V48 Update: Black Star Promos

Hello TCG One community!

This update bring some technical updates, plus the addition of Nintendo Black Star Promos for the EX era formats. All of these should have the promos that were legal at the time (With “EX Series” having all of them, from 001 to 040).

In addition, some major changes have been made in some areas:

  • Mulligan handling has been completely overhauled. As of right now, two modes are used across formats:
    • In all instances, players will now be able to see Mulligans taken by either during setup.
      • Before anyone places an Active, all common mulligans will be shown at the same time.
      • In the event one player has to take additional mulligans. Active/Bench placement won’t be simultaneous as usual. Instead, the player with a Basic will setup, then the other player will look at all mulligans taken and setup as well. Finally, the player with an early Basic will be shown all additional mulligans and offered a draw choice due to them, followed by another chance to bench if they so wish.
    • For Wizards formats, while mulligans will be shown post setup the total amount won’t be disclosed. This should emulate the way these are handled for that era, picking to draw 0/1/2 cards after each mulligan shown (with an option to skip all remaining mulligans, not drawing cards from them).
    • TPCi formats are handled in a simpler way: After both players setup, the one that didn’t take additional mulligans is told how many their opponent took, all of them are shown at once. Then a (now more compact) popup will show asking how many cards they wish to draw. This should properly emulate the modern way of handling mulligans.
      • Note: Some older formats may’ve had small variations in how mulligans were handled. This first implementation was made after talking with some players from back then on how actual tournaments handled it, and ultimately went with a simplified approach. Feel free to leave a message if you think some format should handle this feature differently to some degree!
  • Deck Import/Export now offers an alternative mode, that should in theory be compatible with PTCGO decklists.
    • The old import mode is still available, for those who have lists saved using that format.
    • Darkness/Metal Energy is a special case, in which there isn’t an easy way to filter the Basic versions from the Special ones. When handling lists of Wizards/EX/DP formats, an additional filter can be used by adding “(Basic)” or “(Special)” after the energy name.
    • Exported lists with Shiny Vault cards will not be imported with said cards in PTCGO. They are converted into the regular print when exported over there, which TCGONE currently doesn’t handle. This should be fixed in a future update.
  • In the “Select a Pokémon” popup used in multiple cards, you’ll now see the Active Pokémon split from the bench. In addition, it’ll more closely resemble the actual gamefield. This should make targetting an specific Pokémon a little bit less confusing!
  • For Wizards Era formats, “Baby Power” has been renamed into “Baby Rule”, as it’s a mechanic completely separate from “Pokémon Powers”.
    • Another change here is that Baby Rule now triggers after checking for having enough energy, and not being Paralyzed/Asleep.
  • A fix was applied for Quickplay decks, which should now hopefully update their “Times Used” value consistently again.

Besides that, multiple fixes were applied!

Major updates

  • General Changes
    • Abbreviation for some sets was corrected as to follow official ones (FUF->FFI, PCL->PRC, SM->SUM, BLWP->BWP, SSHP->SWSHP).
    • Some internal rework was done regarding cards that modify the amount of prizes taken due to a knockout. Should hopefully make several cards work more consistently now! (Credit: @starg09)
    • Major reworks were also made regarding scooping up Pokémon. This should make Scoop-Up Block (Mr. Mime) work a lot better now, as well as several cards that didn’t properly react to blocks of that kind! (Credit: @flagrama)
    • EX and Wizard era trainers that aren’t Supporters or Stadiums are now tagged as Trainer-Items. This should make them properly work in Unlimited with DP era “Trainer card” search.
    • Lv.X are being worked on, in preparation for releasing DP era sets in the future! (Credit: @lithogen)
      • All workarounds for DP-Base Set cards were removed, so Infernape, Torterra and Empoleon should work slightly different now. Please let us know if you find anything weird while playing Unlimited or the Worlds 2007 (DX-DP) format!
    • Some work related to the work on Scoop Up and Lv.X was done regarding devolution.
    • Fossil custom effects (can’t retreat, not affected by Special Conditions) should now be removed upon evolving them.
  • Wizard Era Sets
    • Confused Pokémon that fail the retreat coin flip can now attempt to retreat again after evolving.
    • Ditto (Fossil) should no longer cause a major Engine Error when played. (Credit: @starg09)
    • Pluspower (Base Set, Base Set 2) has been reimplemented, should no longer cause duplication glitches.

Other changes

Click on a series to view changes!

General changes
  • Several cards that allow to “search for up to x cards” without any filters now force to pick at least one.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors is now used in Misty’s Duel (Gym Challenge) and Xatu (Legendary Treasures).
  • Underground Expedition (Skyridge, Celestial Storm) should no longer cause duplication issues.
Sword & Shield Series changes
  • Liepard (Darkness Ablaze) should now properly prevent itself from getting paralyzed.
  • Scorbunny (SWSH Promo SWSH002) should now do the proper damage when attacking with “Super Singe”.
  • Houndoom V (Darkness Ablaze) should now only check for damage counters in the bench, not in the active.
  • Rillaboom VMAX (Rebel Clash) now discards the extra energy after applying damage.
  • Specific prize-related bugfix, Galarian Cursola (Rebel Clash) with a Shedinja (Lost Thunder) should no longer reduce the opponent’s Knocked out Pokémon’s prizes instead of the ones given by itself.
  • Glimwood Tangle (Darkness Ablaze) should now check for the same 1-time-only limit as other reflip-coins effects.
  • Suicune, Grimmsnarl V (Darkness Ablaze) and Lapras V (Sword Shield - Base Set) should no longer cause an Engine Error when their attacks are copied by Ninetales V.
Sun & Moon Series changes
  • Flareon-GX (SM Promo SM171)'s first attack’s effect is now optative.
  • Lurantis (SM Promo SM25) should no longer cause an Engine Error when Lurantis-GX (Lost Thunder) uses its GX attack.
  • Mimikyu (Guardians Rising, Team Up)'s “Copycat” attack should now be properly copied by cards such as Marshadow-GX.
  • Nihilego-GX (Crimson Invasion)'s Ability should now apply its Poison+Confusion effect as ability-sourced (being blocked by cards like Stealthy Hood).
  • Incineroar-GX (Sun & Moon - Base Set) should now only count benched [R] Pokémon for its damage output when using “Hustling Strike”.
  • “Fight Song” in Altaria (Dragon Majesty) should now work properly.
  • Florges (Forbidden Light) now prints the item returned to the deck via “Wondrous Gift”.
  • Electropower (Lost Thunder) should no longer be ignored by swift attacks.
  • Gorebyss (Celestial Storm) should now reduce all damage, instead of only damage less or equal than 40.
  • Naganadel-GX (Forbidden Light) can only use its GX attack once now.
  • Ultra Necrozma-GX (Forbidden Light) and Naganadel-GX (Unified Minds) now discard energy after applying damage.
  • Metal Frying Pan (Ultra Prism) should now only prevent damage done by the opponent’s attacks, instead of also preventing damage from your own.
  • Lucario (SM Promo SM54) should now work as a copy of the Burning Shadows print of the same card, fixing its “Stance” Ability.
  • Charizard & Braixen-GX (Cosmic Eclipse) now offer the choice of searching the deck or not; if the players chooses to do it though, at least a card must be selected.
  • Lucario-GX (SM Promo) and Zebstrika (Team Up) now checks for having evolved from a Riolu for Aura Strike to do the additional damage.
  • Dana (Team Up) now actually allows to search for up to 2 cards, and no longer displays them in the game log.
  • Shaymin Prism Star (Team Up) now only counts Basic Energy cards for its attack.
  • Wobbuffet (Burning Shadows) now has its Weakness added.
  • Bonnie (Forbidden Light) will be blocked from discarding a Prism Star stadium, but will still enable Zygarde-GX from reusing its GX attack that turn.
  • Swellow (Guardians Rising) now does a turn check and properly applies the damage boost to the correct attack.
  • Articuno (Team Up) should now only protect’s its owner’s own Pokémon, and not the opponent’s.
  • Trumbeak (Lost Thunder) should now only show the top of the opponent’s deck to its owner, and not to the opponent. A log message was added for when the card is left where it was.
  • Mimikyu (Guardians Rising) should now only work with non-GX attacks.
  • Dedenne (Unified Minds) should do 20 damage when using Return.
  • Pidgeot (Team Up) now properly scoops up only the defending Pokémon, instead of offering a choice across all of the opponent’s Pokémon in play.
  • Zygarde-GX (SM Promo SM171) should now be properly affected by Bonnie now.
  • Tsareena-GX (SM Promo SM56) should now discard cards from the opponent’s hand, not from their deck.
  • Ash’s Pikachu (SM Promo) should no longer prevent effects from attacks, only damage.
  • Gengar & Mimikyu-GX (Team Up)'s GX Attack should now properly handle Meganium (Lost Thunder), Ditto Prism Star (Lost Thunder), Eevee-GX (SM Promo) and attacks allowing to attach energy from hand.
  • Arf-Arf-Bark should now be optional in Stoutland (Cosmic Eclipse)
  • Dangerous Drill (Team Up) should now be prevented from discarding Prism Star Stadiums (while still being playable).
  • “Altered Creation GX” from Arceus&Dialga&Palkia-GX (Cosmic Eclipse) should no longer be incorrectly applied when copied by cards such as Ninetales V (Sword & Shield - Base Set).
  • Field Blower (Guardians Rising) and Faba (Lost Thunder) should now properly be able to target Prism Star stadiums (being blocked from discarding them, but still used).
  • Lunala (Cosmic Eclipse) should now find any Energy, not just Basic.
  • Nihilego-GX (Crimson Invasion)'s GX Attack should no longer error due to the opponent not having deck.
  • Munchlax (Unified Minds) should now show the card put back in deck to the opponent.
  • Bellelba&Brycen-Man (Cosmic Eclipse) should now properly check if it can be played.
  • Flygon-GX (Cosmic Eclipse) should now discard the stadium after doing damage.
  • Vikavolt (Unbroken Bonds) should now discard energy after doing damage.
  • Red & Blue (Cosmic Eclipse) now properly checks for there being Pokémon capable of evolving into a Pokémon-GX.
  • Gourgeist (Crimson Invasion) should now discard tools and count damage more consistently now.
  • Wartortle (Unbroken Bonds) should now reduce damage taken by 20, not 30.
  • Lillie’s Full Force (Cosmic Eclipse) and Blue’s Tactics (Unified Minds) were rewritten as to solve a timeout-lose issue the former may’ve been causing.
  • Diancie Prism (Forbidden Light) should now properly increase certain damages.
  • Shining Jirachi (Shining Legends) should no longer cause an infinite loop when played alongside Mr. Mime (Team Up).
  • Mallow & Lana (Cosmic Eclipse) should no longer offer its second effect if the Active Pokémon has no damage in it.
XY Series changes
  • Omega Barrier cards should now properly be affected by stadiums and tools.
  • Persian (Steam Siege) should only do additional damage when evolved from a Meowth now.
  • Evosoda (XY - Base Set) will now check for Pokémon actually capable of evolving.
  • Charizard (Evolutions) should no longer throw an Engine Error when played. It also discards Energy after doing damage.
  • Parallel City (BREAKthrough) should now properly avoid issues with bench increasers.
  • Greninja (XY - Base Set)'s “Water Shuriken” should now be an Ability-sourced effect.
  • Magearna-EX (XY Promo) should now properly reduce its damage amount when using “Soul Blaster” several turns in a row.
Black & White Series changes
  • Hugh (Boundaries Crossed) should no longer offer itself as a discard option.
  • Ho-Oh-EX (Dragons Exalted) and Exeggcute (Plasma Freeze) now count as having Abilities for attacks such as “Rule of Evil” and “Evil Admonition”.
  • Shyarrow Bridge (Next Destinies) should only apply to Basic Pokémon now, instead of unevolved ones.
  • Iris (Plasma Blast) should now be playable when the opponent has taken no prizes.
  • Hypnotoxic Laser (Plasma Storm) should now only be usable on Pokémon that aren’t asleep and 1x poisoned already.
  • Genesect-EX (Plasma Blast) should now do an Ability-sourced gust with “Red Signal”, targetting the Benched Pokémon and not the Active one.
Diamond & Pearl Series changes
  • Wobbuffet and Gastly (both Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) use direct damage now, making their damage-counter-moving attacks work properly following modern rulings. Damage will be removed, but if the opponent’s Pokémon blocks the effect the counters will just disappear.
  • Drifblim (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) now forces to shuffle at least one Supporter or Pokémon.
  • Dialga (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) now shuffles the devolved cards into the deck instead of moving them into the opponent’s hand.
  • Night Pokémon Center (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) should now properly apply its effects depending on the coins flipped.
  • Rhydon (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) should no longer cause an Engine Error when using “Crash Impact”.
  • Vespiquen (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) now properly checks for a benched Pokémon with damage counters in it.
EX Series changes
  • Fixed a typo in Rocket’s Scizor ex (Team Rocket Returns), allowing Rocket’s Scyther ex to evolve into it now.
  • Lugia (POP Series 5) should no longer cause an Engine Error when attacking.
  • Holon Circle (Crystal Guardians) now properly ends the attack step.
  • Bellossom (Unseen Forces) now properly can search for up to 2 [G] Pokémon.
  • Furret (Team Rocket Returns) now shuffles after searching for the new cards with “Quick Change”.
  • Steven’s Advice (Power Keepers) should now give a choice of how many cards to draw.
  • Charizard Delta (Crystal Guardians) should now discard the viewed cards when none are selected.
  • Blastoise ex (FireRed & LeafGreen) now discards after doing damage, but also properly counts the amount of discards before starting to.
  • Rocket’s Admin (Team Rocket Returns) should no longer be kept in the opponent’s hand when Milotic Delta copies its effect with “Sharing”.
  • Mawile (Crystal Guardians, Celestial Storm) should now actually attach the tool instead of doing a weird card movement (and causing issues due to it).
  • Fluffy Berry should now properly give a zero retreat cost to the Pokémon its attached to.
  • Memory Berry (Crystal Guardians) should now properly allow its user to access its Stage 1 Evolution attacks.
  • Swalot (Hidden Legends) now does 10 damage when attacking with Amnesia.
  • Delcatty (Ruby & Sapphire - Base Set) “Cannonball” attack should now cost [C][C]. “Energy Call” should also attach any energy now, and do 10 damage.
  • Rain Castform (Hidden Legends) now offers a choice for drawing up to 5, instead of a forced 5.
  • Linoone (Ruby & Sapphire - Base Set) should now force to pick at least one card when using “Seek Out”.
Wizards Era Sets
  • Seadra (Neo Genesis) now prints the targeted Benched Pokémon.
  • Beedrill (Skyridge) application of paralysis+poison should now be Poké-Power sourced.
  • Boost Energy (Aquapolis) should now works identically to the Deoxys print, fixing a bug discarding it from evolved basics.
  • Clefairy (Vending Machine) now properly targets the benched Pokémon when using “Follow Me”.
  • Dark Haunter (Neo Destiny) should no longer cause an Engine Error when attacking.
  • Brock’s Primeape (Gym Challenge) should now trigger its Pokémon Power when damage counters are placed/removed from it.
  • Giovanni’s Machamp (Gym Challenge) should now properly check for only “Asleep, Confused or Paralyzed” in older formats, plus it should now check for conditions prior to being attacked only.
  • Magcargo (Neo Revelation) should now ask the correct player on which energy to switch.
  • Scizor (Neo Discovery) should now apply the proper damage for “Double Claw”, doing 20+ damage instead of 20x damage.

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game! :slight_smile:

Good luck have fun everybody!

Notes on previous releases from v46.0 and onwards:
  • v47.0 - Darkness Ablaze, 2021 Format, plus some Bugfixes
  • v47.1/v47.2 - DAA-related fixes, POG 2020 Format, Format Renaming

Credits to @Starg09 for these notes!

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