Need missing expansions


Bumping because celestial storm is out (effective august 3) and yet not implemented into TCG one. I don’t even see any of the celestial storm (and corresponding promo) cards in the database (except the psychic magical swap lele which has been in all this time, oh the irony!)


The cards are already implemented. We need to wait for the scans of the english cards.
It’s also to be noted that we are not working for the pokémon company or anything, so we don’t have access to the english release before the official release date and therefor cannot implement the cards before that date, neither do we have dozens of full time developers working on it so implementing and testing hundreds of cards and setting up everything takes time. We are doing as fast as possible but don’t expect it to be done in 2 days.


The non GX necrozmas are out IRL but they’re not on this card db. what’s going on?


If its a promo card, our database hasn’t been updated yet to include any promo cards past the burning shadows expansion.

This was annoying when i tried to put the non GX Dusk mane necrozma in my Stakataka deck, only to find out it hasn’t been added yet.


Ironically the psychic magical swap tapu lele is the other way around; it has been in the database since its release in Japan.

That just means you guys forgot to put in the promo cards past burning shadows. This includes the non GX necrozmas.