V50 Update: Vivid Voltage

Hello TCG One community!

I’d like to announce that we’ve successfully implemented and tested the Vivid Voltage set for Standard and Expanded formats.


This could not have been possible without the development effort of @flagrama. They implemented the entire set and pushed its progress forward up until release! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Also we would like to thank @TheAquaPiplup, @vinthegallade and @scoot404 for giving up their time and effort to testing cards which allowed for an on-time release of this set! Thank you :partying_face:

Last but not least, thank you to our Patrons for their continued support!

We'll be monitoring the set's release closely to address any bugs that may appear in the upcoming weeks so please report any issues using the in-game reporting button.

Good luck have fun everybody!

Other bug fixes:

  • Fix bug reporting to not throw an error and to post the report to the forums
  • Fix sets being listed in the wrong order in dropdown boxes

v50.1 - Post Release Updates

  • Fix several crashes when evolving certain Vivid Voltage Pokemon
  • Hide cards moved from deck to hand JIRACHI & TOGEKISS_VMAX
  • Fix Zarude V error when no bench or basic energy in hand
  • Opal shouldn’t reveal cards chosen
  • Garbodor looks for Pokémon Tools, not all items
  • Fix Electrode knockout timing

v50.2 - General Bug Fixes

  • Prof Oak Setup not playable if bench is full

  • Memory Capsule should copy attacks before other cards change energy costs, etc

  • Alternate fix for Zarude V Jungle Rising

  • Add targeting to Banette’s ability

  • Fix Aromatic G Energy typo causing game engine error

  • Fixed Battle Sense doesn’t show selected card

  • Grammatical text updates and fixed misspellings

  • Vivid Voltage Shiftry ability updated behavior

  • Holon Energy Pokemon does not interfere with other abilities that attach energies