V58.0 Update: New Ranked Quickplay Formats & New AFK-Adjusted-Timers!

v58.0 Update: New Ranked Quickplay Formats & New AFK-Adjusted-Timers!


  • “SM Series” and “Worlds 2008” are now Ranked Quickplay Formats!
  • New Feature: AFK player penalization timeout logic. When a prompt times out, AFK counter will be incremented for that player, which will cause subsequent prompts to have 50-66% reduced timeout duration. Subsequent counter increases WILL STACK REDUCTION, i.e. if they continue to be AFK, their request timer will be reduced down to a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Updated energy attachment log message with full names of energy cards.
  • All scans shall be HQ from now on; this will remove the card zoom delay.
  • Restore in-game exception internal reporting functionality
  • Enhance bug reports & game log with engine error traces; this adds all subsequent engine error stacktraces for that game into bug report in order to aid debugging.
  • Updated font size

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed indeterministic ordering problems with same-stage evolutions (e.g. basic to basic “baby evolution”).
  • Card container order should not produce clashes anymore
  • Baby evolution powers should no longer cause error when prevented
  • Fixed Lady Outing (RS)
  • Fixed Light Flareon (N4) Burning Flame coin flips to work correctly
  • Reverted “Fix Dark Ampharos (TRR) to not multi-activate Darkest Impulse on the same turn.”
  • Fixed Dark Ariados (N4) Poison Bind (+ Jaw Clamp, Sticky Nectar, etc) vs Switch / Double Gust interaction
  • Fixed ENTEI_AND_RAIKOU_LEGEND_90 attacks to discard energy after damage
  • Merged Switch implementations across all expansions
  • Fixed Unown X (N4) XXXXX power to apply after W&R, only apply for attacks with base damage, not stack on same turn and only apply for own Unowns