V64 Update: Rule Overrides Feature

v64 Update: Rule Overrides Feature

Rule Overrides allows overriding some in-game rules per game, including first turn player and starting prize counts.

  • First turn player can now be overridden per game; to be set to either Player A, B or determined by A or B. This would allow Best of X style matches.
  • Starting prize count can now be overridden per game (1 to 6). This allows sudden death games or other fun formats with less number of prizes.
  • Advanced game rules that were changed across generations can now be overridden per game, such as burn rule, first turn limitations, etc. TCG ONE formats have already been configured properly but this feature will be utilised by custom formats in the future.
  • This feature is available to Special Supporters and above while creating new games and sending challenges.
  • It also lays down the foundations for simulation customisations; more configuration options may be added if needed.

  • New in-game setting for Skipping Coin Flip Animations. You can use the cogwheel button in the game to skip all coin flip animations per game.

  • Coin flip animation has been hastened a bit.

  • Maintenance mode will not block login anymore, will prevent game drops.

  • New game window has been revamped a bit.

  • Further renamed some formats.

  • Added Mew WBSP 47 and Super Energy Retrieval to Base-Gym.

Bug Fixes:

  • Disappearing cards & log spam & missed attacker effects on KO issues with “prevent all effects of attacks except damage” class of effects should have been resolved. Some affected cards were; Light Dragonite N4 14, Regice ex HL 97, Suicune N3 14, Machamp SK 15/16, Dustox RS 6, Venomoth RG 49, Rocket’s Articuno ex TR 96, Rayquaza DX 22, Jynx UF 28, Holon Energy WP DF 86, Mew POP4 4, Kabutops Delta HP 9’s Vital Drain, Latias ex Delta DF 95’s Power Crush, EXP.ALL, Curse Powder.
  • Fixes batch (August 5) by starg09:
  • Fix Marshtomp (Supreme Victors 67): “Plunge” will now properly switch Marshtomp into the Active Spot a single time, instead of once for each energy moved. The PokĂ©-Power will also no longer be useable if the Active has no energies attached (from Japanese FAQs for this Marshtomp in particular)
  • Fix Palmer’s Contribution (Supreme Victors 39): Now allows to shuffle any number of pokemon/basic energy cards up to 5 (but at least choosing one).
  • Fix Lunatone (Supreme Victors 32): Should no longer throw a Game Engine error.
  • Further fix Porygon-Z (DP Promo DP35) and Level Max (Platinum 107): Should now no longer include Lv.X PokĂ©mon as predecessor options, thus avoiding an engine error when trying to find a valid PokĂ©mon to level up afterwards.
  • Fix Feraligatr (Mysterious Treasures 8): Should discard the opponent’s card after dealing damage.
  • Fix Miltank (Stormfront 44): Should have +20 weakness, not x2.
  • Fix Electrode (Stormfront 36): Retreat cost should be zero.
  • Fix Roserade (Stormfront 23): Bowed Whip should now discard energy after dealing damage.
  • Fix Chingling (Majestic Dawn 58): Uproar’s attack cost should be zero, not [P]
  • Fix Manaphy (Majestic Dawn 8): “Chase Up” now forces to pick a card. “Fountain” attachments should now count as done from the hand.
  • Fix Phione (Majestic Dawn 27): “Whirlpool” should discard energies after damage.
  • Fix Cresselia Lv.X (Great Encounters 103): “Full Moon Dance” shouldn’t be useable if under a special condition.
  • Fix Volbeat (Great Encounters 92): “Light Conduct” shouldn’t be usable when under a special condition.
  • Fix Makuhita (Great Encounters 78): Arm Thrust should discard energies after dealing damage.
  • Fix Lunatone (Great Encounters 76): “Knock Over” should discard the stadium after dealing damage.
  • Fix Illumise (Great Encounters 71): “Scent Conduct” should no longer work if under a special condition, and should only bench grass PokĂ©mon. “Firefly Scent” now puts the opponent asleep after dealing damage.
  • Fix Skarmory (Great Encounters 53): “Air Crash” should now discard energy after dealing damage.
  • Fix Delibird (Great Encounters 36): If “Present” flips a heads, the card search shouldn’t be optional.
  • Further fix Manaphy (Majestic Dawn 8): Selected card shouldn’t be public.
  • Fix Wigglytuff (Great Encounters 32): “Good Night Melody” should put your active aslep, not just Wigglytuff itself.
  • Fix Slowking (Great Encounter 28): You can’t fail the deck search generated by “Trump Card”
  • Fix Black Belt (Triumphant 85): Should only be usable if you have more prizes remaining than your opponent.
  • Fix Diglett (Triumphant 61): “Sand Veil” should cost [C]
  • Fix Junk Arm (Triumphant 87): Shouldn’t be usable without items not named “Junk Arm” in the discard pile. And cannot be discarded itself to pay for its cost.


  • starg09 for implementing Gen4 fixes
  • Tegull for testing Gen4 fixes
  • udin for locating KO issues with preventive effects issue

Stay tuned!


Niiiice! This is such a sick feature! Will surely grow to be one of the best features of the site!

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