 139): Should now properly shuffle cards into the deck from the discard pile.

Known Bug: Palmer’s Contribution says “up to 5” but it forces you to select 5 cards

  • Fix Weakness of Milotic (SH7), Relicant (SH8) and Yanma (SH9): All should be +20, not x2
  • Fix Zapdos (Supreme Victors 150): Should resist fighting (-30), not be weak to it.
  • Fix Moltres (Supreme Victors 149): Should discard all energy cards, not just colorless when flipping tails.
  • Fix Absol G Lv.X (Supreme Victors 141): Darkness Send should no longer cause an Engine Error.
  • Fix Charizard G Lv.X (Supreme Victors 143): Tails on Malevolent Fire should discard all energy cards, not just colorless ones.
  • Fix Electivire FB Lv.X (Supreme Victors 144): Should now allow to attach as many energy cards from the discard pile as one wants, not forcing to attach all 3.
  • Fix Garchomp C Lv.X (Supreme Victors 145): Fixed a typo, shouldn’t cause an Engine Error anymore.
  • Fix Final Blowout in Rayquaza C Lv.X (Supreme Victors 146): Should now properly prevent energies being discarded if you don’t have cards in hand. It should also discard all energies and not only colorless ones.
  • Fix Palkia Lv.X (Great Encounters 106): Restructure should now work when only the Palkia’s owner has a bench (do as much as you can), and also work in the correct order (your Pokémon, then your opponent’s if they have bench)
  • Fix Tentacruel (Triumphant 50): Hyper Beam should now discard after damage is dealt.
  • Fix Bellsprout (Triumphant 57): Inviting Scent should now be a choice of the attacking player on who to switch in, not the opponent’s.
  • Fix Rayquaza C Lv.X (Supreme Victor 146): Should now offer the correct player to attach an energy from its own discard pile, and also the ability to skip the use of Dragon Spirit.
  • Fix Empoleon (Stormfront 2): Should now only activate Emperor Aura when it’s active as it evolves.
  • Fix Aron (Triumphant 56): Retreat cost should be 2, not 1.
  • Fix Prinplup (Majestic Dawn 44): Wash Over should now ping bench Pokémon, not including the active as an option.
  • Fix Trapinch (Secret Wonders 115): Inviting Trap should now target the benched Pokémon, not the active (thus not blocked by abilities on it, such as an active Glaceon MD 5)
  • Fix Manectric (Platinum 11): “Electric Barrier” should now properly protct non-Manectric benched Pokémon. And “Power Wave” should no longer cause an Engine Error.
  • Fix Voltorb (Stormfront SH3): Charge Beam should cost L, not LL.
  • Fix Machamp Lv.X (Stormfront 98): Weakness is now +40, and Strong-Willed now does the flip when about to be knocked out (not as a condition for getting the anti-ko effect)
  • Fix Premier Ball (Great Encounters 101, Stormfront 91): Should now only shuffle the deck if it was searched.
  • Fix Bronzor (Stormfront 55): Gyro Swap should cost P, not P and C.
  • Fix Skarmory (Stormfront 51): Should resist fighting, not metal.
  • Rework confusion boost for Aromatisse (BKT 106) and Grumpig (LA 56) (#214): Now it should use the same override for confusion damage in both attacks, as only one would apply (since it’s an override, 6 instead of 3).

Stay tuned!


It’s encouraging to see progress moving forward on the generation 4 sets. I’m looking forward to trying the 2011 Worlds format (and HS-NVI by means of 2012), and while those formats probably won’t be ready by the time I get back (and while it’s possible I may not enjoy those formats as much as I hope), seeing new bug fixes for familiar cards reminds me that work is progressing steadily. Thanks, @admin, @starg09 and Tegull!