V63 Update: Base-Rocket, Career Format Changes, New Achievements, 44 bug fixes and more!

v63 Update: Base-Rocket, Career Format Changes, New Achievements, 44 bug fixes and more!

  • New Format: Base-Rocket is now available to play as a Career-exclusive format.
  • Base-Fossil is now available in Career.
  • Base-Neo is now available in Career.
  • E-Card is now a Career-exclusive format.
  • Added Mew WBSP 47 and Super Energy Retrieval to Base-Rocket.
  • Quickplay Deck Editor now features 4 (four) upcoming new HGSS formats on TCG ONE; HGSS Block, Worlds 2011, Pre-EX 2012, Worlds 2012. Be sure to check them out and start building decks before the grand HGSS Block release!
  • New Career achievement “Six feet under” rewards “Pokemon Tower WBSP 42”
  • New Career achievement “Let it rip” rewards “Hitmontop WBSP 37”
  • New Career achievement “Signs of Eeveelution” rewards “Eevee WBSP 11”
  • Career Ranked and Career have been merged with adjusted prize pool & parameters, i.e. all career games will be ranked. For each format in Career; Top 3 players will be tracked and displayed. Remaining players will show Bronze, Silver and Gold titles. They reset every month.
  • Quickplay Ranked is set to sunset by end of month.
  • Career Levels: score requirements were lowered and titles names were updated
  • Some format names were updated
  • Deck name moderation
  • Banning mechanism fixed
  • Game timer settings are now available in Send Challenge window

Bug Fixes (mostly Gen4):

  • fix: MoveCard now automatically handles secrecy from origin. This fixes all recent issues about shuffling cards from hand to deck revealing the card names.
  • fix: Fix Spearow (UL 62) Roost retreat condition
  • fix: Turtwig (UL) Leech Seed & retreat cost
  • fix: Starmie (HS) Cosmic Cyclone NPE
  • fix: Ho-Oh Legend Bright Wing energy discard order
  • fix: Legend Box vs Lugia Legend interaction
  • fix: Fix Card Selection’s custom pass filter logic to not get triggered when effective min-max is not honored
  • fix: Pichu (HS) attack requirement
  • fix: Smoochum (HS) attack requirement
  • fix: Good Rod’s card type filter
  • fix: Metagross (UL) Psychic Float will only affect active Pokemon
  • fix: Rework Honchkrow (MT 10) Dark Genes
  • fix: Umbreon ex (UF) Black Cry to work only during opponent’s turn
  • fix: Jirachi ex (CG) Shield Beam to work only during opponent’s turn
  • fix: Hoppip (HS) Bounce’s effect to be optional
  • fix: Vulpix (HS) Ember energy discard order
  • fix: Lugia Legend (HS) Elemental Blast energy discard order
  • fix: Jynx (HS) Mimic shouldn’t reveal cards anymore
  • fix: Ho-oh Legend (HS) Sacred Rainbow
  • fix: Paras (HS 76) Double-edge Claw damage
  • fix: Ampharos (HS 105) Lightning Crush energy discard order
  • fix: Donphan (HS 107) retreat cost
  • fix: Typhlosion (HS 110) Flare Destroy energy discard order
  • fix: Rework Starmie (HS 53) Cosmic Cyclone
  • fix: Quilava (HS 49) energy will be discarded after damage
  • fix: Moomoo Milk (HS 94) may not be played for no effect anymore
  • fix: Metapod (HS 46) Green Shild will affect [G] Pokemon only
  • fix: Typhlosion (HS 32) Fire Spin will now discard after damage
  • fix: Pichu (HS 28) Playground to only put Pichu asleep when either player could search
  • fix: Rework Slowking (HS 12) Second Sight
  • fix: Raichu (HS) energy will be discarded after damage
  • fix: Bellsprout (LA) Vine Bind to work only during opponent’s turn
  • fix: Mightyena (LA) Bite On’s additional effect to work only during opponent’s turn
  • fix: Mesprit (LA) Psychic Bind to work only during opponent’s turn
  • fix: Grumpig (TM 23) and Gardevoir (SW 7) Psychic Lock to work only during opponent’s turn
  • fix: Gardevoir (SW) vs Alakazam (MT) Power Cancel interaction
  • fix: Implement Unown I (MT) Hidden Power
  • fix: Unown I (MT) ITEM
  • fix: Chansey (MT) Scrunch to only prevent damage instead of all effects
  • fix: Aggron (MT) Heap Up will not shuffle deck when there is no energy in discard
  • fix: Rework Electrivite (LVX) Pulse Barrier to handle edge cases of some discards getting prevented
  • fix: Croconaw (MT) Add deck empty check for Evolutionary Vitality
  • fix: Slaking (MT) Energetic Impulse will not check SPC anymore
  • fix: Staraptor (DP) Accelerative Dive


  • Tegull for testing & validating above fixes
  • DKQuagmire for Career achievement ideas

Stay tuned!


love the new career formats, thank you!!


What’s the point in career-exclusive formats? I’ve invested a lot of time learning the e-Card format and built many decks for it, and now you are telling me I can’t play them unless I start a Career? That’s not cool.


Thank you for the new formats.

Please add the Vending Series (already implemented on TCGone in Quickplay) to Career so that we can play them in Base-Rocket, Base-Gym, and Base-Neo

and the Southern Islands (already implemented on TCGone in Quickplay) cards for use in Rocket-On and Base-Neo. Please! :slight_smile:

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I’m thankful you’re adding stuff and fixing bugs, of course, but why is QuickPlay being treated as second-class? QuickPlay seems more popular in general. Speaking for myself, I have no interest in Career. I have so little interest in Career that if the day came that TCG One had only Career mode, I would never play TCG One again. I’m not interested in learning the system to get more digital cards (especially considering the poor interface of TCG One). I just want to play.


I think the theory is that you can put a blurb saying “Base-Rocket” in the description of a Base-Gym game. We’ve always had that option, it would just be more convenient (and less risky for the challenger) if Base-Rocket was implemented.

Worse case scenario, this draws attention to Base-Rocket and we see a marginal uptick in Base-Rocket games, but life gets in the way of Admin working on TCGONE for a while. But Admin will most likely realize that people are hoping for a Base-Rocket Quickplay format now.

(If anything, I’d say that Quickplay has historically been less well-off, not because of being TREATED as second class, but because it is much higher maintenance due to the unexplored game design principles at play. Always remember that Admin is either a passionate Pokémon player who has invested time that could be spent playing Pokémon to help others play instead, or a passionate programmer who has gone to tremendous lengths to understand and support another group’s hobby. Thanks for your investment.)

P.S. as always, it’s encouraging to see 4th generation bug fixes. Keep up the good work!


Hello folks, it is enlightening to hear your opinions about project updates.

The reason E-Card moved to Career only is because statistically the Career version has been 6x more popular than QP one, and I wanted to make room for some new features.

Although QP has its niche when it comes to online events, for single player experience, I believe a progressive approach provides a better player engagement.

Given that there are more formats to play in QP than Career, QP definitely is ahead than Career experience. However, the problem with QP is that, it does not promote player engagement as there is no progression.

I am planning some upcoming features that would benefit our retro community regarding online events and tournaments, which will allow more customizations (more on that later on). Therefore the current setup with Career-exclusive formats are unlikely to stay as is.

I am quite interested to hear your concrete suggestions to further improve Career mode, given our objective is to improve player engagement and progression.

Wait, so is there limited storage space? Was e-card taking up tight space that could be occupied by some other feature?