COVID19 Adding some more older sets because we are bored

With everyone staying at home and the world going to be under quarantine soon. Does that mean people will have more time to add the big missing part of Pokémon TCG history to TCG One?

If I can find people who know how to code these sets, can we get them put into TCGOne?

I am bored and want to play Pokémon. Thank you.


Then make ur own pokemon tcg game

You make that sound easy.

Lol it’s not but “I am bored and want to play pokemon” sounds kinda bratty

Also just because people might be staying home because of this Covid-19 business doesn’t mean that they don’t have other things to do too.

very true. but i imagine most people have less stuff to do, and this is something i’ve wanted myself for a while.

why would i want to make my own pokémon game when i can just make an already established one better? i think at the end of the day this is something that can put a smile on people’s face. is that not worth pursuing?

i recognize that i came across as a bit obnoxious and that’s my fault but i don’t think that means that my idea was bad.

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Yeah it’s fine but I was just pointing out that obnoxious/demanding part.

I hear you. I will learn from my mistake and make an effort to avoid it in the future.

Yeah, Nixon.I guess you could volunteer to sort pack rarities for older sets to expedite the process. That’s what I did. Although, it might take a while to get those older sets added in even after that. It could take quite a few months. Deoxys-On was a nice format. I would look forward to testing out those decks from long ago.

Yeah I’d be willing to do that. Give me a sense of what the process would be and I’ll try to put a team together.

Well, the first step would be to contact Admin. He has a google spreadsheet where you sort the type of rarity a card is in the booster pack. He will explain the details if he needs help about this and will explain the rarities. I don’t know how many sets he needs done.

I guess this part of the site explains some way to help too: .

Hope this helps.

There is a patreon goal for adding more sets.

@xJamesx94 An expensive one nobody will pay for that implies the sets are already implemented, just not pushed for the sake of pay-walling them.

Adding VS tcg japan card for quickplay base-neo or similar
Neo premium file card…
Japan promo card…