V67 Update: Legacy Format, Prop 15-3 Format, No Banlist Expanded

v67 Update: Legacy Format, Prop 15-3 Format, No Banlist Expanded

  • Legacy Format is now available to play in Quickplay
  • Prop 15-3 Format is now available to play in Career
  • Expanded Format will now work in “no banlist” mode, due to high demand. As you know, we do not provide an up-to-date Expanded format anymore, so I am removing the banlist in order to allow more games to be played. In the future, banlist will be reintroduced alongside custom format support.
  • Deck validation routine was entirely rewritten. The deck editor now shows you ALL validation errors in a list instead of one by one, and it also allows saving illegal decks in draft mode for both Quickplay and Career decks.
  • Rare Candy (UL) reimplemented & errata applied

You are amazing!!!

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YEEEEEESSSSSS!!! (I’ll play again after New Year)

Thanks, Admin! I look forward to playing Prop 15/3. Hopefully this will draw new interest to the format.

Unfortunately, with Prop 15/3 being limited to Career mode, the format will draw little interest. Base–Rocket has the same issue.

There is no advantage to limiting certain formats to Career only. Please enable these formats for Quickplay.


If other players start coding more cards for expanded, would expanded be able to continue updating?

And e-card. The main reason why more people played e-card in Career than in Quickplay is the fact that Career players will often try progressing through each format.

Hi, I am planning to add a new game mode (rooms) to allow playing those exclusive formats without inventory limitation.


Weren’t rooms supposed to be for custom formats? It feels weird implementing formats on the front page in Career mode but sequestering their Quickplay modes to a side page where they will be buried by a multitude of custom formats of varying quality and interest. After all, it won’t just be popular formats like Gym Leader Challenge that get posted; people will also be making slight variations of official formats, like “Base-Fossil, 60 HP and below Basics” or “Base Neo, but no Sneasel or Vending Series cards.” There will soon be more Rooms than Quickplay formats, and many people won’t bother sifting through the list when they only wanted to play one popular format anyways. The three formats named above won’t get the same prominence as every other official format on this site. In contrast, adding three more format titles to the list of Quickplay options isn’t going to overwhelm new players more than the current list will.

Excited for Prop 15/3 to be added as a quickplay game mode!

Any chance to have Vending series cards added to Career (Base-Gym and Prop 15/3), and Southern Islands added to Rocket-On? They are already in Quickplay

Yeah but in order to create a new card pack type; each card must be classified into a card class (i.e. rarity in career) and each pack pool must contain a sizable number of epic, superior and rare cards; which are not present in Vending. I am curious if there is a suggestion of development of an alternative method to acquire Vending cards in career instead of buying packs (as it’s going to be problematic to fill all class pools).

maybe it comes as a bonus when you buy packs or a certain number of packs

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Yes, I like this idea