Allowing Voluntary Help For Coding

I’ve been using this site for roughly 3 years now and I’ve been wondering if you’d allow people to help you with the coding of this site. I’ve noticed discussions like this going on or people noticing bugs and I’ve been wondering if you’d let anyone help you for free. I’m not asking for people to directly code for this site by directly changing the coding of your site, as it is very risky. Rather, my idea is that you send trusted people the coding (through email on wordpad or give them it in google docs) you use so that they can learn and/or manipulate it to do things, like for example make possible AI for the single player mode. That way if they know how to code (what I’m assuming is Javascript) they can see if they can make anything or help out and even possibly send you a usable or baseline code for you to test/use.

I agree. I would love to know what language this is coded in and if I could potentially help. I have experience in several different coding languages and enjoy coding to keep my skills up (not a professional coder, just a professional nerd)

Hi @Blaze500, hope you’re doing well :smiley:

I am happy to see your post and I share your points as well. At this point we are accepting contributions for card implementations (see topic here) for anyone to implement new cards and pick unresolved bugs to tackle. The changes you make are also viewable through a special CI/CD system.

This only applies to card implementations though. For new features such as AI implementation as you mentioned, I would first need to create the concept of AI matches, then create an API (possibly in Groovy) to interact with game state during an AI match, with custom scripts designed for each different AI deck. If you have some insights on how a more general AI could be implemented in this scale, please share your ideas.

Closing this as contributions had been allowed for quite some time now and we are iterating faster than ever thanks to this. See for more information.

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