Vpn users

i like to use a vpn when i am online because whether its true or not i just feel more secure using one. but i noticed while i play games on tcgone that it is not vpn friendly an i have to constantly be refreshing my page. but i dont have any issues when im not using a vpn. the only conclusion i can make is maybe there are some exploits that only vpn users can do. but i urge you guys please to make your website vpn friendly because some people like myself always like to have their vpn on so they get a sense of security while being on the internet.

Hi, believe it or not but there is nothing such as “making a site vpn friendly”. I host the site on regular VPS and with industry standard software so if you observe an issue that means it’s up to your service provider. Best

well the issue is is that the site doesnt refresh when i am using a vpn unless i hit the refresh page button. and i dont have this issue on other websites i visit and only have this issue when i am using a vpn. for instance if im in the middle of a game and my opponent finished their turn. unless i hit the refresh button, the site wont show that my opponent ended their turn. or if i am waiting to join a game. someone could have joined my game already but i wouldnt have known it until i hit the refresh button. well if your saying theres nothing you can do then i guess theres nothing you can do and that must mean the fault lies in my vpn.

Check your vpn provider, they might be cutting or throttling websocket connections.