Prop 15/3 Format

I want to know if TCG One has support for the Prop 15/3 format (Base-Gym) in the app. If not, I would like to see it implemented in the app.

I second this. This would be really fun. TCG ONE would just need to add the custom rules into the deck-building.

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I don’t know how long it takes to program these things, but if incorporating Prop 15/3 is an hour long job, while implementing a new format is a week long job or a month long job, it seems like Prop 15/3 should take precedent over implementing 2009 Worlds or Sword and Shield series. It may not be a super popular format, but there are people interested in it, and at the moment playing the Prop 15/3 format requires the honors system, deincentivizing people from challenging the player base at large through Quickplay mode. I’ve enjoyed several games with Jason Klaczynski (the leading expert on Prop 15/3), but apart from that, I can’t recall seeing any other games of Prop 15/3 since I started playing here a few weeks ago.

The below suggestion for a Gym Leader Challenge ladder further explains the difficulties of trying to play games of a format with alternate deck building rules through tagging the games. Not only will people sometimes, unintentionally hop into a game without reading or understanding the tag, using illegal decks in the process, but without an established format, most of the time people will have to wait for tournaments or arrange for private games, and as much as I’m sure Jason would like to host another online Prop 15/3 tournament, the two such tournaments he DID host through limitless had only a handful of participants.
(Adding a GLC as a playable format on the ladder)

Hello there, Prop 15/3 is under active development right now and will be added to TCG ONE in a couple of releases.


Live Charmaster reaction: “Ooh!”
@JasonKlaczynski The moment we’ve all been waiting for… action straight from the heart of Illinois… the forgotten format of New Jersey, the fabled wonder of Woodfield, the action of all action… Prop 15/3!

Prop 15/3 was released with last release.