You can see the other person's deck?

Feel stupid because I got told my deck is “too desperate” in a match, told the person I was still learning and they said ok. Didn’t even know you could see the other person’s deck, how do you do that?

They cant. They were just judging it by the way you were playing it and what cards you played or discarded (since he/she gets those cards.)

you can also get a good taste of your opponents deck, by looking through their discard pile. even at the end of the game, both players should have lots of cards in the discard pile, which can help you figure out what they where playing.

like for instance, if i see 4 energy removal cards in the discard pile, i’ll know that i won’t be seeing any more of them, unless they play item finder or the super energy removal.

I realized my OP could be misinterpreted, so I edited.

They told me my deck had too many pokemon lined up so it was “desperate”, which I realized it did have too many pokemon and not enough other stuff, so I edited it. This was like, beginning/mid game.

It’s discouraging in a way. I’ve been playing this game since Pokemon came out in the US. Since late elementary school and I’m in my late 20s, and I know my way around and have lots of Pokemon knowledge. Nobody plays the TCG here and few still play Pokemon in general, so I find this site for some fun and turns out it’s just as competitive as the main series Pokemon games only there’s no Smogon equivalent that I know of to say this pokemon sucks and that pokemon is in uber tier and this ability is banned and that nature is the best to have for this pokemon. Regardless if I want to win here regularly I have to get competitive, obviously.

Sorry for the rant there.

You cannot see opponent’s deck as others said but it is possible to understand it after a couple of turns. Pokemon TCG has evolved by many factors throughout the years, unfortunately in a bad way the way I see it. Power creep is real and disruption of core mechanics got too popular through lots of trainers and draw/setup techs. Now your deck needs to be 50% trainer to get through core game limits like one draw per turn, one energy per turn, one attack per turn, one retreat per turn, etc; as hard as you can; by drawing/discarding through half of the deck by playing 15 cards on your first turn, else you lose. This is madness by my book, but there is nothing to be done.

Continuing the rant :wink:

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Well too bad. Maybe you’re right. Wynaut (geddit? Hehe…) continue the rant??? I actually would quite enjoy having to play less trainers and have old decks still be good.

If it helps I wasn’t playing newer formats, it was Worlds. But thank you for the insight.