V52 Update: Ranked Mode, Deoxys in Career and more

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Ranked Mode

TCG ONE Introduces Ranked Mode for Career and QuickPlay type of games.

  • There are 4 Ranked ladders that run through each month.
    • QuickPlay Standard
    • QuickPlay Expanded
    • Career 2005 (RS-EM)
    • Career Rocket-LC (2002)
  • EX Deoxys packs have been released in Career Store! 5 packs for free for everyone!

Happy to see the Rank Mode! I have some questions. What is in the square bracket next to the username means when we start a rank mode? I saw [Gold], [Silver], [Bronze] and [?] so far. Does it actually have to appear (or not, maybe it’s a bug)? Thanks. :slight_smile: