Japanese rule playing Base-Neo

Hello,I’m Japanese.
Japanese player use this list playing Base-Neo.
Player must make a deck less than eight point.
Because a few card in Base-Neo is too strong.
I want Overseas friends to know this rule.
This rule make the game interesting.
Sorry for my poor English.

I mistook.
Correctly,less than nine point.

Hi good idea

Hi I’m glad you said that.

Some of the cards have blue and red borders around them, does this signify anything specific?

Is this a later revision of the hall of fame format or is this something different? Linked below is the only english source I know of that talks about it for people interested.

Hi, I would love to know more about why some cards have blue and red around them if you can explain. Thanks! Very interested in this format.

Hi,sorry for the late reply.

This format has been updated on the result of the tournament every year.

Red has risen,blue has dropped.

Sorry for the late reply.
It is official rule.
But this is funmade rule.
Current,japanese player play funmade rule.
Because,funmade rule is better than official rule.

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Late reply but another question I forgot to ask - If you pay the points for a card, is it to run one copy or the ability to run a full playset?


Why is the Vending Omanyte worthy of six stars? Seems like a fairly average card

Going by Watermelon’s site (http://blog.livedoor.jp/aqwsderft/archives/46700055.html), it seems someone created a surprisingly effective Donphan deck which uses this Omanyte. Donphan uses rapid spin, making a Mysterious Fossil your new active Pokemon. If your opponent knocks out Mysterious Fossil, he doesn’t draw a prize - and thanks to Omanyte, you never run out of Mysterious Fossils…

This seems like a really fun way to play that solves many of the problems with the format. I would so be down to get a group of players playing this way.


@nobu, I know these lists are changed regularly. Do you have the most updated version?

Japan has three different Hall of Fame formats for Base-Neo, as explained in this article. OP posted the list for the Suginami 2020 format. I’ve attached the first part of the Suginami list for 2022, which I found here.

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And here’s the second part. Sorry for the double post - new forum users can only attach one image per post.

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