V45 Update: EX Sets

Hello TCGOne community,

I’m happy to announce that after extensive development and testing, EX sets are now available to play!


  • Newly added sets: Deoxys, Emerald, Unseen Forces, Delta Species, Legend Maker, Holon Phantoms
  • Gen3 Deoxys and Emerald are added to the RS-on format
  • Created a new format called HL-on (2006 - Hidden Legends up to Holon Phantoms)
  • Team Rocket Returns Packs added to Career Mode
  • Pokemon Center Base Set has been added to Rocket-on (highly requested for)


  • Patreon supporters for their continued support!

  • Thanks to the following Gen3 set testers! With their assistance, we were able to identify and fix hundreds of bugs and crashes which allows for a faster release and better experience for players!
    @JanJanKiq aka Tegull

  • Special thanks to the developers that helped with writing code for the EX sets! I greatly appreciate the time and effort that they have put into helping develop this set :smile:

  • Shoutout to @scoot404 for providing and updating high quality scans for the EX sets!

  • Also I’d like to recognize @Itresad for their work on implementing the Deoxys and Emerald!

Patch Notes for Other Sets
Click on a series to view changes!

Sword and Shield series changes
  • Galarian Stunfisk (Rebel Clash) fixed Snap Trap ability to allow it’s user to select the Energy to discard rather than the opponent. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Fixed Octolock (Sword & Shield), should remain, and be removed in the intended way. (credit: @starg09)
  • Pyukumuku (Unbroken Bonds) and Team Galactic’s Wager (Diamond & Pearl - Base Set) now use Rock-Paper-Scissors instead of a coinflip. (credit: @starg09)
  • Mallow & Lana (Cosmic Eclipse) and Switch Raft (Dragon Majesty) should now heal after the switch, not being blocked by active-can’t-heal effects (Like Moongeist Beam) (credit: @starg09)
  • Fixed priority of cards with “Take x extra Prizes” effects: Should now give all prizes to the player before the opponent chooses a new Active Pokémon.
  • Made some cards attack effects be targeted as such (so they can be prevented by abilities/attacks doing so) (credit: @starg09)
  • Some Pokémon now check being active before being able to use their Poké-Body/Ability. (credit: @starg09)
  • Kartana-GX (Crimson Invasion) should now be able to be shuffled back into the deck if it’s your last Pokémon in Play. (credit: @starg09)
  • Burning Scarf’s effect is now a Trainer effect instead of an Ability effect (credit: flagrama)
Sun and Moon series changes
  • Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX (Sun & Moon Promos) Pale Moon GX shouldn’t affect Pokémon that are ignoring effects from attacks. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Fixed multiple cards checking for “Evolution Pokémon” (See: UPR Rampardos), should now affect/detect the proper ones (used to find Evolved Pokémon instead) (credit: @starg09)
  • Fixed a number of cards that were reducing damage after applying Weakness and Resistance, when they were meant to reduce it before W/R. (just a few, most do reduce after but these were exceptions) (credit: @starg09)
  • Various bug fixes to Pokémon moves in Cosmic Eclipse (credit: flagrama)
  • Improve information Cosmic Eclipse card effects display in the game log (credit: flagrama)
  • Fix Rosa not working if you knockout an opponent’s Pokémon mid-turn (credit: flagrama)
  • Fix crash on Porygon-Z GX (Sun & Moon Promos) when using Troubleshooting ability *(credit: @starg09 *
EX Era set changes
  • Attacks/Poké-Powers/Poké-Bodies refering to “Basic Pokémon” (See: LM Tangela) should now properly target the intended Pokémon in play (unevolved ones). Doesn’t affect any card post-DP, which do check for “a basic Pokémon card on top of the Pokémon in play checked”. (credit: @starg09)

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game!