V53 Update: Battle Styles Available for Standard and Expanded

v53.0 Update: Battle Styles Available for Standard and Expanded

I’d like to announce that we’ve completed implementation of the Battle Styles set and is ready for play.

We’ll be monitoring the set’s release closely to address any bugs that may appear in the upcoming weeks so please report any issues using the in-game reporting button.

Good luck have fun everybody!

Bug fix notes:

  • Ruby Sapphire Pokemon Reversal to use the reprint from Fire Red Leaf Green instead of Expedition

  • Pure Body PokeBody to also allow use of Special Energies

  • Sandstorm Dunsparse Hit and Run to check if bench is full

  • Skyridge Desert Shaman, player must draw at least one card

  • Fossil Haunter to reduce game log spam

  • Gym Challenge Sabrina’s Alakazam’s PokePower to not bypass the Baby rule

  • Expedition Tyranitar 66 to use correct energy cards

  • Ruby Sapphire Seaking “Fast Stream” attack to remove extra effect only meant for double battles

  • Effects on a Pokemon are lost when they leave the active spot (eg Team Aqua’s Carvanha’s Slow-Acting Poison)

  • Fix attacks that do not allow repeat use (eg Gym Challenge Giovanni’s Magikarp’s Recall evolving, Base Set Farfetch’d’s Leek Slap, Koga’s Beedrill’s Hyper Needle)

  • Crimson Invasion Chimecho’s Bell of Silence attack should prevent Rare Candy evolutions

  • Ultra Prism Solgaleo Prism Star’s Radiant Star’s comfirm dialogs have been reduced

  • Lanturn’s Energy Grounding allows the player who owns lanturn to select which energy is moved

  • Zacian V allows you to select metal energies the first time it shows you your top 3 cards

  • LOT beautifly only hits for 30 damage instead of 100 (kinda want to leave this one in)

  • Desert Geyser is no longer spelled Desert Geizer

  • Burning Shadows Marshadow-GX’s Shadow Hunt ability should only copy Basic Pokemon moves