Ordering the Pokemon Power buttons when multiple copies of same Pokemon are in play

For example, if I have 2 Brock’s Ninetales in play, and want to Shapeshift, there will be 2 action buttons to Shapeshift, but not clearly indicating which Ninetales will Shapeshift.

Currently the buttons are ordered by when the Pokemon was put in play. But in a longer match, when there may be gusting/switching the active, it’s difficult to keep track of.

It would be nice to order the Pokemon Power action buttons similar to how Pokemon are normally ordered in the UI (active Pokemon 1st, then 1st on bench, 2nd on bench, etc.)

This is a much-needed feature. Fossils have the same issue. You can click to discard a Fossil and not be sure which one will be discarded. Please arrange them by the order they are currently in play.

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I’ve brought up such an idea in the past, as Spiritomb from Unbroken Bonds is a bit annoying to run as when you use its ability, you might be using it on the wrong Spiritomb, causing it to be knocked out from damage counters.

If I recall correctly; there is a way to hover over the cards with your mouse and they show a “number” (randomly generated numbers and letters) indicating which one it is, and the button for the Powers/Abilities/etc. should show this when you hover over them.

I have noticed that this is either broken lately, or sometimes it doesn’t work? I’m unsure. It’s not a perfect solution to this (especially not on mobile) but I do agree it should be made clearer, as this issue reaches even further just past legacy sets.

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