Where is Pokemon Ranger?

Pokemon ranger is not in the steam siege set. Or in the whole expanded format. This card is important in mill and control decks and is a useful counter in some decks. Not having pokemon ranger in the game can affect how games turn out and I ask to please add it.

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they haven’t added it because it’s too hard to implement

As pointed out, this is arguably the most difficult and most important card we need to implement. Frankly, this is an extremely difficult one to implement without some serious work on our backend for how we handle effects on the engine. This may happen at some point, but this is currently low priority. You are free to give a crack at it yourself if you wish to help with development.

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Any update on when we can get Ranger?


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We need to make several large changes to the backend to get Ranger to work. There is not timeline for this as all of us work on this in our spare time. However, we do hope to start working on these large changes to get closer to adding this and Channeler to the game.

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Would the effects of pokemon ranger be incredibly similar to coding channeler?
Remove all effects of attacks on you and each of your Pokémon .
could we at least have a version of pokemon ranger that doubles the affect to both players pokemon-effectiverly applying a channeler to both sides of the field? I would be ok to lose the remove effects on players. It would be better than nothing.

Yes it would, which is why Channeler is also not implemented.

Marowaks bone guard ability would be a start. The one that blocks all affects on each player and their hand.

for the record everyone…channeler is in tcg one, WHICH IS WHY I CONTINUE TO REFERENCE IT.

i dont think that that card is implemented either

It is not.

Removing effects outright is not something the engine allows. Blocking an effect is something that the engine allows. Of course even it has it’s limitations, see Stealthy Hood. And of course no effects in the engine target a player, “Player” is not a valid target for an effect.

a player is targeted by seismitoad ex. marowak protects the player.

does it protect you from vikavolt v

No, we just block that effect specifically. It has to be implemented as a check for each and every card that affects the hand. It is only implemented for about 10 cards currently. The fact it has to be implemented for each card makes it unmaintainable, and bad. There is no targeting of players currently. It’s something we need to add.