V59.0 Update: User Experience Improvements and Many Bug Fixes

v59.0 Update: User Experience Improvements and Many Bug Fixes

Hi folks, I am excited to present you a new TCG ONE Release!

New Features:

  • Pokemon Popup View: There is a new popup view for Pokemon that displays vital in-game information, including (modified) type, HP, weakness, resistance, retreat cost, attack costs and all possible actions for that Pokemon (moves, abilities, etc) as well.
  • Card Actions in Card Popup View: Card Actions can now be executed directly from corresponding Card Popup View. Card Actions are usable effects of cards, including; default play from hand action, effects of in-play stadium cards, Pokemon with abilities usable from hand or discard pile. In addition to this, some cluttered action buttons are now hidden for Pokemon with abilities that work from discard pile and hand, e.g. Greninja GX’s Elusive Master.
  • For all cards in hand, always open Card Popup View with primary click, instead of playing the card directly.
  • Attack costs and attack text are now displayed on all action button tooltips as well as on the new Pokemon Popup View.
  • Some cluttered action buttons are now hidden for Pokemon with abilities that work from discard pile and hand, e.g. Greninja GX’s Elusive Master. Card Actions and cards can now be played in different ways directly from that card popup, which opens automatically as the default left-click action in hand.
  • Card Popup View now opens automatically for cards with more than one action with primary click on the card in hand.
  • Associated all custom actions either with a card or a Pokemon.

Bug Fixes:

  • AFK timer adjustment parameters has been eased. This should lead to fewer moves being falsely captured as AFK. Please remember that, if an prompt’s timer drops down to zero, it will move on with a default value and your AFK counter will be incremented. Each time the counter is incremented, the next request time shortens. The counter gets increased until you make a FAST move without letting the counter reach zero.
  • Fixed default value for Pokemon selections, i.e. game engine errors on AFK timeouts. Apologies for this.
  • Fixed Type parameter in attachEnergyFrom(), which was a bug affecting 100+ cards. Some notable cards that were fixed: Welder, Aqua Patch, Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 75), Lucario & Melmetal-GX (UNB 120), Eevee (DS 68), Dragonite (DS 3).
  • Some unpredictable game engine errors due to complex card interactions will now be skipped (via PokemonCardSet lastTopPokemonCard).
  • fix: Dark Houndoom (TRR 37) Fire Breath will now be only usable when active.
  • We’re getting some reports on “stuck games”, please submit screenshots in the Bug Reports category in the forum when you encounter them.

Legends Awakened Fixes:

  • fix: impl Claw Fossil (LA)
  • fix: impl Root Fossil (LA)
  • fix: Uxie (LA 43) Psychic Restore
  • fix: Vileplume (LA 45) Energy Reaction condition
  • fix: Forretress (LA 28) Iron Shell & Blastoise (SW 2)
  • fix: Poliwrath (LA 35) Focus Punch (2)
  • fix: Unown U (LA) UNSEEN
  • fix: Metagross (LA 10) Magnetic Reversal condition
  • fix: Dragonair (LA 52) Wrap to apply after damage
  • fix: Groudon (LA 29)
  • fix: Poliwrath (LA 35)
  • fix: Mewtwo Lv.X (LA 144)
  • fix: Ditto (LA 27)
  • fix: Unown W (LA) to apply WALL after WR
  • fix: Update priority of Armaldo (LA) Fossil Armor
  • fix: Unown ! (LA) ! Power’s source
  • fix: Azelf (LA 19) Time Walk can now rearrange prizes
  • Streamlined all “Form Change”-like abilities

Diamond & Pearl Base Set Fixes (by @Lithogen):

  • Update LUXRAY_7 Lightning Star to move energies after damage
  • Update ROSELIA_96 attacks to apply status after damage
  • Fix STARAPTOR_16 Acceleration Dive to prevent damage from itself

Rising Rivals Fixes (by @Lithogen):

  • Fix LEAFEON_45 Plus Energy, must attach energy
  • Fix ELECTRODE_G_39 Reflect Energy, energy moves after damage
  • Fix HIPPOWDON_LV_X_107 Sand Reset, only shuffle when cards moved
  • Update HIPPOWDON_LV_X_107 Double Shoot text dialogue
  • Fix FROSLASS_GL_6 Wake-Up Slap to remove conditions after damage
  • Fix JIRACHI_7 Final Wish to shuffle correct deck and move card
  • Update SNORLAX_LV_X_111 Big Appetite to only work when active, update Exercise text
  • Fix ALAKAZAM_E4_LV_X_103 Damage Switch to allow only SP targets
  • Updated AARON_S_COLLECTION_88 to not shuffle deck
  • Fix AGGRON_14 Return Blow crash when undamaged
  • Fix SHARPEDO_49 to increase self damage from defending to defending
  • Fixed SHIFTRY_13 Conform to remove effect when levelup, evolve, switch
  • Fixed FLOATZEL_GL_LV_X_104 Water Rescue to not activate when sent to lost zone
  • Fixed NIDOQUEEN_30 to only activate once, heal owner and optional
  • Fixed SNORLAX_LV_X_111 Exercise to only allow energy selection
  • Update NIDOQUEEN_30 Maternal Comfort to be non-optional and activates automatically
  • Fixed JIRACHI_7 Final Wish to shuffle correct deck

Current objectives of TCG ONE:

  1. fix game breaking bugs, clear bug reports
  2. improve user experience on essential level
  3. complete the rest of GEN 4 implementations, release GEN 4 formats in beta form.

I hope you like the new Pokemon Status Panel & Card Actions UX update. There is still a lot to fix and improve. There has been a lot of good suggestions. By the way, Lithogen has been back with us, working on GEN 4 sets.

Yours truly,


Thanks for the update and fix, but sincerely getting this pop-up system everytime i want to play a card and having to press a button to play it instead of just play it makes the ux worst. I know it’s a lot of work and i appreciate it a lot, i play a lot here. Maybe if there is a way to play the card without the pop-up with another click button or something, donnow.



It Is said by the Admin that It will be a controllable feature so you can turn It on/off.

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v59.1 Minor Update


  • Reverted the change that opens card view on primary click on all cards in hand, in order to make the game faster to play. Cards with multiple actions will still open the card view. Secondary (right) click can be used to open card view for all cards.

Bug Fixes:

  • Kiawe and similar trainers will now be discarded properly

Hi folks, I’ve decided to revert that little change with the new update, so clicking on the card will continue to play that card directly. I’ll make that a controllable setting in the future.