Would admin consider making a true unlimited banlist?

As title said TCGONE has worldwide players with different formats especially for those in Asia region. The recent renewal cause much trouble to Asian players as they are now allowed to use reset stamp and guzma in unlimited format. Would admin reconsider making a true unlimited banlist and allow all cards to be used? So that players can play within their own regional format?

Hello, thanks for your message.

This suggestion falls in format development category. We are in the process of upgrading format structure and likely to develop no new formats until the transition is complete. Meanwhile I’ll mention @scoot404 here as well as he is managing the formats on the front page (which will be merged with the in-game formats later on).


This would be okay, although the main issue is that there are multiple different rulesets from the TCG you’d have to account for. I’d say @axpendix would have to make a way for you to change the ruleset you’re currently playing in to make such an idea work correctly.

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