Changelog Archive

v24 Update: Burning Shadows and Shining Legends!

On 25 Jan 2018

  • Burning Shadows is now available for Quickplay!
  • Shining Legends is now available for Quickplay!
  • Remaining Sun & Moon Promos (24-99) are now available for Quickplay!
  • This update contains a total of 322 new cards and lots of bug fixes.
  • System stability improvements, the game should now feel snappier than ever!

Bug fixes:

  • Rotom Dex (SM 131) will now work properly.
  • Aether Paradise Conservation Area (GRI) will only apply to basic [L] and [G] Pokemon.
  • Fixed card types for Choice Band, Exp. Share, Poison Barb.
  • Fixed Delibird (GRI) All the Presents deck search issue
  • Fixed the interaction between Robo Substitute (PLS) and bench size changing effects
  • Incineroar (SM) now evolves correctly
  • Rockruff (SMP) Rock Throw energy cost fixed
  • Rocket’s Sneak Attack (TR) will shuffle hand after use
  • Corrected Fairy Energy (SM) type
  • Corrected Fomantis (SM) Synthesis energy cost
  • Alomomola (GRI) Borne Ashore will now work properly
  • Fixed Starmie BREAK (EVO) Break Star damage
  • Fixed Primarina-GX (SM) Bubble Beat damage
  • Alolan Geodude (GRI) Rock Polish will now work properly
  • Mew (EVO) Neutral Shield will now work properly

v23 Update: New login system!

On 18 Jan 2018

This update features a new centralized login system, which will be the first step for the upcoming website features such as forum and deck garage. It also has persistent sessions so as long as you use the same browser, your session will be remembered automatically. Later on, we will be able to allow developers to integrate apps with TCG ONE accounts.

Your accounts are already transitioned to new system ( in a secure way. On first login, you’ll only need to verify your email address and you’ll be able to change it also (a lacking feature on old system). The reason for email verification is that we want to make sure you will be able to receive email from us in case you forget your password.

You will now be able to Login with Facebook. This will allow new players to start playing with less number of steps. Existing players can link their Facebook accounts (Go to My Profile -> Link Facebook Account) to use this feature. We’ll add Discord login in the future.

Some technical notes for existing players:

  • Old system allowed using the same email address for multiple accounts, the new system will not. So in order to be able to activate your secondary accounts, you’ll have to verify them with different email addresses.
  • A change in session system should also be noted that, it’s now not possible to use different users in the same browser session, to be able to play games with two accounts with yourself, you’ll have to use another browser or a private session (a.k.a. Incognito mode).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Lycanrox GX (GRI) attack damage
  • Mallow (GRI) will now work correctly
  • Fixed a rare interaction for Cinnabar City Gym (G2)
  • Fixed GX attack requirement for Lurantis GX (SM)
  • Fixed discarded energies for Arcanine (SM) Firestorm and Pikachu EX (XYP) Mega Thunderbolt

v22 Update: Guardians Rising!

On 28 Nov 2017

  • Guardians Rising is now available for Quickplay!
  • New Standard (17-18) format rotation is now in place. Old format was renamed as PRC-on.
  • Expanded format changes are now in play: Forest of Giant Plants and Archeops (NVI) was banned, Shiftry (NXD) was unbanned.

v21 Update: Sun & Moon!

On 13 Nov 2017

Sun & Moon and Sun Moon Promos (01-15) now available for Quickplay!

More content will be released soon.

v20 Update: Career v2!

On 09 Sep 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, TCG ONE proudly presents: Career v2! The greatest balancing and rebuilding act on the Career mode since its release, is finally live!

To celebrate the new release, we have launched 21 days of Career v2 Parade, to reward total of 21 FREE packs one every day until the end of month! Don’t forget to login every day to get your daily card pack!

It’s not over! We will also give out 700 coins and 5 RS & SS packs for FREE! Plus 700 more coins as Early Bird Bonus if you login and upgrade to Career v2 within the first week of the launch!

Career Changes

  • New generation: Ruby & Sapphire is now available in Career, along with RS & SS expansions and Worlds 03-04 format!
  • New currency: Ink can be used to assemble any card you don’t have and dissolve the ones you don’t need in exchange.
  • New currency: Coins can be used to buy packs from in-game store. Earned through quests and 3 win bonuses.
  • 3 Win Bonus: You will gain 40 coins for every 3 wins you get against foes in all modes/formats (carries on between days, maximum 2 bonuses per day, only applies once for a unique foe in a day).
  • Upon logging in, your account and inventory will be upgraded to Career v2. Each card is assigned a current market value calculated by considering previous sales in the market of each card. Your first 4 cards be refunded of their market value minus mean of dissolve and assemble cost of their new class. Your excess cards (over 4) will be refunded of their full market value.
  • Old currency bits were deprecated and exchanged for ink at 1:1 rate. Games will reward ink from now on.
  • In-game market was closed in favor of new changes.
  • FREEBIE cards! Every generation has some important freebie cards and they will be given automatically to players who don’t have them. You will get notifications for cards that were credited to your account.
  • New concept: Card Classes. Each card in Career was assigned to a Class, which is different but similar to how rarities work. There 6 classes, from most common to the rarest: Basic, Frequent, Average, Rare, Superior, Epic.
  • Basic class cards (not to be confused with basic type pokemon) are now free to play, including all basic energy cards!
  • V2 packs are generated in a fundamentally different way than the old ones. Each pack always costs 100 coins and contains 10 random (at least 1 Rare Class and 3 Average Class) cards from multiple expansions and usually type-aware. Element packs contain Fire, Grass, Water, Steel and Verdict packs contain Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Dark typed cards.
  • Set level up reward to 200 coins. This would help new players thrive.
  • ‘Just Keep on Diggin’ achievement now reads ‘Receive 10000 Ink by dissolving cards’.
  • Disabled Unlimited format in Career.
  • Adjusted quests once more, their rewards were increased and requirements were lowered for damage type quests.
  • 3 new starter decks for GEN 1: Buckle Up, Diffuser and Dealbreaker!
  • All ECard starter decks were modified to have more draw support and they are now all given to players for free! Same applies for the new RS generation: the two starter decks are given away for free!

Other/UI Changes

  • New UI theme!!!
  • It is now possible to directly clone a quickplay deck for career, via deck viewer window.
  • Added margins to many windows and standardized table styles for a streamlined experience.
  • Quickplay deck editor is now full screen.
  • Added card class and kit columns to Card Database window (hidden by default).
  • It is now possible to play a deck that is covered by the target format. For example you can play standard decks in expanded format, ecard decks in worlds 03-04 format, etc.
  • Coin flips now use a single RNG for the entire game.
  • Beedrill (EVO) Swarming Sting was fixed.

I hope you like Career v2!

v19 Update

On 02 Sep 2017

  • This is the final pre-release update for Career v2 and the release date is finally set to September 9th!
  • Along with the release, we will be celebrating it via a special event that will reward total of 21 FREE packs every day until the end of month!
  • Back to this release, we have a minor new feature: when you click a card stack in the battlefield, hold Ctrl or Alt button to only see the top card zoomed. This will allow less clicks to be performed when you just want to view the top card in the stack. Regular clicks will show all cards underneath as usual.
  • Fixed ‘Return to Home’ button bug which was bringing players back to the game when another player used chat.
  • Adjusted format names to reflect the modified/standard season they represent.
  • ‘Game Center CX’ Achievement now reads ‘Assemble at least 999 Ink worth of TR Porygons’
  • Decided to bring holo cards with non-holo versions to Career v2. Those holos cannot be assembled, but only dissolved. They can only be found in packs with a 1/3 chance instead of its non-holo copy.
  • Improved crafting UI in Inventory view.
  • Added full arts from Plasma Blast.

Engine Fixes

  • Dragonite-EX (EVO) Pull Up was fixed
  • Professor Oak’s Hint (EVO) will now end the turn after use
  • Electrode (EVO) Buzzap Thunder was fixed
  • Brock’s Grit (EVO) was fixed
  • Sabrina’s Alakazam (G2) added checks to Psylink power
  • Dark Crobat (N4) Dark Drain was fixed

v18 Update

On 30 Aug 2017

  • Evolutions is now available for Quickplay!
  • New feature: Bonus coins for every 3 wins!
  • Adjusted rewards of some quests

Engine Fixes

  • Rainbow Energy was fixed to provide only 1 energy at a time
  • Fossil cards will not be playable as starters anymore
  • Groudon and Kyogre Spirit Links were fixed
  • Xerneas (STS) will now show the correct card
  • Infernape (STS) Flare Up was fixed
  • Scans of type changing cards (Mysterious Fossil, Robo Substitute, etc) were fixed

v17 Update

On 12 Aug 2017

Redesigned quests, Neo/ECard unlock cost refunds, 22 engine fixes

  • This is the second pre-release update for Career v2, we’re getting close!
  • Redesigned quests and rewards, they are now easier than ever to complete!
  • Each quest type has different predetermined reward -no more surprise rolls!- visible on quests tab.
  • Quests are now auto-redeemed upon completion, no need to check them!
  • Some quests now reward FREE v2 packs and coins! They can only be spent when Career v2 arrives.
  • Neo and ECard series unlock costs and requirements were removed and their unlock costs can be refunded: FREE bits to everyone!
  • 22 important engine fixes throughout all expansions.

Engine Fixes

  • Charity (G1) will now only affect the damage to defending pokemon.
  • Sabrina’s Gengar (G2) Dark Wave ability interactions were fixed.
  • Koga’s Beedrill (G2) Hyper Needle won’t be usable after benching anymore.
  • Dark Feraligatr (N3) Scare won’t block baby flips anymore.
  • Girafarig (N4) type was fixed.
  • Rainbow Energy (TR, AQP) will provide its types only while in play, fixing poke-bodies of Moltres (SKR), Zapdos (AQP) and Articuno (SKR).
  • Coin flips from sand-attack like effects won’t be retriggered anymore if the attack was copied (like Metronome).
  • Dewgong (SKR) Freeze Lock was fixed to block energy attachment.
  • Yveltal (STS) was fixed.
  • Talonflame (STS) Gale Wings was fixed.
  • Yanmega BREAK (STS) Barrier Break won’t apply weakness or resistance anymore.
  • Shiftry (STS) Extrasensory was fixed.
  • Volcanion-EX (STS) Volcanic Heat will correctly disallow attacking next turn.
  • Klefki (STS) Wonder Lock was fixed.
  • Captivating Poke Puff (STS) will now correctly activate abilities like Set Up.
  • Beedrill (XYP) Hazard Stinger will now correctly discard all energy.
  • Salamence Spirit Link (XYP) was fixed.
  • Sableye (AOR) Bewitching Eyes will correcty allow playing a supporter even if you already played one this turn.
  • Hypno (BKP) Goodnight Babies will be blocked by Theta Stop abilities.
  • Trubbish (BKP) weakness was fixed.
  • Mewtwo-EX (BKT) Damage Change will not affect Safeguarded pokemon.
  • Energy Pouch (FCO) was fixed.

v16 Update

On 05 Aug 2017

Pre-release for Career v2

  • This is a pre-release update for the upcoming Career v2 and first of a few to come!
  • NEW Booster Pack Simulator for v2 Packs: Booster packs are evolving in Career v2. Multiple expansions are getting merged together for better synergy in each pack. The pack simulator was improved with glowing colors for each card class and needs your feedback!
  • v2 Packs were added to Store! Not buyable yet, they will contain 10 random (at least 1 Rare Class and 3 Average Class) cards. They contain cards from multiple expansions and usually type-aware. Element packs contain Fire, Grass, Water, Steel and Verdict packs contain Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Dark typed cards.
  • Basic class cards (not to be confused with basic type pokemon) are now free to play, including all basic energy cards!
  • The Hall (old) is now called Inventory View and has Assemble/Dissolve functions for creating and recycling cards via the new currency ink. Existing market functions can still be used via Market tab, which will be removed with Career v2.
  • Import Deck is now baked in Inventory View, the old career decks tab was removed
  • Removed Energy Packs from the Store
  • Fixed scoreboards to show correct values
  • Other minor UI improvements

v15.6 Update

On 03 Aug 2017

Steam Siege and XY Promos (152-209)! New Format: Standard 2016-2017 (PRC-on)

  • Implemented Steam Siege
  • Implemented XY Promos (152-209)
  • Renamed Standard format to Standard 2015-2016.
  • Added Standard 2016-2017 (PRC-on) as recent Standard format.
  • Limited matchmaking formats to Unlimited, Gen 1, W. 2004, Standard 2015-2016, Standard and Expanded due to high waiting times for other formats.
  • All other formats are still playable as 1-1 challenges, by using ‘Send Challenge’ feature.
  • Re-enabled BW-on, NXD-on, BCR-on formats to be played through challenges.
  • Performance improvements

v15.5 Update

On 22 Feb 2017

Maintenance Update

  • Tablet devices are now supported!
  • Spectator hand-viewing feature: You will be able to view your friends’ hands while spectating.
  • Implemented lobby and game chat rate limiting.

Card Fixes

  • Removed Victory Piece attach requirement
  • Fixed minor issue in Claydol (HL 2) Pokebody
  • Fixed Leafeon-EX (GEN) Nature’s Breath extra damage
  • Fixed Dewgong (SKR) Freeze Lock effect

v15.4 Update: Generations, Fates Collide and Friends/Ignore feature!

On 30 May 2016

  • Generations and Fates Collide are now available for Quickplay!
  • Recent XY Promos (94-151) are also available!
  • New social features: You can now add friends or ignore other players.
    Adding someone as friend increases your chance for matching up together. You can see your friends’ online statuses. In a later release, you will be allowed to see your friend’s hand in spectator mode.
    Inversely, if you did not particularly enjoy playing with some player, you can ignore them so that you’ll never be matched with them anymore.
    Note that you can still send challenges to anyone online. In a later release, this feature will be limited to friends only.
    These features are available through right clicking players in the updated “Social Panel” (top-left green button).

Card Fixes

  • Fixed Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night
  • Fixed Puzzle of Time effect
  • Added log to Shaymin-EX’s power
  • Fixed coin flip of Vivillon (BKT) ability
  • Hydreigon (PHF) Dark Impulse will not select DDE anymore
  • Fixed an issue concerning Fighting Fury Belt and knockouts
  • Fixed shuffling of Seer (AQP)
  • Charizard (EXP) will only burn basic energies
  • Fixed amount healed with Blissey (N3 2) Softboiled
  • Fixed a rare bug involving Misty’s Tentacruel ‘Flee’ and Koga’s Kakuna ‘Toxic Secretion’

Career v2 is still under heavy development. I am sorry for the delay but I’m working hard to make it as awesome as possible.

On 27 May 2016

Dear TCG ONE fans, Generations and Fates Collide will be available to play on or before May 31st (in 4 days!), thank you for your interest.

v15.3 Update: Matchmaking!

On 20 Mar 2016

  • Matchmaking system implemented!
  • Players can now ‘Queue’ for multiple games and be automatically matched with the best opponent the system can find! System considers multiple criteria to match opponents (such as skill level, number of games played, etc). Your game will automatically start once you’ve found a worthy opponent! You can still play with your opponent of choice by ‘Challenging’ them into a battle.
  • Here is a screenshot from new Matchmaking UI. On the bottom we see the average wait time for selected type/format and no. of users currently waiting in the queue. You can also queue for multiple games at once!
  • Some UI bug fixes.

Card Fixes

  • Froakie (BKP) Bubble damage corrected
  • Ho-oh (BKP) weakness fixed
  • Fighting Fury Belt (BKP) will not work for evolved Pokemon
  • Max Elixir (BKP) added shuffle effect after use
  • Splash Energy (BKP) should now work correctly
  • Meowstic (FLF) Ear influence will not timeout the user
  • Archie / Maxie (PCL) will not select BREAK Pokemon and cause errors

v15.2 Update: BREAKpoint!

On 18 Feb 2016

  • BREAKpoint is now available for quickplay!
  • Improved quickplay public deck list. It is now possible to efficiently filter, sort and view all public decks.
  • Improved view deck window for easy deck selection and playing.
  • Gen5 onwards (incl. Standard and Expanded) quickplay games will no longer award bits. Old formats will continue to award half bits.
  • Fixed some common grammar errors in game logs.
  • Made many big changes underneath for Career v2.

Card Fixes

  • Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night ability will not linger after knockout.
  • Fixed a rare Sky Field bug which caused errors while discarding.
  • Sandslash (BKT) Swift was fixed.
  • Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night rare issue with error was fixed.
  • Camerupt-EX (PCL) Explosive Jet & infinite Burning Energy was fixed.
  • Muk ex (DR) will now also block Pokemon Powers.

Stay tuned!

Message from admin

On 1 Feb 2016

Dear TCG ONE fans,

I wanted to tell you more about exciting new features and prominent changes about the upcoming Career Mode upgrade which we will simply call Career v2 :slight_smile:

  • Generation 3 packs! Ruby&Sapphire and Sandstorm will be available at start!
  • New card assemble/dissolve mechanic via new currency ‘ink’: Dissolve cards you don’t need then assemble cards you need.
  • New currency: ‘coins’ for opening packs. It will be mainly earned from doing quests.
  • New matchmaking system with queues. You’ll be matched with another player based on your match score and rating.
  • New booster pack generation strategy. (more on this later)
  • Completely redesigned deck editor! (more on this later)
  • New & interesting quest types with predefined rewards.
  • Basic cards from every expansion for everyone to get started in career. Rarity levels of all cards will be carefully adjusted.
  • In-game market will be closed. Private trading between players might be implemented in distant releases.
  • Currency ‘bits’ will be deprecated (in favor of ‘coins’) and shall not be earned anymore. You’ll still be able to spend it on packs.
  • You don’t need to prepare for the release (don’t change your market usage habits).

There are some stuff needs to be done (classifying cards, fixing startup decks, etc). If interested, please contact me. This is very important as there are too many stars to align for this release.

Note: Career v2 release date has not been set yet.

Note: BREAKpoint is expected to be playable around 2 weeks after its official release.

TCG ONE will always be FREE TO PLAY, as it was from the beginning. Please donate (link on the homepage) if you can, to help paying server fees. Thank you.

v15.1 Update: XY Promos (67-93)

On 25 Jan 2016

  • v15.1 Update: Added remaining XY Promos! (67-93)
  • Core stability improvements and many bug fixes.

Card Fixes

  • Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night ability will not linger after knockout.
  • Mismagius (BKT) Twisted Incantation was fixed.
  • Granbull (BKT) Startling Bark was fixed.
  • Fraxure (BKT) HP was corrected.
  • Staraptor (BKT) Cyclone Slash was fixed.
  • Houndoom-EX (BKT): Grand Flame will only attach 1 energy.
  • Florges BREAK: Flower Breeze will let you to pick the special condition to remove.
  • Ampharos-EX (AOR): Thunder Rod will only attach to itself.
  • Articuno (ROS 16): corrected retreat cost.
  • Blaziken-EX (XYP) Flare Storm damage was fixed.
  • Flygon-EX (XYP) Voice of the Sands ability will correctly check for active state.
  • Camerupt-EX (PCL): Explosive Jet will work correctly with Burning Energy.
  • Spiritomb (PHF): fixed Confuse Ray damage.
  • Pyroar (FLF): Scorching Fang now works correctly with Burning Energy.
  • Dragonite (PLF): Deafen effect will not vanish after evolving or benching.
  • Mystery Plate Gamma (SKR) was fixed to put the devolved card into correct deck.
  • Weakness Guard (AQP)'s effect correctly vanishes now.
  • Vileplume (EXP): Poison Pollen damage is now correctly classified.
  • Pluspower (BS) will be discarded after benching pokemon.
  • Pokemon Trader (BS): player can now choose not to trade.

v15.0 Update: BREAKthrough!

On 22 Nov 2015

  • v15.0 Update: As promised, BREAKthrough is now available for quickplay!
  • Game view is now responsive and supports full screen!
  • Improved in-game and deck dialog windows.
  • Increased font size of the application for better visibility.
  • Improved login and register screens.
  • Added second password check on reset password dialog.
  • Next update will be for career!

v14.9 Update: Fixing time!

On 1 Nov 2015

  • This update brings many core stability improvements to provide better play experience with minimal latency and interference.
  • ‘Gender neutral pronouns’
  • Report Bug Window will not have a countdown to close itself to allow reporting bugs freely.
  • Market and Hall are snappier than ever.

Card fixes

  • Giratina-EX (AOR) Chaos Wheel now correctly blocks Special Energies.
  • Entei (AOR 15) Flame Screen effect fixed.
  • Goomy (AOR) Water Down error fixed.
  • Ampharos Spirit Link, Lucky Helmet, Sceptile Spirit Link, Tyranitar Spirit Link are now correctly classified as Item.
  • Rotom (AOR 29): Electric Mischief was fixed.
  • Primal Groudon-EX (AOR 97): Evolution was corrected.
  • Pachirisu (PHF): Trick Sticker’s effect will now apply after the damage is done.
  • Golbat (PHF) and Crobat (PHF): Sneaky abilities will now trigger θ-Stop and get blocked.
  • Politoed (FUF): “King’s Song” will play nicely with Shrine of Memories (Stadium).
  • Malamar (XY 76): Retreat cost was corrected.
  • Salamence (XYP): Δ-Evolution was fixed.
  • Blissey (XYP 56): Card type was corrected.
  • Professor Juniper will now be playable with empty deck and non-empty hand.
  • Can’t retreat type attack effects were fixed to be deactivated on evolution.
  • Tyranitar (AQP 40): Gigacrush will not error on empty deck.
  • Sentret (AQP 107): Spy will correctly display opponent’s deck.
  • Murkrow (N1 24): Mean Look was fixed to be deactivated on knockout.
  • Entei (WBSP 34): Bolt’s error was fixed.
  • Poliwag (BS2): Card type was corrected.

v14.8 Update: Ancient Origins and XY-on format!

On 1 Sep 2015

  • Ancient Origins expansion is now available for Quickplay.
  • New Standard (XY-on) format is now available to play.
  • Standard 2014 format is still there, but you need to edit or copy your current decks to the new format.
  • Implemented XY Promos 46-66.
  • Minor performance improvements.

v14.7 Update: Send Challenge and Social Menu!

On 5 Aug 2015

Send Challenge
TCG ONE now features a new social menu which shows online players and lets you to send quickplay challenges to a specific person. This will allow you play with your friends without the possibility of someone else joining your game. In future updates, the social menu will allow adding people as friends and chatting them in private.

No Spectator Option
It was already possible to toggle spectator mode via in-game settings panel. This update brings the option to create game panel. You can now safely test your secret deck without anybody spying on your board!


  • Selected card count is now shown on card select button, which should reduce some misplays.
  • Quickplay deck lists are now displayed on an extra view for browser-friendliness.
  • Timers were added to selection request windows.
  • Moved to a new big server and fixed many instability problems (your donations are welcome more than ever!)

Card fixes

  • Hugh (BCR) reimplemented for timer-friendliness.
  • Sacred Ash (FLF) now prints the card to be shuffled to deck and requires 5 cards to be selected.
  • Dark Golbat (TR) Sneak Attack will not trigger Focus Band (N1).
  • Hitmonchan (FUF): Bullet Punch damage fixed.
  • Fixed rare issue involving Aromatisse Fairy Transfer from Pokemon-EX to Safeguarded Pokemon.
  • G Booster and G Scope (PLB): removed attachment requirement of Genesect-EX.
  • Master Ball (EXP) will not give error with an empty deck.
  • Garbodor (PLS): fixed a rare issue which may disallow reflipping Biosmog’s flip with Trick Coin.

v14.6.x Bug Fixes

On 5 Aug 2015

Bugs below were fixed in patch versions from v14.6.1 to v14.6.12

  • Simisage (XY) Torment fixed.
  • XY Promos weaknesses fixed.
  • Banned Lysandre’s Trump Card.
  • Magnemite (AQP): HP fixed.
  • Ditto (BCR): Transform will not trigger abilities.
  • Scorched Earth (PCL): fixed requirement check.
  • Seel (SKR): WR fixed.
  • Yveltal (XY): Oblivion Wing will not select DDE.
  • Persian (JU): Pounce will not linger after KO.
  • Kirlia (LTR) fixed evolution.
  • Focus Sash (FUF): made attachable to non-F pokemon.
  • Togekiss (ROS 46): Serene Grace will not lockout when you have no energy.
  • Exeggutor (ROS) Shake It Off fixed.
  • Sky Field (ROS): fixed game error while Garbodor is in play.
  • Slowbro (AQP) Dense Body fixed.
  • Banette (ROS) Evolution Jammer vs Rare Candy fixed.
  • Altaria (ROS 74) Clear Humming fixed.
  • Gallade Spirit Link, Healing Scarf, Latios Spirit Link, Rayquaza Spirit Link, Wide Lens fixed card types.
  • Strength Charm (EXP) fixed to not increase bench damage.
  • All DCR and ROS cards: fixed resistances from -30 to -20.
  • Poliwag (FUF): fixed Spiral Current to prevent retreat.
  • Mega Evolution will not inflict poison damage anymore.
  • Spirit Links will now be correctly blocked by Banette Tool Concealment.
  • Team Magma’s Secret Base (DCR) fixed.
  • Scorched Earth (PCL) will not select Double Dragon Energy.
  • Jirachi (ROS) Doom Desire minor issue fix.
  • Zoroark (DEX) attack renamed

v14.6 Update: Roaring Skies and Double Crisis!

On 22 May 2015


  • Roaring Skies and Double Crisis are now available for Quickplay!
  • Basic pokemon from mulligan draws can now be benched during game setup.
  • Opponent’s pokemon are now hidden during game setup.
  • Critical gameplay-related bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Narrow Gym (G1) is now implemented and available in singles with limited supply.

Bug fixes

  • Robo Substitute (PHF) fixed to disallow prizes for Δ Plus.
  • Enhanced Hammer (PHF) vs Ω Barrier fixed.
  • Bronzong (PHF): fixed a rare issue with Metal Links.
  • Exeggutor (PLF): Blockade will not fade after benching anymore.
  • Jirachi (HL): fixed Make a Wish to put a damage counter.
  • Golbat (SKR): fixed Strength in Numbers extra damage.
  • Magcargo (SKR): weakness fixed.
  • Politoed (SKR): fixed Energy Splash requirement.
  • Lanturn (AQP): fixed Conduction base damage.
  • Pokemon Fan Club (AQP): will not require you to select a pokemon.
  • Blastoise (EXP): removed self energy requirement for Jet Stream.

v14.5 Update: Skyridge in Career and big fixes!

On 7 May 2015


  • Skyridge Booster Packs are now available!
  • Eeveelution and Mind Machine Theme Decks are now available!
  • Improvements in UI error handling, which should fix recent browser lockout and turn time issues.
  • (Re)added sound notification at game start.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Online user and active game limits have been increased.
  • Lobby and Hall views are now full screen.
  • Added double type damage quests.

Bug fixes

  • One will not simply play multiple stadiums in one turn (in modern series)
  • Zapdos (AQP): Anti-Lightning will work correctly with multiple Zapdos in play.
  • Gourgeist (PLF): will be automatically checked for knockout after energy discards.
  • Training Center (FUF): will now only work with Stage 1 and Stage 2 pokemon.
  • Rhyperior (PCL): Rock Wall will correctly work with benched pokemon.
  • Lotad-Lombre-Ludicolo (SS): fixed rare issue with Rain Dish vs Metronome-like attacks.
  • Safeguard will now also block damage from own Pokemon-EX (ex: Seismitoad-EX with Suicune). Safeguard will now correctly discard incoming energy attachments from Pokemon-EX (ex: Primal Kyogre-EX or M-Manectric-EX)
  • Growth (Ancient Trait): second attachment will now check some special energy (ex: Shield Energy) to be attachable or not.
  • Tentacruel (AQP): Strange Tentacles energy selection will be made by self.
  • Vileplume (AQP): Allergic Pollen will now work correctly.
  • Startling Megaphone (FLF): its effect is now correctly classified for omega barrier, safeguard, etc.
  • Team Plasma Badge (PLF): fixed classification as Team Plasma card.
  • Amoonguss (PLS): Astonish fixed to choose 3 cards.
  • Jigglypuff (WBSP): fixed Double-edge self damage.
  • Munna (BCR): Long-distance Hypnosis and other similar abilities can now be used after using a Super Scoop Up.


On 6 May 2015

Fellow TCG ONE fans,

I’m proud to announce that TCG ONE is now -exclusively- hosted by and we’ve decided upon a lifelong partnership with them!

In a couple of weeks, TCG ONE and PokeBeach user accounts will be integrated, so you’ll be able to register a TCG ONE account using your PokeBeach account. Existing accounts will not be affected and can continue to use TCG ONE *as free* as before.

PokeBeach will eventually host regular TCG tournaments (one starting just now: that will take place on TCG ONE.

We now also have a special forum for TCG ONE:

We’re hoping for better communities and better code.

Your’s truly, axpendix

v14.4 Update: Improved Quests and more!

On 28 Apr 2015


  • Quests are auto-assigned each day and are displayed at login.
  • Players can reroll a quest a day if they don’t happen to like it.
  • Removed ‘Deal x damage to x type’ quests.
  • Increased bit reward to 200 (from 150).
  • More quest types will be available in new versions.


  • Quickplay scoreboards are now available. Players may track their rank from Scoreboard menu.
  • Removed login, create and join game messages in lobby.
  • Removed timestamps from chat and lobby messages.
  • Improved RNG.

Bug fixes

  • Training Center (FUF 102): added knockout check after card leaves play
  • Miltank - Powerful Friends: works with unevolved Stage 2
  • Nidorina (PCL): evolution fixed
  • Pokemon Catcher: target is changed to be the benched pokemon.
  • Attack: Omega Barrage will not trigger if game has already ended.
  • Energy Restore (EXP): corrected card count.
  • Teammates (PCL): will also work with non-damage knockouts.
  • Scoop Up Cyclone: fixed rare issue with Flare Tools.
  • Startling Megaphone: Omega Barrier will now block its effect.
  • Aegislash (XY): Stance Change fixed.
  • Pyroar (FLF) Intimidating Mane: will not work with unevolved non-basic Pokemon
  • Silent Lab (PCL): will not work with unevolved non-basic Pokemon

v14.3 Update: Primal Clash!

On 6 Feb 2015

  • Primal Clash is now available to play!
  • Implemented XY Promos
  • Fixed modern formats to Standard and Expanded
  • Minor bug fixes

v14.2 Update: Aquapolis in Career and more fixing!

On 23 Jan 2015


  • Aquapolis Booster Packs are now available!
  • Some UI improvements.

Modern Series

  • External abilities (like Exeggcute’s Propogation or Ho-oh EX’s Rebirth) will now be blocked correctly with effects like Garbotoxin or Bide Barracle
  • As with the new ruling change, Fighting Stadium (FUF) and Jamming Net (PHF) will now work with benched targets
  • Confusion damage will now be correctly classified as “Do 20 damage to itself” in Classic series and as “Put 3 damage counters on this pokemon” in onward series
  • Chandelure (PHF) Fainting Spell will now correctly only flip for itself
  • AZ (PHF) will now discard attached cards of selected pokemon
  • Fixed rare issue involving two Golbat (PHF) Sneaky Bite
  • Fixed Electivire (FUF) Tag Team Spark damage calculation issue
  • Clefable (FUF) Follow Me will now favor user’s choice
  • Fixed Super Scoop Up (FUF, BLW) interaction with Flare Tools
  • Fixed Ditto (BCR) minor issue
  • Phione (LTR) Aqua Boomerang will now work correctly
  • Fixed Shiftry (NXD) Giant Fan issue
  • Fixed Silver Mirror (PLB) rare issue
  • Fixed Latias-EX (PLB) Bright Down rare issue
  • Fixed Lugia-EX (PLS) Overflow rare issue
  • Added Professor Juniper and Professor Sycamore mutually exclusive check
  • Max Potion is now usable even with no damage in order to discard energy
  • Fixed Magnezone (PLS) stacking Dual Brains issue
  • Added informative clause to Escape Rope (PLS) prompt
  • Added KO check to Switch effect, which fixes problems with Rapid Spin-like attacks

Classic Series

  • All cross ability blocking problems should be fixed now (like Muk-Toxic vs Magby-Sputter)
  • Fixed Psyduck (FO) Headache with Metronome. Effect now fades correctly on benching
  • Fixed Dark Omastar (N4) typing
  • Fixed Ditto (FO) vs Strikes Back, Buzzap, Cowardice, Toxic Gas matchups. You can now Buzzap a Ditto!
  • Fixed Magnemite (N4) rare issue vs Metronome
  • Fixed Dark Gengar (N4) Pull In rare issue

v14.1 Update: Fixing time!

On 19 Dec 2014


  • Improved card images: Image sizes now differ by context for faster retrieval.
  • Server stability improvements.
  • In Modified games coin flip will now occur before game setup.
  • If both players mulligan, there will be no card drawn for both players.
  • Asleep, Poisoned, Burned special conditions will not interfere with deck out wins.

Modern Series

  • Pokemon Tool Flare cards will now correctly go to owner’s discard pile after being discarded or removed from play.
  • Swift-like effects (like Cobalion-EX Steel Bullet) will now correctly work with damage increasing effects (like Muscle Band).
  • Safeguard abilities (like Sigilyph LTR) will now be ignored by Swift-like effects.
  • Fixed Phantom Forces resistances from -30 to -20.
  • Malamar-EX (PHF) Hyper Hypnosis fix.
  • Aegislash-EX (PHF) Mighty Shield logic fix.
  • Jellicent (PHF) Meddling fixed.
  • Fixed Pachirisu (PHF 25) Trick Sticker issue.
  • Seismitoad-EX (FUF) Quaking Punch effect will now continue to be active even if user been has switched.
  • Gourgeist (PHF) Gourgantic will now only increase self HP.
  • Slurpuff (XY) Sweet Veil will now instantly clear special conditions.

Classic Series

  • Elekid (N1) Playful Punch damage will no longer trigger effects that should only trigger by damage of attacks (like Focus Band).
  • Slowking (N1) Mind Games will now work as printed in Unlimited. Be prepared!
  • Brock’s Protection (G2) will now work against attacks with energy removal capabilities.
  • Hitmontop (AQP) Triple Spin will now apply W/R.
  • Mew (SI) Rainbow Wave will not let you to select [C].
  • Clefable (JU) Minimize fixed to work when defending is switched. This change also affects other similar moves.
  • Blastoise (EXP 1) Power will not work for benched.
  • Dark Gengar (N4) is now correctly labeled as Stage 2 Pokemon.
  • Shining Kabutops (N4) Water Slash removed max energy limit.
  • Gengar (EXP) Hide in Shadows will now apply W/R.
  • Energy Search (EXP) will now shuffle deck.
  • Fixed Brock’s Protection (G2) card duplication issue
  • Crystal Shard (SKR 122) will now work correctly.
  • Fixed Seaking (BS2 60) card type.
  • Koga’s Pidgey (G2) Messenger will now only let pokemon cards to be selected.
  • Fixed Ditto (FO) vs Mysterious Fossil error.

v14.0 Update is finally here!

On 1 Dec 2014

**- ECard Series are now available in Career! Your Expedition awaits!

  • Phantom Forces are now available in Quickplay!

  • New responsive UI theme! Many UI improvements and fixes!

  • New Store view for Booster Packs and Theme Decks!**

  • Top 10 players in Last Week and Last Month standings will now gain 5% bonus bits from playing games.

  • Playing ECard and Rocket-on format career games will now award 5% and 10% bonus bits, respectively.

  • Bonus bit rewards do stack. So if you’re playing a Rocket-on game and are on Top 10 of both last week and last month scoreboards, you’ll get 20% bonus bits from that game.

  • Added gained bits display at game end.

  • Added Pokemon, Energy and Trainer counts to deck editors.

  • To compensate with the historical reverse foils, booster packs starting from Expedition set will feature 1 random card over 1 common one. In other words, it’s now possible to get two rares in one pack!

  • Implemented a timed service for auto pack and deck replenishment, so that admin will not be bothered anymore for this particularly picky task.

  • Players will not be marked inactive anymore while reporting bugs, so they can enjoy writing lengthy bug reports.

v13.8 Update: Huge number of bug fixes

On 02 Oct 2014

  • Fixed the insidious surrendering bug, players can now safely surrender
  • Fixed floating stadium window bug
  • Landorus-EX Land’s Judgement discard energy after damage fix
  • Pokemon Center Lady fixed heal amount
  • Focus Sash only works for full hp now
  • Silver Bangle can now be attached to any Pokemon
  • Dark Omastar N4 stage fix
  • Parasect N3 stage fix
  • Omanyte VM Prehistory Dream minor issue fix
  • Gastly VM Frighten minor issue fix
  • Golem VM Rock Blast minor issue fix
  • Mew VM Psydupe major issue fix
  • Elekid N1 Playful Punch now applies W&R even while benched
  • Espeon PLF Shadow Ball now applies W&R to benched
  • Cofagrigus PLF Slap of misfortune fix
  • Guard Spec VM minor issue fix
  • Metronome-like attacks will only check baby flip and confusion once, instead of twice
  • Electabuzz VM Lightning Rod is now correctly targeted
  • Electabuzz VM Lightning Bolt now applies W&R to benched
  • KO of a devolved Mysterious Fossils will no longer award prize card
  • Stadiums with the same name can now be played in formats below BW-on
  • Quilava EXP Super Singe will now burn instead of poison
  • Virizion-EX PLB Verdant Wind minor issue fix
  • Emolga-EX XY Energy Glide minor issue fix
  • Eevee WBSP Chain Reaction is now optional to use
  • Aerodactyl SKR Ancient Wind will now only block Poke-Body
  • Mew SI Rainbow Wave major issue fix

v13.7 Update: Vending Machine and Southern Islands!

On 22 Sep 2014

  • Vending Machine and Southern Islands are now available to play!
  • Translated and fakes created by meiko, Vending Machine series offers great funplay with interesting cards to explore, available in Quickplay Unlimited.
  • Tester Mode (new): allows easy setting up quickplay games to test endless card interactions (Feature bound to permission, contact admin)
  • TCG ONE now accepts Paypal for donations.
  • Card Database now displays Drop Rate, PV and Notes columns.
  • Improved Random Deck Builder with format selection.
  • Fixed Inventory and Market layout problems.
  • N added to BCR-on format.

Card fixes:- Korrina search for item,

  • Mega Lucario-EX evolution,
  • Hawlucha damage stacking issue,
  • Gengar (SKR) Manipulate issue.

v13.6 update: Furious Fists and BCR-on

On 18 Sep 2014

  • Furious Fists and BCR-on format ready to play!
  • Game now rewards +20 bits to both players if game ended with error.
  • Pokemon status panel overhaul with custom icons.

Card fixes:- Slurpuff XY 95 ability implemented

  • Samurott BCR 41 now evolves from Dewott
  • Scizor N2, fix Claw damage
  • Omanyte N2 60, fix minor issue while searching
  • Ghetsis PLF, cards are now drawn for current user
  • Both Dark Vileplume TR have [R] weakness now, instead of one having [F] because of misprint
  • Emolga-EX XY, fix Electron Crush energy cost
  • Fixed Pokemon Breeder for Dark Gengar
  • Entei N3, Elekid N1 fixed turn end bug
  • Defender BS, fixed a rare bug

v13.0: BIG UPDATE! NXD-on format! 7 New Expansions! Neo Destiny Booster Packs! Random quest rewards! 25 fixes/improvements

On 12 Aug 2014

  • Quickplay: NXD-on format ready to play!
  • 7 New Expansions: Black White Promos, Plasma Freeze, Plasma Blast, Legendary Treasures, Kalos Starter Set, XY and Flashfire!
  • Career: Neo Destiny Booster Packs are now available!
  • Quests now reward random prizes, including random holo rares or duplicate promos!
  • Indication for attached Special Energy or Trainer Cards.
  • Improved performance and security.

25 fixes/improvements:- Venusaur (BS) Energy Trans improved usage

  • Clefable (EXP) Moonlight fixed
  • Ampharos (N3) Attract Current damage fix
  • Hypno (AQP) Spiral Aura added option to not use the effect
  • Parasect (AQP) Sleep Inducer removed coin flip
  • Devolution Spray (BS) usage made more clear
  • Machamp (BS) Strike Back fixed damaging own Pokemon
  • Pokemon Center (BS) usage with Recycle Energy fix
  • Darmanitan (BLW 25) resistance fix
  • Torkoal (DR 12) attack cost fix
  • Blaine’s Charizard (G2) Roaring Flames fixed when used against Meganium (N1 11)
  • Sabrina’s Hypno (G2) Invigorate fixed
  • Misty’s Tears (G2) usage requirement fix
  • Misty’s Tentacruel (G1) Flee shouldn’t delay damage now
  • Vileplume ex (HL) Block Dust usage fix
  • Dewgong (SKR) Crushing Ice fix
  • Dark Dugtrio (TR) Sinkhole shouldn’t interfere with knockouts
  • Here Comes Team Rocket (TR) will not display multiple windows if it was already used
  • Surfing Pikachu (WBSP) weakness fix
  • Lt. Surge’s Magneton minor fix
  • Koga’s Muk Energy Drain fix
  • Skarmory (N1) Steel Wing fix
  • Steven’s Advice (HL) can now be usable with 7 cards in hand
  • Mysterious Fossil now cannot be played at setup phase in games below Worlds 2004 format
  • Blaine’s Last Resort minor fix
  • Flipping until tails will now correctly count towards coin flip quests

v12.0 Update: BCR and PLS Expansions & The Hall & Websockets

On 15 Apr 2014

  • Boundaries Crossed and Plasma Storm expansions are now available for Quickplay!
  • The Hall is a new view merging Card Database & Inventory & Market & Deck Editor into one. It allows easy deck construction and market traversal. It is accessible via in-game buttons.
  • Increased client and server communication performance with websockets (still experimental).
    Minor Bug Fixes: Pokemon Breeder, Igglybuff (N2) Gaze, Magby (N1) Sputter, Carracosta (NVI) Solid Rock, Challenge! (TR), Mew (WBSP) Devolution Beam, Meganium (N1 11) Wild Growth, Gardevoir Psychic Mirage, Dark Gloom Pollen Stench, Snubbull (N1) Roar.

v11.8 Update: Fossil Ditto and lots of fixes!

On 4 Apr 2014

  • Fossil Ditto is now implemented. It may not be fully precise but still should work surprisingly well. Take a spin in quickplay!
  • Game UI became much lighter and faster. New fonts (subject to change)
  • Added LC reprints to Rocket-on and Neo-on formats.
  • Confusion self damage should now be prone to Weakness, Resistance and other damage manipulation effects (such as Metal Energy).
  • Various Toxic Gas and Goop Gas Attack bugs should be fixed.
  • Brock’s Ninetales Shapeshift should now work perfectly.
  • Dark Gyarados (TR) Final Beam should now work as intended.
  • Pikachu (WBSP 1) Growl, Totodile (N1 81) Leer, Cyndaquil (N1 56) Leer should now fade after benching.
  • Giovanni’s Gyarados (G2) and Kingdra (N1) Dragon Tornado should now only switch if it doesn’t KO.
  • Meganium (N1) Wild Growth and Gardevoir (NXD) Psychic Mirage minor bugs fixed.
  • Focus Band and other various similar cards should now only work if KOed by damage from an attack.
  • Misty’s Golduck Super Removal should now work as intended.
  • Erika’s Exeggcute (G1) Deflector should now work as intended.
  • Servine (BLW 4) HP fixed.
  • Kabuto (N2) Weakness fixed.

v11.0 Update: Neo Series are now available in Career!

On 28 Mar 2014

  • Players who have reached Level 15 can unlock Neo Series and get one of 4 new starter decks.
  • Added Neo Genesis and Neo Discovery (5-card) booster packs to in-game market.
  • New Rocket-on format in Career and Quickplay.
  • Sneasel (N1) banned from Rocket-on and W. 2003 format but available in Unlimited.
  • Stability and some UI improvements.
  • Updated Quests.
  • Sabrina’s Alakazam Psylink should no longer work for other pokemon in the field.
  • Sabrina’s Hypno Invigorate should no longer steal opponent’s pokemon.
  • Rhyhorn (JU) Leer, Eevee (JU) Tail Wag should no longer linger.
  • Sandattack like effects should no longer move to new active pokemon.
  • Dark Quilava (N4) evolution fixed.
  • Growlithe (N4) Bite energy cost fixed.
  • Lucario (NXD) Reflexive Retaliation should now only activate if it is active pokemon.
  • Various minor fixes for Neo series.

v10.69 Update: DEX, DRX, DRV Expansions

On 05 Mar 2014

TCG ONE releases 3 more B&W expansions: Dark Explorers, Dragons Exalted and Dragon Vault for Quickplay!
Bug Fixes: Sabrina’s Alakazam (Mega Burn), Darmanitan (DarMAXitan), N (NVI), Amnesia wears off after switch. Pokemon-EXs reward 2 prizes. Fade out vs Metronome, Swift vs Agility

v10.61 Update: Black & White Series

On 26 Feb 2014

TCG ONE releases first 4 sets of B&W series for Quickplay!
Also: Inactivity timeout feature will now disconnect players who have been inactive (who havent made an action or responded) after 90 secs. Increased server performance. Password confirmation.
Bug Fixes: Rocket’s Snorlax (Restless Sleep), Sabrina’s Hypno(Invigorate)

v10.51 Update: Achievements

On 21 Feb 2014

Latest patch brings Achievements to Career Mode, which reward promo cards! Be sure to check yours out, you may have completed some of them already!
Stability improvements. Bug Fixes: Beedrill (Poison Sting-flip), Koga’s Kakuna (Emerge-shuffle), Sabrina’s Jynx (Helping Hand-choose), Brock’s Sandshrew (Sand Pit), Dark Vileplume (#13-#30-weakness), Minion of Team Rocket(G1), Dark Blastoise(TR-AD), Dark Primeape(TR-AD), Gyarados(BS-AD), Dewgong(BS-AD), Articuno(FO-AD), Magcargo(N3-power)
*AD: Special conditions those cards cause now apply After Damage. This fixes various bugs, most relevant is when any of those matched against Mr. Mime.

Game Guide Live

On 12 Feb 2014

TCG ONE now has an extensive game guide available here!

v10.48 Update: Levelup rewards

On 11 Feb 2014

Latest patch adds +100 bits per levelup for everyone, so don’t get shocked when you notice you’re swimming in balance!
Bug Fixes: Lt. Surge’s Eevee (Surprise), Eevee (Tail Wag), Porygon2 (Energy Converter)

New Site Layout

On 08 Feb 2014

New front page layout is live! An extensive game guide about everything about the game is being prepared and will soon be available here.

v10.47 Update: Neo Destiny

On 06 Feb 2014

Latest patch releases Neo Destiny (quickplay only) and a new format: Worlds 2003.
Bug Fixes: Pokemon Breeder Fields, Sabrina’s Gengar (Dark Wave), Raikou (Lightning Burst), Shining Magikarp, Beldum HL (Magnetic Call)

Ancient Stuff

1.0:17.09.2012:Project layout is done, a basic test game ran smooth.
2.0:04.10.2012:Base Set Blackout Theme Deck can now be played with all moves and cards.
3.0:06.06.2013:All Base Set Theme Decks are fully implemented.
4.0:18.06.2013:The game has user interface now. A basic 1-1 game can be fully playable.
5.0:01.07.2013:All Base Set cards are fully implemented. Project is announced on major community forums.
6.0:09.07.2013:All Jungle and Fossil cards are implemented.
7.0:18.07.2013:Team Rocket cards are implemented. Production mode done. First deployment is done. Project live at
7.41:01.08.2013:Some bug fixes
7.46:02.08.2013:Forgot password link. Register reminder email. Solo play using game key.
7.56:03.08.2013:Expedition is done.
7.57:04.08.2013:Some bug fixes.
7.68:04.08.2013:Multi card types. Some bug fixes.
7.70:05.08.2013:Some bug fixes. Aquapolis started.
7.89:06.08.2013:Game format system. Many bug fixes.
7.90:08.08.2013:More cards in Aquapolis.
8.00:09.08.2013:Aquapolis is done.
8.21:10.08.2013:Many bug fixes.
8.26:12.08.2013:Some bug fixes.
8.27:13.08.2013:Skyridge started.
8.28:14.08.2013:More cards in Skyridge.
8.29:14.08.2013:More cards in Skyridge. Some bug fixes.
8.30:23.08.2013:More cards in Skyridge.
8.52:25.08.2013:Skyridge is done. Spectation mode is done. Some bug fixes.
8.59:25.08.2013:New visuals.
8.70:27.08.2013:Ruby Sapphire is done. Some bug fixes.
8.71:27.08.2013:Some bug fixes.
8.75:29.08.2013:Major bug fixes. Game logging.
8.76:29.08.2013:Some bug fixes.
8.77:31.08.2013:Some bug fixes.
8.78:04.09.2013:Username case insensitivity. Login view improvements. Some bug fixes.
8.79:07.09.2013:Public decks preparation.
8.84:10.09.2013:Public decks is done. Style changes. Don’t allow spectator mode. Mulligan draw. Coinflip on retreat with confusion.
8.85:10.09.2013:Some bug fixes.
8.95:12.09.2013:Sandstorm is done. Multi type pokemons. Some bug fixes.
8.97:13.09.2013:Many bug fixes. Framework updates.
8.98:13.09.2013:Some bug fixes.
8.99:13.09.2013:Some bug fixes. Dragon started.