Expansion Update?

As of right now, the most recent PTCG expansion supported on TCGONE is Evolving Skies (Aug 27, 2021), and the most recently released expansion is Pokemon GO (Jul 1, 2022), with Lost Origin and Silver Tempest coming in the coming months. Would it be possible to update TCGONE to, at least, Astral Radiance or Pokemon GO? It would make deck building for the current ruleset a lot easier and would add new variety to quickplay games. Adding the new Standard 2022 format would also make deck crafting for tournaments much better. Thank you for reading my post.

Agreed, the packs are a whole year behind.

devs are busy with college and work

Ah, fair enough, maybe it could be possible to outsource to the community? I know there are plenty of ppl willing to take on the work to help port the packs to the site. Like @YvngPolski said the packs are an entire year behind and I know a lot of ppl use TCGONE as a way to safely test out deck without needing to go out and buy hundreds of card packs and burning money on packs they didn’t need. I for one am more than willing to help.

There should be a github repo for the site you can look at the code for, still missing and editing code for the new sets from what I’ve seen.

There is. As a matter of fact I’m working on fusion strike right now.