Vespiquen in expanded

I am creating an ancient origins bee revenge vespiquen decklist to use in expanded. Have any ideas? Most of the Pokemon that could be in the deck that I can think of are boundaries crossed ditto, boundaries crossed audino, ancient origins unown, promo jirachi, evolutions mewtwo, combee and vespiquen, steam siege klefki, boundaries crossed mr. Mime, guardians rising sudowoodo and oranguru.

It would be fun with a 3-2 zoroark Gx line with one foul play zoroark

What I used as far and experienced as quite good were Eevelutions (Aor), Zoroark-Gx of course as it helps setting up fast and getting mons into discard at the same time. + it allows you to use exeggcute. Zebstrika once was very good due to crushing yveltal and m-ray.
What you always should use in that deck is at least two shaymin-ex because speed is everything in vespiquen, especially in expanded you gotta be fast t1 before item and ability lock can come through.
4 unowns all the way, klefki is possible but not that much of it as it doesnt help in many matchups. Audino maybe as a one-of but imo there are stronger cards to use.
Jirachi may sound nice but you normally just play dce’s and counter energys so jirachi might be a waste of valuable ressources. But yeah one of it could be quite cool to shut down some decks entirely.
Mr mime is cool against spread, if you can fit it in the go for it, oricorio helps with night march as karen really isnt an option (xD). I would always play one copy of the bird just to be safe and pick up those joltiks and shaymins on the bench.

Some partners that I experienced as fun but not that strong were the weavile from ultra prism which is a strong alternate attacker early on, ofc the flareon which can sue revenge as well, talonflame (SS) as a starter, I even tried toxicroak from boundaries crossed which is fun against all those buzzwhole decks, but completely sucks against almost everything else.
Something id always use if you dont go for zebstrika or straight eevelutions would be a 1-1 line of jolteon (aor) to be able to win m-ray or yveltal. altough I dont know how meta revelant these are atm so you might replace them with consistency cards, another shrine (makes you more clunky) or even 1-1 vaporeon against volcanion.
As a last, lele is an option but probably just one as you might need space for shaymins (stronger in vespiquen imo).

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