What decks will be good when lost thunder comes out?

What decks do you think will do well when lost thunder is released?

i’m already on the Jumpluff/ Natu/ Trumbeak hype train and will be playing that as my next season deck.

but i love Blecephalon/ baby naganadel.
Fairy Alolan Ninetales tool box. (Zoroark and decidueye will love her)
Magcargo/ magcargo gx.
Giratina variants. (i’ve seen decks run the new Cofagrigus, but the most successful deck is with malamar)
Lightning tool box decks with Zeraora gx, electric-power and thunder mountain. (Ampharos and Raikou get a mention for synenergy with each other)
Sceptile (fluffychomp style. grovyle has same ability as the old gabite, and Lurantis has the same ability as altaria.)
No Hand Granbull.

and then we get the meme decks like Quad Shuckle GX (and maybe throw Goomy in there as well).
Unown decks like HAND, DAMAGE and MISSING.
shedinja/ ninjask prize denial.
water duplicates cascoon and silcoon.
Moo moo milk Miltank.

i can see pokemon like zebstrika, ditto prism star and even Onix seeing play in a lot of decks from now on as well. its going to be a really hype set for sure.

214 cards! Hyped for Lost Thunder. Gonna be better than Celestial Storm!

ya im super hyped for blacephalon naganadel. thats going to be my deck for the season.

broken stuff like buzztales, zoro with actual consistency, and maybe turbo ray

We should be thinking expanded as well, with the likes of v-beat victini. This card can take advantage of the toys expanded gives it (max elixir, sky field, and blacksmith in particular). And since we’re in expanded anyway, shaymin helps setup beautifully, as does jirachi for blacksmith. Battle compressor is used here, so in come exeggcute and giratina, since we play 4 ultra ball