My idea for TCGOne - stop worrying about newer sets. Focus on older formats

I’ve played TCGOne on and off since about 2015 or 2016. I remember playing around the time when Fates Collide and Steam Siege were new and thinking it was cool to play with the cards that I couldn’t afford because at the time the only viable way to play whatever deck you wanted without having to take out a loan from a bank was to play on TCGOne. Now that PTCGO is being sunset and PTCGL has been live for quite some time, and that PTCGL makes it very easy to build the decks that you want and already has a lot of predefined decks, I believe that TCGOne should focus more on legacy (noun, and not proper noun Legacy, although that should be an option too) formats.

TCGOne is the only way to play with any of the Gen 1-4 sets. I love playing Base - Fossil and Base - Gym, and on PTCGO I love playing Legacy. It’s such a shame they took away the tournaments for Legacy for what seemed like no reason. With PTCGO and PTCGL focusing more on Standard and Expanded, and being easier to access, I feel that in order to not stretch the developer too thin (I think it’s just one guy, right?) that you should focus on implementing the older formats and eventually make TCGOne exclusive to just older formats. I feel it would be a better way to appropriate resources so that way one guy isn’t constantly working at breakneck pace every 3 months to program 200+ cards, and all the bugs that will follow with programming 200+ cards every three months.

Let me know what you guys think.


I very much agree with your suggestion and in fact, we have dropped implementing newer sets from our tasks and we are working on bringing all Gen 4 sets on the platform :wink:

That reminds me I should write a current objectives document and keep it updated.

Thank you very much!


I agree that a current objectives document would be beneficial. Any update on when it will be available? I notice your comment was made seven days ago, but since I’m new around here, I have no concept of what does and doesn’t count as “a long time,” and I know about life getting in the way and about wanting to use ones leisure time for different activities, and in the grand scheme of things, TCGOne is a fairly low priority (as weird as that sounds on the TCGOne forum).

One personal reason why I’m curious is the fact that, a few days ago, someone in the lobby’s chat asked “when are the new cards coming? I want to test my new Radiant Jirachi deck,” and TheAquaPiplup said “St. Patrick’s Day.” (I don’t say he answered "St. Patrick’s Day, because I really don’t know that much, and I don’t remember if that was the first comment made after the original comment.) I also remember someone else asking another question about things being added (I don’t remember what the question was, but I’m pretty sure it was unrelated to Prop 15/3, something I’ve been hoping would be implemented), and TheAquaPiplup also said “St. Patrick’s Day,” though again, I don’t remember how promptly. This made me wonder if there had been a string of commitments made by the staff on the Discord, and, as I personally struggle with frittering my time away online and have especially struggled with Discord in the past, I was in no hurry to link my account and log in to investigate further. I was just wondering what’s in store for TCGOne, and every time I’ve asked about it in the chat, it’s gotten buried, or else simply overlooked by chance. In any case, I was a little surprised by the possibility of the last year of Pokémon cards being implemented within a month of now, considering the last record I could see of any attempts to catch up with standard was SAOarmyVID’s one-man efforts to program Fusion Strike.
Hope you’re doing well.

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Personally, while I feel it shouldn’t be a priority, adding new sets allows for people who are trying to into competitive can field test new decks and strategies without having to spend potentialy hundreds of dollars on packs, boxes and sets for a chance to get the right cards on something they might even use. I’ve always seen TCGO as a sort of test field, a way to play competitively without the extremely variable price of entry. So while it shouldn’t be the focus, new sets should still be accounted for those who don’t want or don’t like the older rules/sets. It can’t just be “Welp, we’re stopping on this set and that’s it.” But no matter what, that’s just my thoughts, and of course it doesn’t always have to be completely up to date, but it would be nice to be able to test things and try new combos without basically gambling for the access to those cards. Anyway, that’s just my take, and I hope you have a good one regardless.


Hi folks, I haven’t had the time to collect the objectives into a dedicated thread yet but here are the current objectives of TCG ONE:

  1. fix game breaking bugs, clear bug reports, possibly reach bug-zero state
  2. improve user experience on essential level
  3. complete the rest of GEN 4 implementations and release the rest of GEN 4 formats in beta form.
  4. release new sets in Career

I’m aiming to collect, publish, keep track of them with a separate announcement.

I do not aim to catch up with Standard right now, at least until these items have been taken care for.