Need re-rendered scans for WBSP Promos Entei & Pichu

Hello everyone,

I have been working on some more bug fixes and noticed that WBSP Promos Entei & Pichu cards’ holo print made it impossible to read their text. We need readable (re-rendered) versions of;

It’d be greatly appreciated! @staff

I nominate @linkinboss!

Today it’s a bit busy but I can get Entei done tomorrow. Pichu is already made (as I’m making proxies of english cards). I saw in another post that errata cards might be needed, I’m down to do these as well.


What a beautiful card. Great job!

Thanks! I’ll update the server’s version when Entei is ready.

As said we also need errata’d versions of some cards. WotC Erratas, Complete List topic shows some important ones (but not complete). Though there are some discrepancies between that topic and the erratas applied in the simulator; for which I am aiming to do a refactoring to display erratas/ruling clarifications but it’s not ready yet.

On TCG ONE since 2020 we’ve been using shadowless 1st edition scans for Base Set but I think we should better switch back to unlimited prints as shadowless layouts look weird & they are not consistent. So the re-renders should better be done on unlimited template & need all unlimited scans as well. Let me know what you think please.

This week was a bit hectic, but I just managed to find some time to make it :smiley:! Might be a good idea to make the holo cards from Southern island as well.

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Thanks! They look really nice, I’ll put them on the server soon.

Southern Islands was already done in the past (they’re only present in-game though, not on publicly accessible pages, I should also fix that)

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Oh, do we want/need for the proxies to reflect they are reverse holo cards? because that’s fairy easy to do. I did the errata version of southern island mew a while ago

That would be a nice to have :slight_smile:

Alright, I think this should do then! I’m a bit swamped with work but next week I’ll work on erratas.


They are now live!