V38 Update: Ecogym and more!

The long awaited Ecogym was implemented and is now available to play! It can be found in Neo Elements packs and/or can be assembled with ink right away.

We’ve also migrated our engine contribution repository to Github and created new wiki pages with updated information, here’s the new repository, please give it a star! https://github.com/axpendix/tcgone-engine-contrib


  • Chaos Gym bugs with some trainers such as Energy Removal, Super Energy Removal, Pokemon Breeder and Professor Elm were resolved, they will work as intended.
  • Metal Energy damage reduction will now regard swift-like effects.
  • Blaine’s Charizard Roaring Flames attack will now work as intended in its Japanese translation. Thanks to Cyclone and DKQuagmire for pointing it out.
  • Brock’s Protection no longer prohibits discarding self energy with SER.
  • Added BS2 to Base-Neo format.
  • Houndoom Neo Revelation will not benefit from the attached [D] energy in the same turn.
  • Pangoro (TEU 94). Tighten Up will correctly discard 2 cards instead of 1.
  • Venomoth (UNB 11) Poison Powder will poison instead of confusing (!).
  • Beast Bringer (UNB 229) was fixed.
  • Salamence-GX (DRM 73) ability will only affect own Pokemon.
  • Gloom (UNB 7) ability will not crash the game anymore.
  • Ignored (blocked) players will not be able to join your games anymore.