Zororoc expanded unbroken bonds


Zororoc came first at japans chiba extra in expanded, sure, some cards aren’t banned there, but my questions is-
Will zororoc make a return- in a different sort of way? The winning list plays a dedenne gx to maximize your draw support in addition to the one shaymin ex the deck already plays. Before i continue, i want to say why I think its returning. It simple: more draw cards. Dedenne gx helps support this claim, it can even guarantee you more cards than shaymin! Sure, pikarom can still one shot both of them with its gx attack but dedenne gx is just better. Something odd to note avout this list is that it only plays three zoroarks with no non gx zoros. Perhaps it wants to use lycanroc more? But the list only uses two strong energy- perhaps since you only need 1-2 per game, it took away the useless ones for better cards, like two surge. This helps the draw support claim since it lets you use more drawing support, like colress and teammates. Surge and teammates make a good team! Lucanroc with the strong energy one shots the counters to this deck and pikarom, the regular attack can one shot yveltal, regirock and buzzwole with the usual strong energy. It can even help one shot buzzwole pheramosa with the gx attack! Also, another reason why it might want to use lycanroc more is because it only plays 2 sky field and one paralell city. Ima end this here for now. What are you guys thoughts on expanded zororoc returning?


Japan’s format and game are much different than ours. Keep in mind that Japan’s tournaments are best of 1, and their decks are built way different than ours. Hex and Puzzle make HUGE differences in both formats, since Zoroark can effectively shut the opponent out of the game as early as turn 2.

With that being said, there’s no purpose for ZoroRoc to fill. ZoroGarb is effectively the more balanced replacement for ZoroHex, so its’ place in the meta is established, and likely won’t move.

There’s also no reason for ZoroRoc to come back, since PikaRom plays Flash Energy and Lycanroc doesn’t help any numbers other than occasionally GX-ing a Wailord & Magikarp TTGX. Any advantage Lycanroc gives you offensively, Trashalanche gives ZoroGarb, but better. Except Trashalanche has the benefit of sharing the same Evo line as Garbotoxin.

Zoroark is, by far, the most prevalent card in the game. Because it can easily hit 210 for a DCE, Fighting weakness to 2 prizers doesn’t matter, since Zoroark will power through them. Zoroark can, and will draw whatever it needs when it needs it. Big Colresses, multiple Trades, and resources that other decks can’t compete with, Fighting anything basically can’t compete with it. The only real difference between these archetypes while facing each other is consistency, which Zoroark just can’t be beat it.

I know this was a bit extensive, but I’m trying to make a point that ZoroGarb probably won’t move from best Zoro variant in the format. It beats literally everything on paper if it sets up(which it usually does).