Win/loss record on decks

Back in 2015, Edward from recomended adding a win/loss record for decks. It had considerable support and @admin mentioned that he planned to implement it but that it would require considerable work in July of 2018. Now that is no longer being used, I was wondering the state of progress and what people on the forums thought of the idea.

Now that we have a new home page suitable for a new deck builder, this will be a solid feature in there.

IMO, tracking the win-loss record of a deck is somewhat meaningless since you’re not also tracking the circumstances surrounding those wins and losses. For example, if my opponent starts with a lone Eevee and I start with a Buzzwole, attach an F energy for a knockout and game win, is that a “real” indicator of a “good” deck or, more importantly, good circumstances?

So, I would want development resources and time devoted to other high priorities than tracking deck wins and losses.


What if you made some edits to the deck? Like changing a PikaRom to a ZoroRoc.

I think a much better way to implement this would be a counter you can change yourself that other can’t see. There’s no point in showing off how many wins/losses a deck has other than to be a jackass. So this would only really be a tool for the player to use for themselves. Keeping track of your own wins should be the only reason this tool matters. Not to mention that a regular graph with a counter that goes up 1 or down 1 based on clicks is really easy to design instead of having the game’s engine need to keep track of something else.