V50 Update: Vivid Voltage

Hello TCG One community!

I’d like to announce that we’ve successfully implemented and tested the Vivid Voltage set for Standard and Expanded formats.


This could not have been possible without the development effort of @flagrama. They implemented the entire set and pushed its progress forward up until release! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Also we would like to thank @TheAquaPiplup, @vinthegallade and @scoot404 for giving up their time and effort to testing cards which allowed for an on-time release of this set! Thank you :partying_face:

Last but not least, thank you to our Patrons for their continued support!

We'll be monitoring the set's release closely to address any bugs that may appear in the upcoming weeks so please report any issues using the in-game reporting button.

Good luck have fun everybody!

Other bug fixes:

  • Fix bug reporting to not throw an error and to post the report to the forums
  • Fix sets being listed in the wrong order in dropdown boxes

v50.1 - Post Release Updates

  • Fix several crashes when evolving certain Vivid Voltage Pokemon
  • Hide cards moved from deck to hand JIRACHI & TOGEKISS_VMAX
  • Fix Zarude V error when no bench or basic energy in hand
  • Opal shouldn’t reveal cards chosen
  • Garbodor looks for Pokémon Tools, not all items
  • Fix Electrode knockout timing
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v50.2 - General Bug Fixes

  • Prof Oak Setup not playable if bench is full

  • Memory Capsule should copy attacks before other cards change energy costs, etc

  • Alternate fix for Zarude V Jungle Rising

  • Add targeting to Banette’s ability

  • Fix Aromatic G Energy typo causing game engine error

  • Fixed Battle Sense doesn’t show selected card

  • Grammatical text updates and fixed misspellings

  • Vivid Voltage Shiftry ability updated behavior

  • Holon Energy Pokemon does not interfere with other abilities that attach energies

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v50.3 - Update Expanded Bans and Add SWSH Promos

  • Add November SWSH Promos to Standard and Expanded
  • Updated Expanded Format’s bans
  • More tweaks to address Shiftry’s (VIV) Ability (Shiftry Substitution)
  • Shedinja (VIV) is able to be played when its ability is turned off
  • Clefairy’s (CEC) Doll Swap scoop up timing is updated
  • Rocket’s Wobbuffett (TRR)'s Dark Aid fixed so that it will always shuffle the deck
  • Unown E (UF) Hidden Power will no longer double prompt the player. Always shows the hand despite no Basics in Hand.
  • Starmie’s (Deoxys) Pokebody will be bypassed by Swift-attacks properly.
  • All Special Energy should be blocked by Miraculous Wind (Light Dragonite) and Spectral Breach (Dusknoir).
  • Fix Team Magma Belt so that it will prompt the holder’s owner instead of the opponent.
  • Energy Selection window can now be hidden when choosing.
  • Energy selections during discards have been updated to give a better user experience by not auto-submitting a decision after selecting energies.
  • Energy selection now follows the correct rules per format
    • Before BW: All units of an energy card must be counted
    • BW-On: You can “choose” to use only a single energy from a card that provdes multiple units
  • Prevent checking fainting in the middle of an attack causing incorrect resolution order.
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v50.4 - Hotfix:

* Fixed a bug regarding Pokemon not fainting when taking sufficient damage

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v50.5 - Hotfix:
* Fixed a bug regarding Darkness Energy and Double Rainbow Energy crashes

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v50.6 - Game Client Updates

- Ignored users will not be able to spectate your matches
- Game logs will refer to players by their username rather than Player A/B
- Allow reconnection to a game when a page is reloaded, even during an card select action

- Disallow Shedinja (VIV) from being the only Basic in a deck
- Fix crash that occurs when using Phione's (CEC) Whirlpool Suction ability
- Fix crash that occurs when using Beast Energy Prism Star (FLI)

v50.6 - New Timer System and Improved Connection Recovery

New Timer System:

  • inactivity timer was extended to 180 seconds, it was repurposed to only solely disconnect idlers (rather than semi-control turn timing as well)
  • a new turn timer system has emerged: turn time limit begins with 75 seconds.
  • each successful card play will add 15 seconds to the turn time.
  • each player starts with 3 “timeout allowances” for the game. when turn time is exhausted, game uses a timeout allowance automatically and add 60 seconds to turn time.
  • if all timeout allowances were exhausted, the turn ends automatically.
  • for every 240 seconds of unused turn time, the player will earn a timeout allowance.
  • remaining timeout allowances are visible on the player panel next to a hourglass symbol.
  • “ask for more turn time logic” was removed.
  • total game time for each player was reduced from 25 to 20 minutes, with a possibility of extension by 5 minutes each time.
  • timing calculations have been improved greatly for precision and fairness; turn/game/inactivity timers will pause while you are waiting for your opponent during your turn. in additon to that, the duration of any response to any request/selection will consume from corresponding player’s game time, regardless of whose turn it is.

QOL Changes:

  • Ignored players won’t be able to spectate your matches anymore.
  • Replaced Player A/B in game log with full player usernames!
  • The game features a brand new reconnection system that will try its best to reconnect and resume existing game when there was a disruption in the communication and/or browser. The new system even allows you to resume the game with a different browser/session/device in the middle of one.
  • Moved informational game start messages under a new button.

Bug fixes:

  • Phione fixed
  • Some Safeguard interactions was corrected



v50.8 Update: Timeout fixes

  • Improved inactivity / turn timer accuracy, (hopefully) it won’t disconnect players out of nowhere anymore.
  • Fixed some engine error occurances related to reconnection handling.

v50.9 Update: State handling fixes

  • Fixed game state handling / abrubt disconnection issues happening since v50.8
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Will it possible to play legacy format on this site? It would be very interesting

Thank in advance

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Can you add “pokemon ranger” in expanded? It’s an important card against much macthes

Ty in advance

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(from the FAQ on the Discord)
Q: Where is Pokémon Ranger and/or Channeler?
A: Pokémon Ranger and Channeler are very specifically unique cards that would require an endless amount of coding to account for all “effects” that are important to track in the card game. We’ve thought of many ways to tackle implementing these two, but they are easily both the most difficult cards to implement and would require work that likely outstretches the cards themselves. We would likely need to modify the engine or make hundreds of workarounds on cards to account for these cards’ effects. While we recognize Channeler is not too big of a staple in decks either, we do recognize that Pokemon Ranger is a staple of the expanded meta. While these two are low priority, we hope to implement them one day.

TL;DR: They’re both the most difficult cards to implement due to features missing from our engine and would require a lot of work to implement, of which we don’t specifically consider either of these cards high priority.

I’d say it should be expected. If I saw correctly last I checked, MtGufo has been making good progress on stuff for 4th gen and HGSS. Expect it at some point in time :slight_smile:

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v50.16 Update: General Bugfixes

  • Fix Chaos Gym/PlusPower (BS) interaction

  • Fix mulligans. Mulligans will not be ignored if only one player mulligans. They should now all be tracked properly,

  • Fix odd interaction between Crushing Magma and Holon Special Energy Pokemon

  • Update Spectator Message to Include Username of POV Player


v50.17 Update: General Bugfixes

  • Balloon Berry should be discarded even if retreat cost is already 0

  • Sidney’s Stadium will remove pre-existing Sleep, Confusion and Paralysis

  • Slaking’s Lazy Aura will now work only when Active

  • Blastoise ex’s Energy Rain should now trigger Island Cave