V41 Update: HGSS-on!

Hey all, I’ve been busy :slight_smile:

  • HeartGold & SoulSilver and Unleashed expansions are now ready to play, including LEGEND cards!
  • New HGSS-on format for Quickplay!
  • Added GRENINJA_GX_SM197 and TREVENANT_DUSKNOIR_GX_SM217 to Standard & Expanded.
  • “Welcome” achievement now reads “Win a Career game”.
  • Career Theme Deck ink discount was reduced from 30% to 15%.
  • Card selection window underwent some changes to improve the play experience, aiming at better understanding and reduced number of clicks. Please share your suggestions if you think it can be better improved.
  • Lobby messages will now persist across server restarts.
  • Last format and deck preferences will now persist across server restarts.
  • Minor bug on Scoreboard panel was fixed.
  • Performed several backend refactorings for overall increased stability and performance since v40. This was the message from version control server: “100 changed files with 12006 additions and 7996 deletions”.
  • Online user limit was increased to 140.
  • Several bug fixes.


  • Our Patrons for their continued support!
  • @vandergus and wertercatt for excellent HGSS and UL implementations!
  • @lithogen for bug fixes and new cards

Going well & very productive overall. For the next version, I am planning to concentrate on reported bugs (I know they’ve been piling up a lot lately, sorry), slowly cleaning through my inbox (5000+ new messages), implementing FRLG packs for Career, improve deck importing feature, possibly work towards the new deck garage system. We are open for contributions for the remainder of GEN4 sets.



Haven’t really made time to hop on and play but this might just do it, thank you :blush:


I’ve updated the server to v41.3. Here is the full change log:

  • Refactored Between Turns step; it is now regarded as a separate step in the game as opposed to a single cutpoint which had caused weird issues. This shouldn’t cause any issues but there were some fundamental & experimental changes so please report if there is any weirdness around the turns and/or abilities/effects that interact with it.
  • Above refactoring also fixed a whole class of turn count interaction bugs, e.g., Shrine of Punishment, Weezing UNB Detention Gas.
  • Fix Double Dragon Energy ROS to be regarded as [C] from outside game and its check condition
  • Fix Masquerain HL Silver Wind to apply +30 ONLY during your next turn
  • Fix Suicune-ex MA Energy Flip to select either basic or special energy
  • Fix Electrode FRLG Crash and Burn energy selection to work with all energies
  • Fix Doduo AQP type
  • Fix Double Rainbow Energy MA 88 to correctly discard itself after devolving to basic
  • PlayStadium will print new card before discarding current one (while the old stadium is leaving play e.g. Skyfield, the name of the new stadium will be visible in the log in order to make better moves)
  • Fix Venusaur Snivy CEC 1 ability to work only when active
  • Fix Aegislash UNM 95 Durable Blade to put all pokemon cards to hand
  • Fix Wobbuffet PHF 36 ability interaction
  • Fix Power Plant, Silent Lab, Gastro Acid interaction with ‘no ability’ conditions; e.g. Green’s Exploration will work when Power Plant is in play
  • Fix Guzzlord (CEC) Red Banquet to not increase GX move counter
  • Desert Ruins (HL) will now correctly damage all pokemon ex
  • Erika’s Victreebel (G1) Fragnance Trap will interact correctly with blocking abilities
  • Trevenant Dusknoir GX (SMP) Night Watch will reveal chosen cards
  • Fix Cyrus Prism Star deck shuffling issue
  • Fix Zubat UL Weakness
  • Blastoise UL Hydro Launcher attack will correctly return energy to hand
  • Fix Jirachi UL Time Hollow attack
  • Deck errors will now propagate upwards so the card with the error will be visible while joining the game, so we’ll be able to pinpoint issues easily
  • Fix Snubbull SM 90 health
  • Fix Charity (G1)
  • Fix Oricorio-GX (CEC 95) ability to be not usable in the first turn

where is hs undaunted