V55.0 Update: 2008 Format


Known 2008 Format related issues

These should be worked on and resolved shortly with a hotfix update, unless otherwise stated. This list is being updated over time, you can check last edit time at the end.

:boom: = This issue may take some time to be fixed, as it’s either too complex or requires major internal changes/updates.

Cards partially unimplemented

  • :boom: Ho-oh (Secret Wonders) PokĂ©-Body “Phoenix Turn”.
  • :boom: All Technical Machine cards from Legends Awakened.
  • Grumpig (Legends Awakened) doesn’t increase confusion damage from 3 counters to 6.
  • Victreebel (Legends Awakened) Attack “Energy Dissolve” (won’t discard the energy at the end of opponent’s next turn).
  • Toxicroak (Mysterious Treasures) doesn’t prevent poison removal on devolving.
  • Staraptor (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) Attack “Accelerative Dive”.
  • Ambipom (Mysterious Treasures) uses inverted coinflips. Should work properly already, only flipping until tails instead of until tails. This should be corrected eventually.
  • :boom: Unown I (Mysterious Treasures) Attack “Hidden Power” (needs to handle turning energy cards into effectless [C] energy).
  • Honchkrow (Mysterious Treasures) PokĂ©-Body “Dark Genes”

Known bugs


v55.1 Hotfix

  • Deck Builder will no longer allow placing more than 4 copies of a card between a regular one and its Lv.X variant.
    • Existing decks not following this rule will continue to work for now, but we’re looking into ways of preventing them from being used in Quickplay (in the meantime, feel free to report people intentionally abusing pre-existing decks).
  • Celio’s Network (Crystal Guardians, FireRed & LeafGreen) should now allow picking up Lv.X PokĂ©mon cards.
  • Espeon (Majestic Dawn) should now properly increase the max HP of Eeveelutions when they’re in a Level-Up state.
  • Leafeon Lv.X (Majestic Dawn) energy attachments through “Energy Forcing” should now be treated as coming from hand (triggering related effects); additionally, “Verdant Force” should now consider each PokĂ©mon’s attached energy instead of Leafeon’s own each time.
  • Exploud (Great Encounters) should now properly apply the effects of “Ambient Noise” regarding each coin flip.
  • Scyther (Majestic Dawn) should now properly request for a Colorless Energy instead of a Grass Energy in order to use “Slash”.
  • Cape of Toughness (Darkness Ablaze) code was slightly tweaked, hopefully preventing some Engine Errors it was generating (related to Blissey V, based on reports).
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v55.2 Hotfix

  • Deck Builder should no longer prevent players from adding special Darkness/Metal Energy copies in formats where both the basic and special versions are legal (e.g. 2008), when 4 or more basic copies are already added.
  • Devolution of evolved Lv.X PokĂ©mon should now properly move both the Lv.X card and the one below to the proper destination.
    • Basic Lv.X PokĂ©mon, and those evolutions placed directly via effects like Garchomp’s “Restore” attack then leveled up may still have some issues related to this bug, that are yet to be solved.
  • Unown G (Great Encounters) should no longer cause an Engine Error when discarded. This affected both manual discard (Windstorm) or plain discard after a Knock Out.
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v55.2 +++

Career packs now include Aquapolis and Skyridge Rare Holos (H1-H32)!

The Holos were added to ECard Elements and ECard Verdict pack card pools. The acquisition logic is the same as holo cards from previous expansions. That is; each card in a pack with an available holo version has 40% chance of being upgraded to holo.