V47 Update: Darkness Ablaze

Hello TCG One community!

I’d like to announce that we’ve successfully implemented and tested the Darkness Ablaze set for Standard and Expanded formats.


I want to thank @flagrama, @starg09, @Mt.Gufo, @Tegull for devoting their time to testing and reporting early bugs which immensely sped up the release of this set!

Additional thanks to @Mt.Gufo, @flagrama and @starg09 for helping with fixing bugs and implementing cards!

Also thanks to @scoot404 for handling updates to the carddb portion of the set!

Last but not least, thank you to our Patrons for their continued support!

Another thing to mention is that we’ve created a new format called Standard (20-21) for the 2020-2021 Season which includes the post rotation changes.

The current Standard format will be renamed to Standard (19-20) for the 2019-2020 Season!

The Expanded format will also include the Darkness Ablaze set!

We'll be monitoring the set's release closely to remedy any bugs that may appear in the upcoming weeks so please report any issues using the in-game reporting button.

Good luck have fun everybody!

Notes on previous releases from v46.0 and onwards:
  • v46.0 - DX-on, EX_ALL Formats and HL-on Bugfixes
  • v46.1 - EX Set Fixes, New UI Theme, Memory Leak Fixes
  • v46.2 - Re-update UI to dark mode
  • v46.3 - General Bugfixes
  • v46.4 - [Hotfix] Fix Ditto Prism Star and Wallys Training
  • v46.5 - Fix Shiny Vault Evolutions + General Bug Fixes
  • v46.6 - Huge Bugfixes
  • v46.7 - Hotfix for Crashes
  • v46.8 - Lots of Bugfixes + Fixing Shiny Vault Bans
  • v46.9 - SUM_ALL Format + Fix Special Conditions when Benching + Update Sets in Formats
  • v46.10 - General Fixes
  • v46.11 - General Fixes
  • v46.12 - General fixes and fixes to the fixes
  • v46.13 - General bugfixes
  • v46.14 - Scan Restructuring
  • v46.15 - Hotfix for Inventory Tab Crash
  • v46.16 - Fix Inventory Crash + Display HP upon Hover
  • v46.17 - Fix for Damage Counter UI Flickering
  • v46.18 - Fix Crash for Double Dragon Energy
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v47.1 Patch Notes

  • General Changes
    • Fixed an Engine Error that ocurred sometimes while scooping up a Pokémon.
  • Sword & Shield Series Changes
    • Eternatus VMAX (Darkness Ablaze) should no longer prevent the opponent from evolving into non-Darkness pokémon, plus some other fixes related to the card. (credit: @flagrama)
    • Spikemuth (Darkness Ablaze) should no longer cause an Engine Error after a switch triggered by replacing the Knocked Out active. (credit: @flagrama)

v47.2 Patch Notes

Major updates

  • QoL Changes
    • Fixed some decks disappearing for players with more than 50 of them saved in their account. They should now appear again in their list of Quickplay Decks.
  • General Changes
    • Implemented the POG 2020 Format (Ultra Prism - Darkness Ablaze, no bans), in preparation for said tournament.
    • Updated several format names as to make them consistent across each other, in preparation for some changes in how formats in general are displayed.
      List of most prominent changes
      • For some Wizards era formats, the year it closed in was added at the end.
        • “Rocket-on (01-02)” -> “Rocket-LC (2002)”
        • “Neo-on (02-03)” -> “Neo-SKR (2003)”
        • “ECard” -> “e-Card (2003)”
      • TPCi Block Formats have a temporary rename, but may change again in the future
        • “EX_ALL” -> “EX Series”
          • May change to “EX (RS-PK)” in the future.
        • “HGSS-on” -> “HGSS Series”
          • May be renamed “2012 (HGSS-DEX)”, but not confirmed.
        • “SUM_ALL” -> “SM Series”
          • May change to “Sun & Moon” in the future.
      • TPCi Worlds formats now use the year followed by legal sets.
        • “Worlds (2004)” -> “2004 (EXP-HL)”
        • “RS-on (2005)” -> “2005 (RS-EM)”
        • “HL-on (2006)” -> “2006 (HL-HP)”
        • “DX-on (2007)” -> “2007 (DX-DP)”
        • “BW-on (12-13)” -> “2013 (BLW-PLF)”
        • “NXD-on (13-14)” -> “2014 (NXD-FLF)”
        • “BCR-on (14-15)” -> “2015 (BCR-ROS)”
        • “XY-on (15-16)” -> “2016 (XY-STS)”
        • “PRC-on (16-17)” -> “2017 (PRC-BUS)”
        • “Standard (17-18)” -> “2018 (BKT-CLS)”
        • “Standard (18-19)” -> “2019 (SUM-UNB)”
          • This is technically pre-Worlds, “2019 (UPR-UNM)” may need to be added eventually.
        • “Standard (19-20)” -> “2020 (UPR-RCL)”
    • Reworked how “card types” are checked in certain cases. Should improve functionality of cards such as Ditto (Fossil), Plasma Badge (Plasma Freeze) and Ampharos δ (Dragon Frontiers) (credit: @starg09)

Other changes

Click on a series to view changes!

General changes
  • Added “Ultra Beast” card types to the cards in Shiny Vault missing them. (credit: @starg09)
  • Arctozolt (Darkness Ablaze) and Jolteon (Hidden Fates) should now apply the effects of their respective abilities more consistently now. (credit: @flagrama)
Sword & Shield Series changes
  • Centiskorch V (Darkness Ablaze) should now discard both energies after damage is applied. (credit: @flagrama)
  • Escavalier (Darkness Ablaze) should no longer cause a crash when using Fury Cutter. (credit: @flagrama)
  • Flygon (Darkness Ablaze) should no longer cause a crash when using “Desert Geyzer” with no Stadium in play. (credit: @flagrama)
  • Salamence V (Darkness Ablaze) should now do 30 damage to each Pokémon in the opponent’s side of the field, instead of 30 per each to the Active. (credit: @starg09)
  • Dracovish (Darkness Ablaze) should now apply its “Primal Law” ability consistently across most methods for evolving from the hand. (credit: @flagrama)
  • Poké Ball (Rebel Clash) should now have the correct name displayed in screen, instead of “PokeBall”. (credit: @starg09)
Sun & Moon Series changes
  • Toxapex (Sun & Moon - Base Set) should no longer cause a crash when a retreat is cancelled. (credit: @starg09)
  • Timer Ball (Guardians Rising) should only shuffle the deck if a search was made now. (credit: @starg09)
  • Black Market Prism (Team Up) should no longer loop its effect while an attack places damage counters, such as “Max Phantom” from Dragapult VMAX (Rebel Clash). (credit: @starg09)
  • Metal Core Barrier (Unbroken Bonds) should no longer be discarded even after cards like Noctowl (Sword & Shield) shuffle it into the deck. (credit: @starg09)
  • Dark City (Unified Minds) should now override other retreat modifiers, such as Absol (Team Up). (credit: @starg09)
  • Pokemon Research Lab (Unified Minds) should not be usable when the player is out of space in their bench. (credit: @starg09)
  • Porygon-Z-GX (SM Promo 216) should no longer cause a crash when using “Critical Error GX”. (credit: @flagrama)
Black & White Series changes
  • Frozen City (Plasma Freeze) should place damage counters after the attachment, preventing an Engine Error caused by said attachment leading to a KO. (credit: @starg09)
EX Series changes
  • Latias δ, Latios δ and Pidgeot δ (all from Holon Phantoms) should now properly refresh their locks when a new Pokémon is put into play, or a card removes one from Play. (credit: @starg09)
Wizards Era changes
  • Misty’s Wrath (Gym Heroes) should force to pick 2 cards now, instead of “up to 2”. (credit: @starg09)
  • Giovanni’s Nidoran ♀/♂ (Gym Challenge) should now work properly with cards like Pokémon Breeder. (credit: @starg09)
  • Mew (Wizards Black Star Promo 47) should no longer have certain issues related to its “Neutral Shield” Pokémon Power. (credit: @starg09)

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game! :slight_smile: