V68 Bug Fixing Spree: 176+ card fixes and improvements!

v68 Update: Bug Fixing Spree

  • Reworked Magmar (MT) Flame Buster
  • Light Flareon (N4 46) Burning Flame will now discard properly
  • Fixed Copy Attacks vs Discard Energy interactions: If metronomed attacks mention “in order to” or “… or this attack does nothing” for energy discards and the user does not have those energies attached, the attack will correctly fail. Updated all relevant gen1 & gen2 cards to accommodate. See Copy Attacks vs Discard Energy Interactions for more info.
  • Fixed Whirlwind vs effect blocks.
  • Reworked Burning Energy (BKT)
  • Added FOSSIL/TRAINER types to all Fossil-Pokemon in-play. These Fossil Pokemon will now interact correctly with Ancient Technical Machine Ice-like Trainer targeting effects: Claw/Root Fossil LM/LA, Mysterious Fossil LM, Dome/Helix Fossil MD, Armor/Skull Fossil MT, Rare Fossil DAA, Unidentified Fossil UPR
  • Misdreavus (TRR) Hide in Shadows will apply weakness correctly
  • Deoxys (HP 6) Teleportation Burst will apply weakness correctly
  • Salamence (DR) Dragon Wind vs Shiftry ex Dark Eyes interaction
  • Applied errata on Deoxys (HP) Delta Reduction
  • Weezing (VM) Poison Mist will now correctly end after 2 turns
  • Brock’s Golbat (G1) Spiral Dive will not apply W&R
  • Errata applied to Mew WBSP 47: Mew’s Psyshock should leave the Defending Pokémon Paralyzed, not Confused.
  • Fixed Porygon (VM) 99 Conversion 2
  • Attaching Brock’s Protection to a shapeshifted Brock’s Ninetales is now possible.
  • Pewter City Gym will now work with a shapeshifted Brock’s Ninetales.
  • An Amazingly Transformed Ditto (VM) will now interact correctly with Bellossom (N1) Flower Dance, Koga’s Zubat (G2) Group Attack and Koga (G2) himself.
  • Zapdos (FO) Thunderstorm flips will include Pokemon name
  • Fixed some safeguard-like effects
  • Fixed Muk (FO) Toxic Gas special condition case
  • Fixed Meganium (N1) Wild Growth special condition case
  • Xatu (N2 52) Energy Cycle will now flip a coin
  • Implemented EeveeHeroesVmaxSpecialSet cards
  • Enhanced CheckAbilities to loop to accommodate ability blocks: Fixes Muk (FO) interactions and many others.
  • Lobby chat history size is now doubled.
  • Reimplemented Pokemon Tool Blocks e.g. Tool Jammer, Lysandre Labs, Carracosta UNM Ancient Custom, Yveltal BKT Fright Night, Banette ROS Tool Concealment, Shiftry STS Wicked Wind.
  • This also fixed many interactions including an engine error with Tool Jammer and Big Parasol and GG End GX (discards target Pokemon)
  • EXPERIMENTAL: updated targeting/coverage/source features for inner events. It is now possible to target and prevent ALL inner events without using a specific EffectType (e.g. Tool Jammer vs Big Parasol interaction). These changes might have unexpected consequences for some interactions.
  • Move targeting (Metronome / Amnesia) will now use new getBaseMoves() method which can now effectively target moves from previous levels for Pokemon Lv.X and BREAK
  • Removed endless loop possibility for some metronome-like effects
  • Amnesia/Disable-like effects can now target underneath moves for Lv.X and BREAK Pokemon
  • Resolved Shuckle (N3 51) Hard Shell vs Metal Energy interaction
  • Fixed evolves from interactions for Glaceon LV.X and Leafeon LV.X. Affects Umbreon, Espeon (MD, UD) and Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon (CEC)
  • Effect prevention effects (e.g. Safeguard, Cloyster Delta (DF) Solid Shell and many more) will not cause issues with switching Pokemon in-out anymore
  • Some internal ruling effects of Switch and RemoveFromPlay shall now run under SRC_RULE so that they will not get blocked by prevention effects
  • PutOnBench will not log during game setup (for Fossils)
  • Done minor update to Rayquaza (DS 13) Delta Guard
  • Added ITEM type to some Spirit Link cards
  • Fixed trigger clause of the updated version of Brock’s Protection
  • Phanpy (CL 66) Ultra-Thick Skin shall not linger after evolution anymore
  • Simplified one-time modifier effects
  • Simplified Azelf (MT) Downer Material
  • Simplified Espeon (MD) Sunlight Veil
  • Fixed some move cost interactions e.g. Mew ex vs Sceptile ex
  • Bellossom (HL) Heal Dance will apply filter for selection
  • Alakazam Star Skill Copy will not fail when last Pokemon card in hand is chosen
  • Reworked Sceptile-ex Extra Liquid attack

v68.1 Update: More Fixes

Improved Select Energy Window UX:

  • Shows energy type icons to be selected in select energy window
  • Adds new remaining energy notification when an illegal selection is made
  • Warns differently when too much energy is selected
  • Fixed window width to accommodate larger selections

Bug Fixes:

  • An internal error was fixed related to matchmaking system
  • Cacturne ex Cursed Glare will only block attachment to active Pokemon
  • Reimplemented Spearow (JU) to fix Mirror Move vs Ditto
  • Arcanine (WBSP) Flames of Rage will discard 2 [R] Energy Cards (instead of just Energy), also fixes its Ditto & Metronome interactions
  • All copied & transformed cards (e.g. Root Fossil) will show correct scan
  • Fixed Light Flareon N4 Burning Flame energy discard
  • Fixed Magcargo Eevee Heroes Body Splash discard count
  • Added FOSSIL type to Mysterious/Claw/Root Fossil LM so that they can be selected at game start
  • Fixed Flygon ex PK Psychic Protector hand size calculation logic
  • Aerodactyl (FO) Prehistoric Power will only block cards played from hand
  • Legacy format will now use gen7 rules up from gen5
  • Pokemon Trader BS will display the exchanged card names in chat
  • Added ITEM type to Hyper Potion (CPA)
  • Hyper Potion will now discard 2 Energy instead of Energy Cards
  • Dark Wartortle (TR) Mirror Shell damage will now apply W&R
  • Rocket’s Moltres (G1) Rebirth will now work when Poisoned
  • Reimplement Team Magma’s Camerupt TMTA to resolve ordering issue while moving energy
  • Rocket’s Moltres N1 Fire Wall will now apply W&R and fade on benching
  • Fixed Latias ex (DF 95) Power Crush vs Metronome: If you cannot discard 2 [R] Energy, then this attack does nothing

v68.2 Hotfix

  • Fixed Electrode BS engine error
  • Fixed Spearow JU engine error
  • Bug report emails will have proper formatting

v68.3 Update: A Horde of Fixes!

  • fix: Snorlax SWSH 119 Fixed Single Strike Tackle damage
  • fix: Reimpl Multi Technical Machine 1
  • fix: Nidoking δ DF 6 Dark Horn shall run correctly with LV.X and LEGEND Pokemon
  • fix: Unown ? UF Hidden Power should now work correctly
  • fix: Lady Outing shan’t allow selecting more than one energy type
  • refactor: Card initialization
    • moved card init logic under card’s method
    • it only gets called in GameManager
    • refactored DeckCardList constructors
    • refactored CardList constructors
    • fixes container order setting for deck cards at the start
    • initializes deck cards as a separate step to ensure DeckCardList to be initialized properly
  • fix: Lobby chat will scroll up properly
  • fix: Wooper TRR Saturation will work with special energy too
  • fix: Eiscue V RCL Cold Absorption will work with special energy too
  • fix: Goodra FLI Hydration will work with special energy too
  • fix: Lombre DX, Combusken PK Natural Cure will work with special energy too
  • fix: Hariyama ex DX Pivot Throw will increase damage after W&R
  • fix: Mew ex LM 88 Power Move will only switch if an energy was attached
  • feat: Add infinite loop guard for Getter effects
  • Fixed Ditto vs Ditto interaction
  • feat: Unit Testing Framework!
  • fix: Reimplemented Entei WBSP to fix rare issue with Protective Flame
  • fix: Updated preventAllEffectsFromCustomPokemonNextTurn()
  • fix: Sabrina’s Psyduck Random ESP shall confuse after damage
  • fix: Dunsparce SS Strike and Run shall only switch when there was at least one selection
  • fix: Nidoqueen RG 9 Family Bonds shall only apply to own Pokemon
  • fix: Latios ex δ DF 96 Link Wing shall only apply to own Pokemon
  • fix: Fixed Holon Energy issues related to getting switched onto another Pokemon
  • fix: Add Owner’s Pokemon type to Holon’s Pokemon in Delta Species
  • fix: Fixed Espeon Star POP5 Purple Ray condition
  • fix: Fixed Blastoise Base Set Rain Dance vs Dark Ampharos interaction
  • fix: Fixed Smeargle LOT Stunning Likeness
  • fix: Add Item type to Tropical Tidal Wave HGSS Promo
  • fix: Erika’s Dratini Strange Barrier shall not reduce Swift-like damage
  • fix: Fixed Magmortar LV.X Flame Buster to require & discard 2 [R] energy cards
  • fix: Fixed Mewtwo (DS 12) Delta Switch edge case condition and log message
  • fix: Team Magma’s Camerupt (MA 19)'s Overheat shall only attach one energy
  • fix: Rename Zebstrika (NXD 48) Lightning Crash
  • fix: Added EX type to Celebi ex UF
  • fix: Added errata for Lt. Surge’s Electrode
  • fix: Fixed prompt owner for Lanturn CEC Energy Grounding
  • fix: Corrected Cubone VM Bone Toss damage amount to bench
  • fix: Fixed Blastoise ex Energy Rain & Quagsire Saturation interaction order
  • fix: Fixed Quagsire TRR Saturation interaction for Special Energy
  • fix: Butterfree SI Rainbow Powder will correctly apply poisoned on tails
  • fix: Buzzwole CEC Beast Boost will only apply to defending
  • fix: Misc engine changes:
    • Auto inference of logging visibility logic in MoveCard for cards moving from filtered selections. All selections will now automatically infer whether the log should be printed or not, by looking at source and target zones and whether a filter was used during selection.
    • Reimplemented Clefairy Doll (BS) in new CardBuilder specialized for double typed cards, i.e. fossils, dolls, buzzap, etc
    • Reimplemented ability copying logic for Ditto’s Transform: fixes a bunch of clashing ability issues (applied to Amazing Transformation too)
    • Fixed Ditto vs Clefairy Doll interaction: Ditto will not give a prize card when knocked out against a Clefairy Doll
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Great job! The Clefairy Doll fix with Ditto was important. Should we assume the same fix was applied to Mysterious Fossil?

Nidoking DF allows you to discard any Pokémon. It should only let you discard Basics and Evolutions.
Holon’s Castform (in HP) needs to be an Owner’s Pokémon too.
Ditto vs Mysterious Fossil should also not give a Prize.

This one seems to be preventAllEffectsFromCustomPokemonNextTurn(), is still bugged:

Energy Rain + Saturation is not ideal. Right now the mon takes 10 damage from Energy Rain first, then heals 10/20 from Satuation. The player should be allowed to choose the order, and both can be beneficial depending on the situation. For example if Quagsire is at full health, then you would want to take 10 first and heal it off with Saturation. But if Quagsire is left with 10 HP, you would want to heal 20 first, then take 10 to avoid getting KOed.

Lanturn HL and PK are bugged. If you have multiple Lanturn in play, only one Energy Grounding can trigger. The UI on these Energy moving effects (Lanturn, EXP.ALL, Exp. Share) could use some improvement; when there are multiple Pokémon with the same name on your Bench it’s not clear which Pokémon will be receiving the Energy.


Celio’s Network (Crystal Guardians; EX Trainer Kit 2; Fire Red Leaf Green)
Q. Can I use Celio’s Network to search my deck for a Pokémon LV.X?
A. Yes, you can. Earlier card references of “Basic Pokémon or Evolution card” refers to Pokémon in general, which includes Pokémon LV.X. (May 10, 2007 PUI Rules Team)

Nidoking DF and other ex era cards with similar wording are ruled to apply to all mons

But it says ‘each turn’?

This is unfortunately a limitation of the engine that I don’t plan to resolve at this moment.

Thanks, that bit is not fixed yet.

Noted for Nidoking, I have changed it to Done on Trello.

I meant only the first Lanturn’s Energy Grounding can trigger. When your mon gets KOed, a window pops up asking if you want to move Energy. If you select an Energy, it gets moved to the first Lanturn (not sure how this is determined, but it seems to be in the order they entered play) on your Bench. If you skip selection, the Energy gets discarded. There is no way to move Energy to the second/third/etc Lanturn on your Bench.

One more bug from the ingame chat: Meowth P5 should have 40 HP, not 50.

Thanks, let’s only use bug report topics or trello tickets to sync up on them, otherwise it gets too distracting for me. Due to sheer size of the bug reports pool (hey, we’re down to 964 from ~1500+!!!) and limited bandwidth, I currently prioritize fixing ones with valid-2024 tag and/or trello tickets in Gen3/4 Trello boards. Please assist @JanJanKiq in validation of bug reports by adding valid-2024 tag to the verified ones.

v68.4 Update: Bug Extermination!

Through hard work, we’ve managed to reduce open bug reports on the forum down to 750, from almost 1600! Ticket.

Credits to our Testers: JanJanKiq/Tegull and dxdydzd/udin for validating hundreds of bugs on the forum, keep up the good work!

We still have a long way to go, so we need more people to validate them so please checkout this topic if you’re interested!

What’s different this time? Well, I’ve recently implemented a new Unit Test Framework for TCG ONE Engine which enables complex interactions to be tested automatically including for all future development iterations which that’ll prevent all these bugs from happening again.

Here’s the list:

  • Fixed Slowbro FRLG vs Shiftry ex Dark Eyes
  • Shiftry ex Dark Eyes will now work for ‘coming into play’ kind of Poke-powers too
  • Fixed Clear Vision GX vs Pure Heart interaction
  • Fixed Brock’s Ninetales vs shuffle to deck interactions
  • e.g. Take Away, Hurricane will not cause shapeshifted evolution to be discarded anymore
  • Reimplemented Swalot HL 50 to use modern amnesia impl
  • M Gardevoir-EX (GEN 131) Brilliant Arrow will only count own [Y] energy
  • Scizor UD Red Armor shan’t prevent Swift-like damage
  • All Safeguard-like effects should be fixed again: Safeguard-like effects prevent effects from Pokemon EX or GX. The issue originated from a recent engine-level change that introduced pre-flight triggers for all delayed effects. Checking the actual effect’s source resolved it.
  • Ditto vs Vermillion City Gym interaction
  • Metronome vs DiscardSelfEnergy interactions
  • Fixed DontApplyWRDamage so that it applies proper DamageFlags
  • Fixed SwiftDamage incorrect uses
  • Fixed EnergySwitch to be a targeted effect (for both source and target)
  • Adds new static methods: flipTailsCount, flipHeadsCount, expandIntoTypes, discardSelfEnergyCardsAD
  • Moves energy discards to after damage clauses for a few Pokemon
  • Rewrote following cards in Groovy; Lickitung AQP, Remoraid AQP, Water Cube AQP, Kingdra AQP 148, Mewtwo WBSP 12, Sealeo HL 47, Swellow DR 45, Team Magma’s Aron 59, Dugtrio SKR 52, Sandshrew SKR 92, Zubat SKR 117, Houndoom DR 34, Nuzleaf HL 45, Cacturne SS 2, Shiftry SS 22, Absol TMTA 96
  • Fixed Magneton FRLG Speed Shot vs Double Rainbow Energy
  • Fixed Beartic EPO 31 Icy Wind asleep condition
  • Pangoro XYP 50 Bossy shall work correctly in all turns
  • Fixed Darkness Energy & Surprise Thunder & resistance interaction
  • Fixed sequence issue PlusPower e.g. vs Defender
  • Errata’d PlusPower Base Set: it will increase self-damage too (e.g. Take Down)
  • Fixed Brigette condition check
  • Fixed Quagsire UF type
  • Baltoy SS 32 Rapid Spin will switch after damage
  • Fixed Groudon EM Slash damage
  • Weakness Guard Energy will work correctly after moving to another Pokemon
  • Ball Guy shall only search for cards that end with ‘Ball’
  • Fixed Victini Victory Star interaction for after damage effects
  • Fixed Electabuzz (WBSP & VM) Lightning Bolt and Lightning Rod markers
  • Fixed attack cost modifier ordering for: Sceptile ex δ (CG): prominent interaction with Rayquaza ex δ, Latias δ / Latios δ DS, Honchkrow MT Dark Genes
  • Tagged Holon’s Castform HP 44 as Owner’s Pokemon
  • Dunsparce LM Tripping Turn shall work fine when bench is empty
  • Sunflora UF shall not confuse itself
  • Fixed Defender Base Set vs Swift interaction
  • Rewrote Voltorb and Electrode AQP to fix Swift vs Strength Charm
  • Rewrote Electrode HL 5 to fix Swift vs Strength Charm
  • Fixed Minun SLG 34 Spark damage
  • Magma Energy vs Team Magma’s Claydol Magma Switch
  • Pokemon Tool Flare (Head Ringer and Jamming Net) shall go their owner’s discard pile when removed from play (e.g. Scoop Up)
  • Also changes some PlayTrainer sequences to properly throw EffectRequirementException if failed (experimental)
  • Splash Energy BKT will now correctly return Pokemon to hand
  • Relicanth HL Deep Sleep will only work while active
  • Defender UD should work correctly even after reuse by Junk Arm
  • Blastoise FRLG Energy Rain should not cause energy to disappear
  • Implement Gliscor DP Promo 36 - Blind Eye
  • Cresselia DP Promo Lunar Aura should now work correctly
  • Reimplemented Masquerain HL 20 to fix Silver Wind
  • Reimplemented Digger TR properly
  • Erika’s Oddish Strange Powder shall apply special conditions after damage
  • Koga’s Muk Energy Drain shall now discard after applying damage and also work correctly around special conditions
  • Applied errata to Dark Golbat TR Sneak Attack to not apply W&R
  • Machamp HL Brick Smash damage shan’t be reduced by Exoskeleton or Glaile (HL) Ice Wall
  • Fixed interaction between Sabrina’s Abra Energy Loop and Koga’s Muk Energy Drain