Need missing expansions

the following PTCG expansions are not supported by TCG one yet, and must be implemented as top priority (for unlimited purposes):
the expansions between ex hidden legends and black white, not inclusive (this includes the diamond pearl platinum and heart gold soul silver expansions) and ultra prism (which is for standard and expanded as well).
forbidden light once it gets released, that’s for standard, expanded, and unlimited.
also every expansion must be made available in unlimited (it’s unlimited after all)

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Welcome to the forum!

We are aware that those expansions need to be added as soon as possible and our devs have been working on crimson invasion that just got released. We are hoping to be on a roll with new people joining in for contributions.

Hey I was wondering the same thing. That a huge part of cards are missing. The part from hidden legends to black and white is the big part that is missing. Also noted that ultra prism is not there as said. I also think there should be a format where everything goes. (That is not official).

How many users are there on TCG one? I think you should better make clear where the users can make a distribution that would be better for your website.
When will that be fixed? I don’t want to sound rude or like if I can’t be patient… I really like the website.

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I can confirm that Ultra Prism will be coming out in the next update (V27). Admin has made a forum post about the recent Crimson Invasion update, and what’s in store for the next update.
Apart from Ultra Prism being in the next (V27) update. Ex Dragon and Ex Team Aqua/ Team Magma will also be coming to career mode with their own booster pack.

Apparently things will start to get a bit quicker as he’s got some people to help him with scans and programming.

But keep checking the forums for more information when it hits. :wink:


Thx, I am new here and I don’t now how the things work.

What is the store? And what is the career mode? Will I be able to play against my friends, with the newest cards?

Where do I need to be to check when it hits? Just here on the forum?

Hi @Halil66 welcome to the forum!

Ultra Prism is just around the corner and we are working on it hard. The good thing is, we now have support from developers in the community and thing are going super fast compared to the before.

As with the set gap, I can say they have a lower priority than being up-to-date with the current sets. We also plan to have a truly unlimited format.

Career mode is the classic format that you can open packs and collect cards. Please follow in-game screens to start your career mode.


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Thx for everything dear admin,

Are you able to say when the gap will no longer be there? I think delta species and gold star cards are important and lv or lv x cards and also some dark pokemon from the gap are important. Everyone loves gold star delta species Charizard or am I wrong? So I was asking why those cards do not have high priority?

Thx for the hard work, I am here now and I will be here to see all the improvements hopefully with a lot of thankfull users here on TCGONE ! Thx for everything!

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So if ultra prism is here, what about forbidden light? When will it be released on TCG one? Hopefully really soon

Forbidden Light is being done as well. It need testing for now.

Next update (v28) will feature Ultra Prism and EX FireRed LeafGreen for Quickplay!

how long until forbidden light can be played in quickplay

It is mostly completed but we still need to fix some late UPR bugs. Stay tuned.

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Ive recommended this website to my friends and we all love it. if Forbidden Light could be up before sheffield ill donate my winnings :stuck_out_tongue:

Forbidden Light will most likely be in our next upcoming update. So fingers crossed for that.
I predicted it would be released by the end of the month, and technically it is the end of the month now. But better make that the weekend.

Then again the last 2 updates for ex Dragon being added to Career and Ultra Prism quickplay have happened on a Monday so check back with us on Monday 4th June.
If nothing has happened by then, talk to us on the sites discord.

it is Wednesday June 13. Forbidden light is STILL not available for QP yet.

Monday June 18 and STILL no forbidden light. What happened to Sylveon and Lysandre Labs? PLEASE release the set now while you work on a fix for those cards which will be next update

@pika250 I agree with you here. I think what needs to be done, is to have the expansion released now, but excluding those 2 cards for now. The 2 cards aren’t really being used in any meta decks atm and to my knowledge not in any rogue decks either. Maybe Sylveon in gardevoir decks, but I think they are better of with the GX version for now. and not having Lysandre labs would only affect Pyroars attack, and Pyroar isn’t seeing much play at all either.

And while the set is released with 2 cards missing, the 2 missing cards can be worked on and added/ included with a further update, once they have begun working properly.

any progress on forbidden light? celestial storm out next month…

@Dkquagmire so why haven’t they?

Well I bring good news. Forbidden light and ex team rocket returns will be released simultaneously together tomorrow. (According to the admin on discord)