V69 Update: PokéPark Forest and 46 bug fixes!

v69 Update: PokéPark Forest and 46 bug fixes!

  • PokéPark Forest (9 new cards) added to EX Block. Credit: @dxdydzd/udin
  • Updated scans for Entei WBSP and Pichu WBSP. Credit: @linkinboss
  • Resolved 100+ bug reports. Credits: JanJanKiq/Tegull and dxdydzd/udin

Full List of Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Lugia Legend HGSS Elemental Blast discard order
  • Applied “3 or more” errata to Politoed N2 9 Frog Song
  • Fixed Electivire SW Discharge to count [L] Energy cards instead
  • Fixed Quagsire SW Aqua Healing condition
  • Fixed Skiploom SW Cotton Balloon reduction amount
  • Fixed Darkness Energy vs transformation into Dark Pokemon e.g. Ditto
  • Cyrus’s Conspiracy shall now shuffle deck
  • Fixed Tangrowth SF Green Renewal vs Poison
  • Fixed Victrebell LA Energy Dissolve
  • Fixed Roxie issue with empty deck
  • Fixed Mareep Team Up weakness
  • Switched Strength Charm MA to DX version
  • Fixed Lanturn HL/PK Energy Grounding vs Shiftry ex Dark Eyes
  • Fixed Koga (G2) & Koga’s Weezing (G2 50) Toxic Cloud interaction
  • Fixed Ditto FO vs Scyther JU Swords Dance interaction
  • Experimental: Fixed sequences that first disable then reactivate the same ability again in the same turn, which used to allow using the same ability in the same turn
  • Fixed Mankey Peek vs Ditto Fossil interaction
  • Ditto FO shall now re-work with used Pokemon Powers with an updated logic.
  • Experimental: Updated ability builder logic to construct abilities at the time of declaration (instead of at the time of activation). This is in-line with attack declarations and the original design. Could potentially cause issues with non-standard ability implementations.
  • Pokémon Power action buttons will now read ‘Pokémon Power’ instead of ‘Ability’
  • Prevent evolving during first turn after Playground-like effects
  • Re-Fixed Brigette BKT search criteria
  • Fixed Wurmple RS Signs of Evolution search criteria
  • Dewgong SKR Freeze Lock effect will affect the player instead
  • Forretress UF “Pop” will move energy after damage
  • Reimplemented Smeargle WBSP to fix coloring counter to be removed upon evolution
  • Fixed TANGROWTH_29
  • Implement REGIROCK_EX_98
  • Fixed Raichu LV.X SF Link Lightning vs Technical Machines
  • Fixed Torterra SF Sunshine Song
  • Fixed Nidoqueen RR 30 Maternal Comfort
  • Fixed Shiftry RR 13 Unlucky Wind
  • Victrebell LA Energy Dissolve should be fixed
  • Forretress LA Iron Shell will not trigger for attachment by attacks
  • Luxray DP 7 Gleam Eyes should let looking at hand even when opponent’s bench is full
  • Fixed Dual Ball UL to do the search in one step
  • Fixed Technical Machine TS-2 LA
  • Applied Japanese text for Pineco N2
  • Implemented Technical Machines: G, TS-1, TS-2 (RR, LA)
  • Added allowed card types support for TMs

Next Up:

  • Update WOTC scans for erratas!
  • Resolve more bug reports!
  • Release Diamond and Pearl (2009) format!

Stay tuned!


v69.1 Hotfix

Fixed initialization logic for delayed effects of abilities that also affected some evolutions.