V66 Update: HeartGold & SoulSilver Series! HGSS, 2011, Pre-EX and 2012 Formats!

v66 Update: HeartGold & SoulSilver Series! HGSS, 2011, Pre-EX and 2012 Formats!

I am happy to announce that today marks one of the biggest updates TCG ONE has ever released! The entire HeartGold & SoulSilver Series along with four respective formats are now available for QuickPlay!

This release is an outcome of countless number of platform & engine improvements happened over the last 2 years. I will continue to invest more into the core aspects of the TCG ONE platform to keep it the #1 fan-made Pokemon TCG platform in the universe.

We are confident about the stability of HGSS Series as countless of rigorous testing and development cycles have been performed to provide you the best possible gameplay experience.

Four new formats now available in QuickPlay:

  • HGSS Block (HGSS–COL): HeartGold & SoulSilver Series Block Format
  • Worlds 2011 (HGSS–BLW): Worlds 2011 Format: HeartGold & SoulSilver – Black & White
  • Pre-EX 2012 (HGSS–NVI): Fan favourite HGSS block format that ends just before Pokemon EX were introduced
  • Worlds 2012 (HGSS–DEX): Worlds 2012 Format: HeartGold SoulSilver – Dark Explorers

Expansions of HeartGold & SoulSilver Series:

  • HeartGold & SoulSilver (+ Promos)
  • Unleashed
  • Undaunted
  • Triumphant
  • Call of Legends

Additional Changes:

  • Chat Channels (basic): Game results now have their own chat channel, it can be switched via top of chat panel.
  • Auto determined coin flip source will be shown in the log in brackets in addition to flip animation e.g. “Coin flip [Fluff]: HEADS”.
  • New retry button at login if server is full.

Bug Fixes:

  • Action buttons not disappearing on game end (incl. surrender) should now be fixed
  • Score board calculations should now be more stable
  • Error with the achievement check routine should be fixed
  • ROSELIA_42 Reactive Aroma enhanced implementation
  • HARIYAMA_44 Brick Smash attack cost
  • DEOXYS_EX_93 Form Change target
  • Special conditions will be applied under SRC_RULE to not cause interaction issues with blocking effects e.g. Safeguard
  • fix: Fighting Fury Belt will not cause KO for a heavily injured pokemon on scoop up
  • Jumpluff AQP Fluff will not block swift-like damage
  • Rescue Scarf & Rescue Energy fixed
  • All Fossil discard actions will now run MoveCard routine instead of Knockout, which fixes some interactions
  • Legend Box (UD) shuffling order fixed
  • Errors in Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, Vileplume LA, Gengar TM should be fixed
  • Change Rare Candy Unleashed to copy from Sandstorm version
  • Gengar Triumhant Catastrophe should now be fixed. This implementation is more modern with higher interaction coverage.
  • Tyranitar GX LOT Lost Out implementation was also altered to match with Catastrophe.
  • Bellsprout Triumphant Inviting Scent target fixed.
  • Dome Fossil’s Rock Reaction & Helix Fossil’s Aqua Reaction will not trigger by attachment through attacks or abilities now.
  • Vileplume LA Energy Reaction will not throw error anymore.
  • Weezing RR Damage Breakdown will not apply confusion when there is no damage applied
  • Weezing RR Camouflage Gas will kick in as last effect in the stack, which will fix Expert Belt interaction.
  • HO_OH_HGSS01 (HGSS Promos): Corrected HP
  • LATIOS_HGSS11 (HGSS Promos): Luster Float will work on both turns
  • PORYGON2_HGSS23 (HGSS Promos): Shortcut will work only for own Porygon
  • Fix & update all remaining GEN4 Baby Evolution powers.
  • PIDGEOTTO_47 (Triumphant): reimplemented Twister
  • ELECTRODE_93 (Triumphant): Energymite will still knock out the user when cancelled by Power Spray
  • RESEARCH_RECORD_84 (Call of Legends): will not reveal cards in deck
  • METANG_33 (Unleashed): Energy Crane cannot be used without effect now
  • KAKUNA_32 (Unleashed): Poison Sting energy cost fixed
  • TORKOAL_25 (Unleashed): Hot Snort fixed
  • NINETALES_20 (Unleashed): Heat Acceleration will now attach at least one energy
  • OCTILLERY_6 (Unleashed): Switch Cannon damage fixed
  • Delcatty RS reimplemented for Energy Call attachment ordering
  • Pokemon Park (POP2) fixed
  • Jynx UNM Ominous Posture engine error fixed
  • Karate Belt (Unified Minds 201): Should no longer cause a NPE when attached.
  • Shiftry (Amazing Volt Tackle 3): Should stop causing engine errors when the affected supporter is played.
  • Staraptor (Stormfront 27): Protect Wing should reduce all damage done by the opponent’s stage 2 active Pokémon’s attacks.


  • Many thanks to our developers, testers, community members and patrons for their support in realizing HGSS Series
  • Contributors of HGSS Series: starg09, Lithogen, vandergus, ufodynasty, flagrama, wertercatt, Tegull


  • Prop 15/3 Format
  • Legacy Format
  • No Banlist Expanded

Stay tuned!


I was about to report this bug once I learned how to do it but it got fixed. Now what should I do with 8 Lucky Stadiums and 6 Pikachus? I cannot get rid of them and I’m aware that I should only have one of each Promo from the achivements. Do I keep them? I don’t need this many Promos and I’m fine giving them away.

It’s amazing how many formats implementing five sets has opened up! Now the website is only a few formats away from a comprehensive collection of the primary retro formats. The “Pre-EX 2012” (HS-NVI) format is a particularly fun surprise. I’ve been thinking about 6 Corners recently, and will enjoy refining a list at some point in the future.

It’s also encouraging to know that Prop 15/3 is mere months, if not weeks, away from getting officially supported. Prop 15/3 is my favorite format to play and my go-to choice for playing with people not well versed in the Pokémon TCG.

I do wonder if the E-Card Series will get reimplemented with the next update, or if these new formats will fill up all the remaining space on the TCGONE server. As far as I could tell, E-Card Quickplay had as many fans as Prop 15/3.

Thanks for all the small engine changes you made to the website, as well as for the bigger changes like these new formats. And thanks, starg09, Lithogen, vandergus, ufodynasty, flagrama, wertercatt, and Tegull, for all your contributions.

Hope you all are doing well,

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How about “No Banlist Expanded”?

There is a bug of energy.
When a pokemon become weakness, the special energy should be put into the discard pile which the energy is on this weakness pokemon . But the game distroy them and I can’t find it in discard pile. So I can’t use Blissey V 's skill to attach up to 3 Energy cards from discard pile to this pokemon.

I just realized that, since we have HS-NVI (Pre-EX 2012), it might be fun to have SUM-LOT, the format right before Tag Teams. This is another of the more popular mid-season formats, with a fun and balanced cardpool thanks to the rotation of cards like Max Elixir and the addition of cards like Ditto Prism Star, the Fairy type Alolan Ninetales GX, Naganadel, and Meganium. While Marshadow’s Let Loose can sometimes result in non-games, decks in this format are largely on an even playing field. And finally, this format was the one directly preceding the introduction of the Tag Teams which began to accelerate power creep even more dramatically.

You can read more about the format here.