V65 Update: Black & White Format

v65 Update: Black & White Format


  • Black & White Block Format is now available for Quickplay!
  • Game results will now be displayed in lobby chat after a game finishes!
  • Added Jesse and James Theme Decks to Deck Store
  • Increased lobby chat size to 1000 messages.
  • Site’s theme has been updated (reverted) to gray-orange.

Bug Fixes:

  • Server restart issue should be fixed, which will provide a more stable gaming experience.
  • Fixed Ecogym vs Energy Removal interaction: ER will not stay in hand after play when Ecogym is in play.
  • Ariados AQP Gluey Slime will not spam the log anymore.
  • Reimplemented Houndoom AQP 15 to fix a bug.
  • Exeggutor AQP Lateral Eggsplosion will now count energy instead of energy cards when flipping coins.
  • Haunter (FO) Transparency damage reduction will not work when Haunter is affected by special conditions.
  • Fix several cards with incorrect attack checks: This affected Feraligatr Delta (Dragon Frontiers 2), Gyarados Delta (Holon Phantoms 8), Darkrai (DP Promo DP52), Darkrai Lv.X (Great Encounters 104), Diancie Prism Star (Forbidden Light 74) and Cinderace (Chilling Reign 28).
  • Remove DELTA CardType from some Dragon Frontiers cards: Affects Kirlia (DF 32), Larvitar (DF 51), Pupitar (DF 58) and Ralts (DF 60).
  • Fix Cloyster Delta (Dragon Frontiers 14): Should now prevent only damage from your opponent’s attacks, and not your own.
  • Retouch the implementation for Digger (Team Rocket NG): Will also redirect the original card to this implementation, for testing purposes.
  • Fix some “search your deck for 1 card” effects so they can’t be failed: Affects Manaphy (Majestic Dawn 8), Slowking (Great Encounters 28) and Delibird (Great Encounters 36)
  • Fix Blaziken (Great Encountrs 1): “Fire Dance” should attach energy after dealing damage.
  • Fix Purugly (Great Encounters 50): “Swagger” should discard energy after dealing damage.
  • Fix Minun (Supreme Victors 71) and Rillaboom V (Rebel Clash 17): Their invokations of the “Call for Family” attack was written incorrectly, should now properly filter by pokémon type.
  • Fix Grotle (Majestic Dawn 37): Planting should attach the energy after dealing damage.
  • Fix Unown U (Legends Awakened 78): UNSEEN should not affect an active Unown.
  • Fix Looker’s Investigation (Platinum 109): Should not reveal cards being shuffled into either player’s deck.
  • Fix Plusle (Supreme Victors 76): Hand Charge should attach after dealing damage.
  • Fix Gengar (Arceus 16): “Curse” should now check for SPCs.
  • Fix Caterpie (Great Encounters 63): “Pupate” should not be usable when under a SPC.
  • Apply errata for Staraptor (Stormfront 27): Should only check for the opponent’s Pokémon being a stage 2, evolved or not.
  • Fix Unown-V (Legends Awakened 79): Should not be able to use VACATION if there are no pokémon with damage counters in them.
  • Fix attempt at Victreebel (Legends Awakened 44): Should now remove the Pokémon’s own energy, not the opponent’s active’s.
  • Redirect Digger (Team Rocket) to its groovy counterpart
  • Rename Prof. Oak’s Research (FRLG 98): The “Prof.” is an abbreviation, it’s meant to be the same card name so making it equal to the other versions. Thanks udin!
  • Multiple evolution predecessors (Blissey ex, Scizor ex, etc) will now be properly handled by all relevant evolution effects across all generations.


  • Starg09 for implementing Gen4 fixes above
  • Tegull for validating Gen4 fixes
  • Charmaster for validating some bug reports
  • Udin for detecting some bugs


  • Prop 15/3
  • Heartgold & Soulsilver

Stay tuned!


Seriously, fantastic work!!!

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