V57.0 Update: RPC Milestone Release

v57.0 Update: RPC Milestone Release

The internal RPC Refactoring added a whole new stable & serializable & cohesive communication layer between TCG ONE Game Engine vs Game UI, which has been a huge step forward to modularize TCG ONE’s architecture and enabling next level gameplay/infrastructure enhancements, starting with new features outlined below. The initial work began in May 2021 and it only took 25.000+ lines of code change.

Note: Even though these features have been rolled out earlier, proper release notes were missing since the last announcement. This milestone release fills in that gap with a complete list of changes since the last forum announcement.

New game mode: SOLO!

  • You pick a format and two constructed decks then immediately start playing both sides on the same screen.
  • It’s been the highest voted feature on our Idea Portal ever; suitable for deck testing, sharpening strategy against other decks, coaching to teach someone play, sandboxing unlimited scenarios or other types of casual fun.
  • Includes optional cheats: predetermined coin flips and adding any card into the game.
  • Solo Mode is available to Patrons starting from the first tier.

Gameplay improvements:

  • Pokemon selections now happen on game board directly instead of a popup.
  • Multi-choice and confirmation prompts now happen on the action panel, instead of a popup.
  • Visual legal selection auras: All possible legal selection targets (cards and Pokemon) are now presented with a visual aura, which makes it easy to understand which options are valid before clicking.
  • All legal Pokemon and/or card selection prompts now feature a visual selectability aura, which makes it easy to understand which options are valid before clicking.
  • New feature: Default values for prompts.
    • All prompts, when timed out, now automatically continue with a default value, instead of disconnecting the player.
    • Confirmations default to negative, Pokemon, card and energy selections default to either no selection (when possible) or minimum first available selection.

Improved Spectation System:

  • The game now supports alternating (turn based) and non-alternating spectator modes from either viewpoint.
  • Hand visibility during spectation is determined by being friends with the spectated player.
  • Upon attempting to spectate a game, eligible spectation modes are automatically determined and the spectator chooses the desired viewpoint & hand visibility.

Improved in-game timers:

  • In-game timers & timeout logic are now much more precise.
    • Prompts sent to your opponent during your turn will tick from their game time.
    • Prompts sent to you during your own turn can now fully utilize your turn time, including all timeout allowances.
  • New game setting: Timers
    • Allows different timer/timeout behaviour per game.
    • The new timers option can be set during custom game creation and send challenge actions.
    • Timer options:
      • Default: Suitable for competitive play.
      • Generous: Allows more time to read and act, suitable for learning a new format. Available for non-ranked Quickplay and Career games and Solo mode
      • Lax: Relaxed timers are suitable for solo play, coaching or testing. Available for Solo mode only.
    • Available to Patrons starting from the first tier.

New automated rollout system will ensure the rollouts go smoothly via automated maintenance mode setting and broadcasted multi-platform announcements (starting with this one).


  • Resolved some interaction bugs that involves playing Pokemon cards from hand via effects.
  • Resolved many interaction bugs with Evolve/Devolve/Level Up mechanic.
  • Fixed race condition issues / delays with energy icons, indicators, timers, etc.
  • Other various long list of fixes.

Happy holidays everyone!


v57.1 Update: Some Bug Fixes

  • Attempt to address recent “phantom games” issue
  • Fix Dark Crobat (N4) to correctly register Surprise Bite damage source, fixing several interaction bugs
  • Set default value to Rocket’s Admin (TRR) prompt
  • Fix CardList.select2() method; fixes PokeNav (RS)
  • Fix Goop Gas Attack (TR) to have Pokemon Powers correctly reactivated at the end of opponent’s next turn
  • Fix Meganium (LOT 8) Quick-Ripening Herb

v57.3 Update: Some Bug Fixes

  • Second attempt to address recent “phantom games” issue

  • Fix Carkol (RCL) name (#1335)


v57.4 Update: More Bug Fixes

  • Fix Dewgong (SKR) Freeze Lock
  • Fix Sunflora (SW 38) Grass Whistle to only heal [G] Pokemon
  • Fix Ampharos (N3 1) Attract Current to work with an empty deck
  • Fix Omastar (SKR 23) Primal Stare to only block evolution from hand
  • Fix Kabutops (SKR 14) Primal Aura to only block evolution from hand
  • Make Fast Ball (SKR) unplayable when deck is empty
  • Unmark Pichu (EM 59) as Baby to Neo Baby Rule would not apply
  • Guard against empty targets in PokemonSelectUIRequestBuilder
  • Fix Hypno (RG 25) to correctly attribute Eerie Aura’s damage
  • Modernize Pokemon Tool attachment logic
  • Fix Dark Ampharos (TRR) to not multi-activate Darkest Impulse on the same turn
  • Change Magby (N1) Sputter to stop powers only after doing damage to fix some ordering issues with certain abilities e.g. Shapeshift
  • Fix type of Bulbasaur (VM 1)
  • Fix Ecogym (N1) interaction issue with transformed energy cards e.g. Electrode (BS)