V49 Update: Champion's Path

This update adds the Champion’s Path expansion.

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v49.1 and v49.2 Patch Notes

  • New Cards
    – SWSH Promos 42-54 and 63-65 added.
    – Add new Togepi Cleffa Igglybuff GX and Jirachi GX alternate arts
  • Bug Fixes
    – Fix Stantler UF32 showing the same list twice (Credit @lithogen)
    – Fix Scoop Up interactions with Item cards that become Pokémon cards while in play
    – Fix Baby Rule causing issues with attack energy requirements when it blocks an attack from happening
    – Fix FireRed LeafGreen in the deck importer (Credit @starg09)

v49.3 Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes
    – Fix Alcremie VMAX, Electrode GX, and Electrode ex looking for only Colorless energy instead of any energy attached

v49.4 Patch Notes

  • New Features
    – Bug reports by Patrons will now be marked as priority
    – Rearrange Card effects should now auto resolve arranging remaining cards if you only care to rearrange some of them

  • Feature Bug Fixes
    – Patreon rewards should be awarded when they are supposed to
    – Deck import should now recognize special set numbers that have alpha characters (XY10, 77a, etc)
    – Lobby chat properly handles HTML special characters

  • Format changes
    – Aquapolis Darkness and Metal energy are now banned from the 2004 format due to having incorrect effects for the time period.

  • New Cards
    – Hatterene V SWSH55
    – Morpeko V SWSH56 (Reprint)
    – Grimmsnarl V SWSH57 (Reprint)

  • Card Changes
    – Cursed Shovel is clearer in how it works. It’ll show both players the discarded cards, and now happens after a knockout instead of before.
    – Pokemon Trader (Base Set) has been improved
    – Venomoth (Fossil)

  • Card Bug Fixes
    – Fixed Galarian Sirfetch’d V (SWSH Promo) Resolute Spear causing Special Energy to lose their types
    – Fixed Pichu (HeartGold SoulSilver) Playground attack not being usable with a full bench
    – Fixed Holon’s Electrode (Delta Species) being attached as an energy not counting as being “Played from hand”
    – Fixed Metagross ex (Hidden Legends) Extra Comet Punch not increasing it’s damage the next turn
    – Fixed Kabuto (Sandstorm) Exoskeleton ability reducing Swift damage
    – Fixed Venomoth (Fossil) changing all Pokémon types instead of only its own