V39 Update: Unified Minds

(Sept 09)

  • Unified Minds is now available for Quickplay!
  • Rotated Standard format. Note that old standard formats can still be played through creating custom games.
  • Fixed TMU basic energy scans.
  • Upgraded card search features of the website with advanced queries that makes it possible to combine and search multiple fields. Go to http://tcgone.net/cards and try it.
  • Relocated some new modules (carddb-api and front) to Github for better collaboration.
  • Moved scans to a new server.
  • Created a Trello Board to track and distribute the tasks, especially the ones suitable for contributors.
  • Updated Contribution Guide to include these updates.

Credits: Huge thanks to our developers lithogen and vandergus for implementing Unified Minds, and to our testers TTTrainer and pluis3 for finding and reporting many bugs before the release.