IMPORTANT: Chat and Posting Rules

Hi there everyone! :grin:

As part of the moderation team, I am tasked with making sure that playing & posting on TCGONE an enjoyable experience for everyone. An important part to accomplishing this is making sure that our rules for posting and interacting with others are as clear as possible. This post aims to lay out rules that the team determined were necessary to keep a play environment that is appropriate for people of all ages.

Game Chat Rules:

1) Strong harassment towards users is strictly forbidden. Any user that is directly attacking or harassing another user in game chat, lobby chat, on form posts, or in the Discord will have their posts removed and be banned accordingly. This consists of excessive insults, racism, slurs, and other strong language meant to hurt other users on the site. Be kind to one another!

2) Spamming unnecessary, suspicious, or malicious messages is prohibited. Nobody wants to be shouted down in the lobby chat from any single user posting unnecessarily. To combat this, we will be clearing out the posts of any user that are repetitive and provide no purpose other than to spam and giving a 1 week ban.

3) Posting malicious content or personal information will result in a ban. This includes sexually explicit text, images, and links, as well as links to suspicious or dangerous websites. Posting private information of any person on the site is also strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in a 2 week ban or more depending on the seriousness of the offense. The safety of our players, both online and offline, is important to us, and we intend to protect it as much as possible.

We will update this list as necessary if new rules need to be changed or added in the future.

Thank you everyone for playing TCGONE, and a special thank you to everyone who contributes to the continuous development of the site. We are all responsible for making this site safe, inviting, and fun for everyone.

Get out there and have fun playing together!

-The moderation team


What if you come up with a really funny joke?

We don’t want to ban people over ‘just jokes’, but please be considerate of other people. Feel free to joke about whatever you want with friends in a game, but everyone can see lobby chat so keep things that are posted there civil. Public chat should be treated like how you would act at a game store; you wouldn’t want to post anything that could be heard by a child or considered rude to people who are online. Hopefully that clears up where and when the rules should be enforced this way

@blason24 I’ve never seen a joke from you that wasn’t sexual, so you’re just not funny.


Hi mod team,
Can you please take action against the user {Bird24}. He’s childish, annoying and continually mildly harrasses myself as well as other users. I just want to relax and play cards, not have some kid lording over me whenever they think they are winning and calling me an “acne boy” when they aren’t. I’d suggest a week or month long chat ban or something of the sort.

--------------- (Is this the right place to be putting my complaint?)

Yea bird24 is mean plus he sucks

Bird24 is constantly harassing people in the main chat, calling them losers, and saying everyone who plays this site isn’t “normal”, and that they have acne. Just plain trolling, he needs a ban

Dear mods, the user Jaxs likes to harass new players. I’ve tried the base-neo format for the first time and as soon as I wrote that he started insulting me that I’m a slow player, noob, loser, etc. After some time he started to ask me political questions which I answered with “I’m here to play a game, not to talk about politics”. Afterwards he started calling me a racist, that he’d rape me and kill me and my family.

I am absolutely not amused by that behavior, and I have added a screenshot of the situation when the game ended.

Thanks for reading this.