V44 Update: Rebel Clash

Hello TCGOne community!

I’d like to announce that we’ve successfully implemented and tested the Rebel Clash set for Standard and Expanded formats.

This is a huge milestone in TCGOne history because this marks the quickest release of a set on the site after its release in PTCGO.


  • I want to thank @Mt.Gufo, @scoot404 and @Tegull for devoting hours to testing and report early bugs which immensely sped up the release of this set!

  • Additional thanks to @Mt.Gufo for helping with fixing bugs and implementing cards!

  • Also much appreciation to @scoot404 for important tasks such as uploading high quality scans and fixing translation errors

  • Last but not least, thank you to our Patrons for their continued support!

We'll be monitoring the set's release closely to remedy any bugs that may appear in the upcoming weeks so please report any issues using the in-game reporting button.

Good luck have fun everybody!

Additional notes on previous releases:

  • v42: Sword & Shield set is available for play in Standard and Expanded!

  • v42.1: Update standard rules for no supporter on first turn

  • v42.2: In-game Moderation features

  • v43.1: FireRed & LeafGreen packs and RS-on format are now available in Career!

  • v43.2: Various bug fixes

  • v43.3: Various bug fixes

  • v43.4: Bug fixes - Exp.All, CEC Jynx, FRLG Zapdos Ex

  • v43.5: Bug fixes - CEC Mimikyu Shadowbox+Stealthy Hood

  • v43.6: Bug fixes - UNB Blacephalon, Alolan Sandslash GX

  • v43.7: Add Base-Neo Erratas

  • v43.8: Expanded ban list update and Classic era (Base-Neo) PokePowers not blocked by Poison

  • v43.9: Add Pokemon Tower and Sun Moon Promos


Huge props to Lithogen for even mentioning anyone else. He did so much of the work all on his own and deserves all the credit for getting the set out so quickly.


I’ll be posting changelogs for each patch to a major update from here. I’ll separate the changes by the series of which the card originates with the set next to the card, and put more general changes that cover multiple series or a change that doesn’t cover cards, instead covers a change to the website itself.

v44.1 Patch Notes
Click on a series to view changes!

Sword and Shield series changes
  • Galarian Sirfetch’d (Rebel Clash) was fixed and implemented. Please do report if there are bugs with the card, we simply put a “bandaid” solution to make the card work as intended. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Turffield Stadium (Rebel Clash) was named to the proper name instead of “Turrfield”. (credit: @scoot404)
  • Cinderace VMAX’s (Rebel Clash) Counter attack should no longer crash the engine in certain scenarios. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Sigilyph (Rebel Clash) wasn’t working correctly and was attacking with the damage counters on itself, not from the opponent’s active. This has been fixed since. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Dragapult VMAX’s (Rebel Clash) Shred attack should now ignore all effects properly. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Scoop Up Net (Rebel Clash) should no longer discard evolution lines when used. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Galarian Linoone’s (Sword and Shield) Night Slash attack should work correctly when dealing damage. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
Sun and Moon series changes
  • Wait and See Hammer (Lost Thunder) should no longer soft lock the engine if the opponent’s bench is empty. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Tapu Koko Prism Star’s (Team Up) Dance of the Ancients ability should now attach only Basic Lightning energy as intended. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Mr. Mime’s (Detective Pikachu) Pantomime ability should now work correctly. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Mr. Mime’s (Team Up) Scoop-Up Block ability has been implemented. Please let us know if there are any issues with this ability in Standard or Expanded. (credit: @Lithogen & @Mt.gufo)
  • Heatran GX (Unified Minds), Cinderace (Sword and Shield), and Xerneas Prism Star (Lost Thunder) all should have their abilities working better now. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
HG&SS series changes
  • Kingdra (Unleashed) had their attack cost fixed for Dragon Steam. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
General changes
  • Renamed a bunch of supporters that had a non-standard apostrophe. These supporters had their names changed with just a normal keyboard-standard apostrophe. The following received this edit: Blaine’s Last Stand (Dragon Majesty), Blue’s Tactics (Unified Minds), Boss’s Orders (Rebel Clash), Green’s Exploration (Unbroken Bonds), Koga’s Trap (Unbroken Bonds), Koga’s Trap (Unbroken Bonds), Lt. Surge’s Strategy (Unbroken Bonds) (credit: @scoot404)

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game!


v44.2 Patch Notes
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Sword and Shield series changes
  • Top Entry is now working! Lombre, Lampent, and Luxio (all from Rebel Clash) are now implemented. (huge credit: @Mt.gufo, this was not an easy task)
  • Nugget is also now implemented as well for the same reason that Top Entry was, since the code was so similar. (huge credit again: @Mt.gufo)
  • Dragapult VMAX (Rebel Clash) had their Shred attack fixed once again. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Coalossal (Rebel Clash) had their message fixed to popup properly if there aren’t Fire or Fighting energy in the discard pile. (credit: @Lithogen)
Sun and Moon changes
  • Tangrowth (Unbroken Bonds) is now fixed to not crash the game when using Chlorowhip. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Pawniard (Cosmic Eclipse) was fixed to not soft lock when using Bag Slash if the opponent had no items in their hand. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
HG&SS series changes
  • Roserade (Unleashed) had their Poke-Power Energy Signal fixed. It was crashing and not activating properly at all. Lithogen said he “got a gray hair trying to debug it”. Regardless, it should now work. (credit: @Lithogen)
EX series changes
  • Many Pokemon had some form of an implementation all around. (credit: @Lithogen)
    • Delcatty (Legend Maker) had their Reactive Shift Poke-Power implemented.
    • Misdreavus (Legend Maker) had their Deep Sleep Poke-Body implemented.
    • Arcanine-ex (Legend Maker) had their Fire Remedy Poke-Body implemented.
    • Dustox-ex (Legend Maker) had their move Silver Wind implemented.
  • Giant Stump (Legend Maker) was implemented. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Magcargo (Unseen Forces) had their Extra Flame attack fixed to not crash anymore. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Remoraid (Unseen Forces) had their Call for Family attack fixed to not crash anymore. (credit: @Lithogen)

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game!


v44.3 Patch Notes
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Sword and Shield changes
  • Ninetales V (Rebel Clash) received an insane amount of work (23 commits!!) from Mt.gufo to help account for certain edge cases regarding Tag Team GX attacks (or any others that include similar effects, but Tag Team GX attacks were the main focus) when using Nine-Tailed Shapeshifter. (huge credit: @Mt.gufo)
    • To explain extensively what this issue was, we found this during testing of Rebel Clash and were unsure if this was a fixable issue. For this example, I’ll be explaining this with Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX, since that was where the issue was discovered (and is likely the most relevant and important).
    • Altered Creation GX is ADP’s GX attack, which costs only 1 Metal to use. The base effect for M is just to increase all of your Pokemon’s attack damage by +30. However, it also says, “If this Pokemon at least 1 extra Water Energy (in addition to this attack’s cost), when your opponent’s Active Pokemon is Knocked Out by damage from those attacks, take 1 more Prize card.”
    • That “in addition to this attack’s cost” was not being accounted for on Nine-Tailed Shapeshifter. Thus, this could mean you could attack with RRW and get both of Altered Creation GX’s effects, despite not actually meeting Ninetales V’s own attack cost and then having W attached to it.
      The only correct way Ninetales V should’ve been able to get both effects is by having RRCW attached, not RRW. This should be accounted for on all attacks that have this type of text (other examples would be, but not limited to: Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor GX, Gengar & Mimikyu GX, Reshiram & Charizard GX, Umbreon & Darkrai GX)
  • Top Entry Pokemon / Nugget (all from Rebel Clash) were fixed to not ask the opponent if they want to use Top Entry or use Nugget, along with crashing when the owner’s deck was empty. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Galarian Stunfisk (Sword and Shield) was fixed to not crash on its Snap Trap ability anymore. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
Sun and Moon changes
  • Buzzwole (Cosmic Eclipse) was fixed to not crash if it was damaged or when it attacks. (credit: @Lithogen)
  • Chandelure (Unified Minds) was changed to bench the Pokemon after doing damage with Spirit Burner, not before. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Some promos were missing the Ultra Beast identifier in the engine (Stakataka SMP180/SMP209, Buzzwole SMP218, and Blacephalon SMP221). They were fixed to have these now. (credit: @scoot404)

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game!


v44.4 Patch Notes
Click on a series to view changes!

Sword and Shield series changes
  • Galarian Mr. Rime (Rebel Clash) is now implemented! This now means that Rebel Clash is completely implemented, and the entire set is now available to be played! (credit: @admin)
  • Sword & Shield and Rebel Clash cards had attack/ability/effect texts cleared up to make better sense. (credit: @scoot404)
Sun and Moon series changes
  • Sky Pillar (Celestial Storm) now works correctly! After some extensive testing and some changes made on the backend, we were able to make this stadium finally work correctly. (huge credit: @Lithogen)
  • Cosmic Eclipse cards had attack/ability/effect texts cleared up to make better sense. (credit: @scoot404)
  • Sunflora (Cosmic Eclipse) received a huge amount of work from Mt.gufo to fix Solar Power. This was another card that really gave him a hard time, but not as bad as Ninetales V. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Oricorio GX (Cosmic Eclipse) was fixed to track knockouts before it was benched, along with any form of knockout regardless of how it occurred when using Dance of Tribute. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Cosmog (Cosmic Eclipse) had their Unaware ability fixed to work correctly. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Jolteon (Cosmic Eclipse) had their Speed Cheer ability fixed to work correctly. (credit:@Mt.gufo)
  • Dragalge (Cosmic Eclipse) was fixed to poison with 10 damage counters, not 11 when using Poison Cultivation. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Steelix (Cosmic Eclipse) no longer softlocks if there are no Pokemon with a retreat cost of 4 in your hand when using Thumping Fall. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Mimikyu (Cosmic Eclipse) had their Impersonation attack work correctly regardless of whether or not you have used a Supporter that turn. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Grimsley (Unified Minds) was fixed to allow free movement of the 3 damage counters instead of moving all 3 at once. (credit: @Najzeko)
  • Ariados (Lost Thunder) was fixed to not unregister their effect from Trap Thread if Ariados was the one that switched. This is fixed to where the Defending Pokemon is the one that makes the effect unregister. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Metal Goggles (Team Up) were fixed to properly block damage counters from abilities and attacks. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Jolteon-GX (Sun and Moon Promos) had their Swift Run GX attack fixed to properly prevent effects. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
  • Acerola (Burning Shadows) is now properly blocked on Mr. Mime’s (Team Up) Scoop Up Block ability. (credit: @Mt.gufo)
EX series changes

There were so many changes here, that I will have to cover this section later. A tremendous amount of progress was made by @Lithogen!

As always, if there are more bugs that we have missed, please report them on the forums using the red flag button in-game!


v44.5 Patch Notes

  • A lot of internal refactoring was done to make the Engine’s life easier.
  • I expect less chokes and slowdowns and increased capability to handle more games at a given time.
  • DEV UI session clash issue has been resolved; cards will only be added to correct session from now on.
  • Html embeds inside games are now disallowed.

Placeholder for v44.6 – v44.11 Patch Notes


Placeholder for v44.12 Patch notes

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