Adding a GLC as a playable format on the ladder

This format is currently partially playable on tcgone with the expanded quickplay ladder, however the ban lists are not compatible which is a significant problem for the formats overall balance. A dedicated ladder would also encourage the format to be played more on tcgone. Something that will be beneficial since it would be a way for people to play quick games rather then needing to wait for a GLC tournament or find an player to create a private match on ptcgo; it would also eliminate people from accidentally joining expanded games that are tagged as GLC with an illegal deck.

For people who don’t know what GLC is, I have an brief explanation here.

Gym Leader Challenge, usually abbreviated to GLC is a custom format made by Tricky Gym. It has gotten fairly popular recently. It’s purpose is to be a balanced single prize format that uses modern cards. It does this with a simple rule list which is. The card pool is BW base on, only one type of pokemon can be played in your deck, only a single copy of each card can be played, expect for basic energy; pokemon with a rule box are banned (the current rule box pokemon are, EX, GX, V, Prism star, Break, Ace Spec and sparkling). Three additional cards are banned on account of them being overpowered, Lysander’s Trump card, Oranguru (Ultra Prism), Forest of green plants.

It has a dedicated website as well, which has more details on the format as well as sample lists.